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  1. Will give it a try, and will periodically update this thread with how I'm getting on... Thanks again.
  2. The account was closed along time ago to be honest, I stopped receiving statements as this relates to an account in '05/06. No online banking either I'm afraid. My impression of what happened is that the refund did not cover enough of the debt to clear the balance. From what I gather charges and interest were still being added on after this point which accumulated to £460 before RBS closed the account due to non-payment.
  3. I'm not sure, I requested statements the first time round and tallied up the charges. Do you think I should do this again?
  4. Thanks for your help guys, I think maybe I might try the Subject Access Request, but do I need to do this to the Debt Collection Company or the bank? I have CCA'd RBS but they just sent me a generic letter which I'm pretty sure wasn't the CCA. But as it's an overdraft on a current account I was under the impression this wouldn't be any help anyway, as it doesn't apply. Again, really appreciate all the help I'm getting here guys.
  5. So you received the same letter? That's a bit of the weight off my mind. However I still don't really want to go the court route. Anyone else got any suggestions? Should I send a letter advising how much I'm willing to pay and give them a breakdown of my earnings? By law do they have to accept any amount?
  6. How much did you owe if you don't mind me asking? And was it the exact same letter?
  7. As requested a scanned copy of the letter received today: Thanks for all your help guys, I really appreciate it.
  8. Accepted it over the phone I believe. Went in-branch and they called someone for me, I then told them I would accept it. I'll work on scanning the letter in soon.
  9. Thanks for the reply, and I agree that you're right that I shouldn't have accepted a lesser amount. However, I wouldn't have the first clue about what to do in court and really don't want the CCJ against my name. Are there any other options?
  10. Hi guys, This morning I received a letter from a Nelson Guest & Partners solicitors in regards to an outstanding debt I've had with the Royal Bank of Scotland which was past to Wescott. The debt relates to a current account I had a couple of years ago which went overdrawn and kept incurring interests. Unfortunately, I attempted quite early to claim my bank charges back and accepted a smaller amount than the one I requested in an effort to make some sort of dent in the debt, but it wasn't enough to clear it. I owe about £460 on this account and have been barraged with letters
  11. Hi, Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong forum. If any moderator feels it's out of place or would benefit from being moved, please be my guest. Now to the point of this post: I was wondering if I could get anyone's input on this as it's probably one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a company. Seems like actual robbery to me. Basically, a couple of days ago I purchased train tickets to London for this coming Saturday (21st Feb). I purchased these online and as anyone familiar with raileasy.com and other similar train ticket websites will know, they give you
  12. I missed one payment which was due on Jan 18th, my last payment was Jan 1st as my paydate changed from the middle to the 1st of the month. I advised them of this when they called to ask for the payment. I have sent a letter (yesterday) claiming back the late payment charges they have added to my account. What was refunded back before was the payments for the payment protection insurance.
  13. Hi there, I have a couple of questions for anyone who knows their stuff when it comes to store cards. I have a store card with Topman, issued by G.E. Money. For probably the best part of a year, maybe more the card has been over it's limit but I have been making direct debit payments of the minimum balance. I recently saw the information regarding payment protection insurance and decided to try my luck. I sent the letter requesting this refunded on the basis that it was missold to me in the store. To my suprise I actually did receive a refund of around £320 wish has signifi
  14. Bumping... due to the fact that I really need some advice on this one.
  15. Just spoke to Wescot who were very rude. Offered a payment of £10 per month which they refused on the grounds that they did not have a statement of my earnings. They then said they would take it to court and that they would take the money out of my paycheck direct before I even get paid and it would be substantially more than £10. Is this possible? I also asked them to remove the telephone number from their account which they wouldn't do until I argued that it was not a home telephone number and was used for business purposes. They then said that they'd remove the number a
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