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  1. Is it best to send for a SAR? Are they £10.00? My major concern is their failure to provide proof of sale of the car. Surely this is a major flaw if the case goesto court? Anone could have said how much ot was sold for? Neither Marlin nor Online finance can provide a copy. I am presuming Marlin own the debt although i have never had "official" confirmation by hand or special delivery etc... I only entered into payments out of fear as they were contacting my work about the debt. Initial conversations with them stated that they own it but as i say i have not had official confirmation. Should i stick to my guns and try and offer them a reduced settlement figure of say 10% of the amount remaining? Or do you think they will push for court? I'm confused as they say one thing then the other. My CCA request was late coming back but they stated t didn't matter as it was terminated anyway. Not sure what to do next. Thanks for your help and advice so far. Regards
  2. Marlin financial have been hounding me for payments to a previous debt for a car made by Online Finance ltd. I got into trouble with the payments and surrendered the car back to them to clear the debt. However, they claim (and so do Marlin) that I still owed ovr £2,000 on the account. Marlin brought up the acount some years later and threatened me with court action so i entered into voluntoury payments with them. However, since finding this site I have come to realise that they may be trying to recover the debt unlawfully. (maybe someone can help?) I have asked for al relevant paperwork for the account which they eventually supplied eccept one important thing! The "proof of sale" for the car! They claim it was sold for £495 but cannot provide proof of this. (Neither could Online Finance when I asked for it years ago) I have stated that this is a pitance when i paid £4,000 for it only a year before. Anyway, as they do not have this information is the account enforceable? I've been battling with them for months, having harrassing phone calls, text messages to call them about it despite numerous requests to stop and write to me instead. I'm now coming to the end of my tether and feeling as though I should cave in to their harrassment and just start to to pay them once again. It's depressing and I am worried sick but part of me feels that I am doing this just because i am scared of what they can and will do. Any advice would be very welcome. I've considered complaining to Trading standards and also the Financial Services ombudsman about them and their methods, but don't know if it will help. Many thanks for your time.
  3. Yes but over the actual allowed time frame. I told them this but they then stated that the time frame was not a problem as the CCA was actually cancelled in July 2001. Why they bothered to send me it i don't know.
  4. I have been making payments for the last few months. They caught me on the hop at a low time, threatened me with court action so i caved in quickly. Now i am pulling myself together i am trying to get things in order and want to claify my position.
  5. I have a cancelled CCA for car finance and it was cancelled in 2001. The debt has been sold to a collection company and are now demanding payment. What are my rights? If the CCA is cancelled do i still owe the debt? Sorry for being thick but i am unsure of my position and having searched through this forum and the web i have found nothing. Many thanks
  6. So, Marlin Financial services are chasing me about a Statute Bareed debt. I have sent them requestes for a CCA which they obliged after the set number of legal days. After that i mentioned this to them and they said that this was not applicable as the CCA had been cancelled in 2001. Why they sent me the paperwork i don't know. However, they are still phoning me daily asking when i am going to commence payments. I have sent the usual harrassment letters and stated that the debt is uneforceable and they should not harrass me about it. They are now threatening to pass my details to a company called "Scottcall" who will do a door step collection. Should i be worried about this? Well, i am worried and i suppose i am looking for some reassurance that hey are just adding pressure to me to make payments, phone them etc. etc. Any advice or reassurance would be appreciated.
  7. Latest update. They have completely ignored all my letters and are threatening to pass on my details to a company called Scotcall for door to door collection. Who are these people and should i be worried? They are still phoning me about it though. What should i do as i am really worried that someone will turn up on my doorstep demanding loads of money from me.
  8. Who can i complain to about them as they are harrassing me by phone and text message on a daily basis. Can anyone help please?
  9. Thanks again. More phone calls and text messages today. It really is driving me nuts. Part of me wants to phone them and give them a mouthfull! I need to keep calm i suppose.
  10. It still gets me this one. Why would they send me out a copy of the CCA and then say that it was cancelled back in 2001? Are they just humouring me or really trying it on? Plus, they have still failed to provide proof of sale for the car that i surrendered (it was GMAC online car finance) and so the amount owed is questionable anyway. As the CCA was cancelled does this also mean they have no means of taking me to court over the matter? Finally, their continued harassment by phone and text is drivig me crazy. I've sent the usual letter asking them to stop but they keep on doing it. Is there anything else i can do? I will now send them another "statute barred" letter as advised. Many, many thanks for all yor help on this.
  11. I have made a few payments at a time when i wa splitting from my partner and was in debt alot. They caught me on the hop i suppose and didn't know what i was doing. However, since then i have got my act together and am now contesting the amount and the debt itself. Have i made a complete pigs ear and now have to pay?
  12. I have recently asked Marlin Financial for a CCA for a 9 year old debt they are chasing. As the debt was for a car i also asked for a proff of sale price as i surrendered the car to pay off the debt when i got into trouble witthe payments. They eventually sent me a copy of the CCA but over the legal time limit specified. I informed them about this but they have since written back to me saying that the 12 day CCA rule does not apply to this debt as the CCA was cancelled in July 2001! They have also not sent me a copy of the proof of sale so the final Where do i stand now? Does this mean the debt is no longer valid or am i stuck with paying for it since they have presumably brought it from the origoanl people.? I'm really stuck as to what to do as they are constantly phoning me on a daily basis and even texting me to contact them to arrange payments. Can anyone give me an idea what to do?
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