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  1. I'm getting it back on Monday as a Cat B. Once its repaired they'll send out their engineer to reclassify it as a Cat C if he deems the repairs sufficient. Regards Vertical
  2. Thanks for the very interesting reply I'll have to look into being able to repair a Cat B as an individual. I've very recently seen a Cat B vehicle on sale on Ebay and thought it very dodgy at the time. Do you have an idea what engineers reports cost? I'm interested in taking it further as its Tescos and I'd like to do anything I can to chip into their profits (Besides not insuring with them as cheapest at the time) A reply by me to someone asking why I thought I was more qualified than the engineer "I base it on the fact that his reasoning is due to the corrosion/damage at the hinge
  3. It seems odd to me also that it needs to be looked at by an engineer to be reclassified after being repaired. As far as I'm aware, if its a cat B I shouldn't get it back because its break only and I don't have the correct license waste/breakers license. The original engineer said he wouldn't change it back and that he had't changed one in over 20 years. I appealed against this and was then told I could have it back but that I'd have to get it repaired and then checked, if the repairs were sufficient then it would be reclassified as a cat C. Vertical
  4. Hi all. I was involved in an accident in March where whilst I was stopped at traffic lights a lady drove into me. Causing minor damage although the door hinges/area were allready suffering from corrosion, which when lifted by the accident snapped the remaining metal on the lower hinges. A cheap fix for me would have been knocking the bumper back into shape and repairing the hinges. Anyway they wrote it off as a "category B" which means it can never go back on the road and can only be bought by people with the breakers license. I wanted to be able to buy it back which I could have don
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