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  1. This is the case. I couldn't provide a report in the time-frame because every garage I went to in the area didn't have the equipment to test the windows. I was advised by one garage that it is not a requirement of the MOT to test windows. Apparently, after looking at VOSA web site, they do not form it as part of an MOT because it would be too costly for every MOT centre to get this equipment. Here is the link to the VOSA document on tinted windows: http://www.dft.gov.uk/vosa/repository/Tinted%20Windows%20Oct%202008.pdf The underwriter said that their assessor did take a photo of the ti
  2. I've just had a call from the insurance underwriter. It's not good news. They are cancelling my insurance for non-disclosure of a modification. Basically it's not the fact that the car was fitted with the tinted windows from new by Honda, it's because they didn't know if they were legal or not. Because I didn't send them an engineers report to prove they were legal (in the time frame they gave me - 7 days). They have to cancel the insurance. If I had provided this report then she said they would have back-dated the insurance and adjusted the premium. The car is scrapped now and quite frank
  3. just a follow up from my thread... I tried phoning 'Customer relations' to register my complaint (as per their complaint procedure) only to be told there is nothing they can do about it as it's an underwriters decision. I was gobsmacked! I tried to get to speak to someone in charge but they were 'in a meeting'. So I wrote a letter (3 pages long), contacted the Ombudsman and waited to see if i would hear anything. Last night (Tuesday) I had a call from the manager telling me he had received my letter and apologised for the way I was treated on the phone. However, he said the underwriter is
  4. sorry I posted my reply before reading this. I will go ahead with my complaint the Chief Executive to try and get a resolution. Thank you for taking the time to reply
  5. I'm not sure what to do really. If the car is being written off then the insurance has come to an end for the car. However, I can't have it on record that my insurance was cancelled as (unclebugaria67) states that this will have an adverse effect in getting future insurance. There must be some way I can resolve this amicably.
  6. I thought this is how the car should look as it was like that from new. I don't know about the original specifications. It's an old car (Honda Accord Coupe 1996 to be exact) how am I to check what were original spec? It seems a gray area what is classed as modification and factory extras. However, I am now more confused because i have just come off the phone from the claims dept who are paying my claim and writing the car off. Seems a contradiction in terms I think
  7. This is what I thought as well! I have the original receipt from the first owner when he purchased it new. On the order/invoice it clearly says extras: metallic paint, walnut dash and tinted windows. I always thought that was a factory fit and not a 'modification'. Seems they change the goal posts when they want. I tried phoning this morning but was just told they can't override an underwriters decision. I'm going to have to send a letter now but time is running out because my policy is cancelled from Thursday. However, I have spoken to a friend of a friend who is a top underwriter for No
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will call head office tomorrow and appeal to them about the decision to cancel my policy. I regard myself as having the utmost integrity and I hope they will see this and overturn their decision. Thanks again
  9. Hi I hope someone can help me. I had an accident in my car on 11th June 2010. It wasn't a major accident and I didn't think it was completely my fault but phoned insurance company and went through the repair process. My car was collected by the garage two days later. I then had a letter from my insurance saying that they have found i had tinted windows and didn't tell them about this. When I purchased the car (second-hand) I was told the tint was factory fitted and I have all the receipts from the first owner (when purchased from new) that the extras added to the car were metallic pai
  10. Still unsure where I stand as accepting the agreement but will probably go to the OFT as they have already taken action against them for the PPI charges. What do you think?
  11. bad advice from another site. Only just found this one! Just need to know where I stand now. I don't owe any money on this card but really need help to sort it.
  12. I put a claim into Capital One for charges dated from 6/11/2002 to 4/6/2005. Letter sent on 15th May 2008. I requested the difference between the charges and the £12 for a speedy outcome. On the 23rd May they sent a letter stating the T & C's etc but made an offer as a matter of goodwill. I was willing to accept this offer and returned the form accordingly. On the 5th June I received another letter from them confirming receipt of my acceptance and that they would send a cheque within 21 days. I have never received this cheque. I received a statement to say they had credited the mo
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