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  1. Do these people have their sense of humour removed after joining up or is the lack of one part of the job description? MBB
  2. Hello folks, Thought I'd better update you all with how things are going. It's been a little quiet until recently. Not long after my last post (when I mentioned getting a letter from Connaught) I recieved one from their solicitors - Judge & Priestley. I simply sent them a reply stating "Please find enclosed a copy of the correspondence previouslysent to Connaught Collections UK Ltd with regard to this matter. Please note that I will only correspond with you in writingand I will not accept telephone calls or e-mail messages. I look forward to hearing from you in writingthat this matter has been returned to MBNA." Strangely I've not heard from them since. However, in the last few weeks 1st Credit have been getting back in touch again. I sent them copies of my previous correspondance basically saying "bugger off" but today I got these two letters from them: http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr346/molbys-bar-bill/1stCredit8-8-11edited.png http://i498.photobucket.com/albums/rr346/molbys-bar-bill/1stcreditletter28-8-11edited.png As my CCA request from MBNA is now 152 weeks overdue and my SAR is 149 weeks overdue I make that prior to the time when 1st Credit claim they bought the alleged debt. Am I being really stupid here or are they actually saying "we don't care what you say, WE have provided you with paperwork (which I have not requested from them) therefore you must pay us, your dispute is with MBNA and you myust settle that with them"? If they are acknowledging that I am in dispute with MBNA then surely it is illegal for them to have purchased this alleged debt and to try and persue it? I'm starting to get confused now. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I should respond to this latest drivel (if at all)? Thanks. MBB
  3. Thought it was about time I updated this little missive. Recieved a package from Connaught Collections on behalf of 1st Credit (what's the matter boys? - not allowed out on your own?). Basically all of my statements from Oct 07 to Sep 08 with an unsigned and undated T&C. Nice thick package, just what I need for that wonky table leg. CCA now 96 wks overdue. SAR now 92 wks overdue. Keep the faith folks. MBB.
  4. Hi Redfish, Had a letter a couple of months ago but it was no different to the previous ones sent so I, naturally, ignored them. Had a couple of phone messages left (from a castrated dalek by the sounds of them) but again I've not bothered replying so as it stands things are pretty quiet. Just sitting back and letting the time pass now, the longer they can't produce the better. If anything else happens I'll post it up. Thanks for asking, take care. MBB
  5. Got another letter over the weekend from 1st credit with the same illegible (and un-countersigned - have I just invented a new word?) application form as I got from mbna months ago, plus this little missive: Can I just write back to them and say that because mbna had not provided me with all of the information that I asked for with my cca and Subject Access Request that they can simply "do one" and send everything back to chester towers?
  6. Nice one, thanks Fred. I'd had a look through but couldn't find one. Muchos gracias an' all that. MBB
  7. Got a letter yesterday from 1st credit saying that mbna have passed everything on to them. Is there a standard letter I can send to tell them that mbna still haven't complied with either the cca or sar properly or would it be best if I just cobbled one up and told them to send everything back to chester towers with illustrated instructions on where to insert it? Cheers, MBB.
  8. Just made a normal monthly payment and heard nothing further. Bollocks to them, they are just trying it on, unless they go through all the correct procedures I don't think that they can actually DO anything. Have a look at Fred Bassett's thread (link further up the page) or search for Alphageek Vs MBNA. These two chaps know a lot more about it than I do but it just looks like they are trying to scare you into paying. KEEP THE FAITH
  9. Feet up with a glass of something for now then. 8)
  10. They just can't help themselves can they? Got this letter a few days ago: What do you reckon folks, ignore it or send off another letter reminding them that they have still not complied with either SAR or CCA requests and are in default?
  11. Have had pink pig in the past , had a letter from optima legal last year but made a payment and they went away. Think I'll just sit back with a glass of something and relax.
  12. Had two calls from Ireland today, first one left on answer phone saying "contact us before saturday or we will no longer be able to help", second one (I foolishly answered), bloke started to try and say something about debt will be or has been sold on but I cut him off saying "writing only please, goodbye". Still no sign of a valid agreement. I think they're getting desperate. If a collection company does try and get in touch what's my next step? Tell them that MBNA are in the wrong and that they should return the debt? PLUS: Just noticed, on the unreadable application form they have sent me there is an address for "MBNA International Bank", on their terms and conditions (obviously from a seperate source as the quality is much better) there are two different addresses for "MBNA Europe Bank"! I can feel a merry-go round starting up Any advice would be welcome. Thanks, MBB.
  13. Thanks Fred, I think they've given up ringing anymore though Link: Molby's Bar Bill vs MBNA
  14. Hi all, I've been following some of these threads as I'm in a similar position to several people on here and thought it was about time that I got my backside into gear and did something about it. I sent off my CCA and S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) on August 15th (received on Aug 18th), I got back a shedload of transcripts covering phone calls (after the statutory cut-off date) but no copies of correspondance [as I understand it the 1998 Data Protection Act covers ALL communication], I also got a copy of my original application form [illegible and not countersigned] plus a single, undated copy of terms and conditions (again after the statutory cut-off date). I sent another letter stating that this did not cover my requests and received a reply stating: "I am confident that we have provided you with all the necessary information which we are required to provide you with, in accordance with s.78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and can confirm there are no further documents which we are required to provide you with, to confirm that you have entered into and owe money under the valid and enforceable credit card agreement." As I don't believe that they HAVE provided me with the necessary documentation I then sent them another letter (I blantantly pinched Fred Basset's from another thread [scales amended appropriately - I hope you don't mind Fred]) saying that they have not complied. Could anybody please let me know if I'm correct here of if I'm making a complete MBNA of myself. (Have currently got two letters telling me that they will default my account by the end of the month - both dated AFTER they got my last letter.)
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