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  1. Hi, Many thanks to rippedoffagain and Wino for responding. I have sent out the letter you advised and will post the response if and when i receive it. Any further advise will be very much appreciated. Thanks again, icebakan
  2. Hi Everyone, Can anyone help please? Due to loosing my job, i defaulted on a loan in May 1999. I had agreed with the bank to make a much reduced payment each month. I have and still am making these payments to the bank every month since May 1999 without missing a single payment. To my great surprise, ive just received a letter from ECI debt collectors stating, They have been instructed to collect this outstanding debt by Cabot Financial Ltd. I have wrote to ECI saying i dont know anything about any debt owed to Cabot, but they replied with my loan reference number and a default date of 10/05/1999. I dont know what to do, can anyone please advise me? Thanks icebakan
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