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  1. Hi People, Just after some advise, I bought a Zalaman water cooling system from Quiet pc 11 months ago and in this time it has had 4 flow indicators in, each time I get a diffrent story, well last night it went again now last time it broke I enquired about a refund or a whole new unit to which he said they would consider if it went again, well I emailed to say it had gone again and I got a halfed baked fob off of how it might of not been a new flow indicator and he might of only repaired it, erm hang on, no it was brand new as you sent it to me to fit myself with there permission i still
  2. Hi, Im sure I have read else where, ill try and look it up, that just because you wrote this and they cashed it, it isnt legally binding because they havnt agreed and most of the time cheques are just bulk processed, ill try and look up where I read it
  3. But they have sent a copy of a credit agreement, as you can see it says at the top, Credit Agreement Regulated by the Consumner Credit Act 1974, it has everything on apr, amount borrowed but not the payment terms ie if you look at picture 3 click at the top right on all sizes it brings it up big, it has Your Initial payment of £0 due on 0/00/00 followed by 0 installed on £0 due on the 30th of the month by Direct Debit
  4. Yeah, I was young and couldnt afford to pay it all over, so you arrange a credit agreement to pay over the year but they still do a credit agreement, although the one they sent, has payments 0 to be paid on 00/00/00 in 0 instalments etc
  5. If you click on the page you want to look at and then all sizes you can make them bigger and have a good luck, Im all confused about it, any one else have any advice
  6. Hi All, Im new here and was directed here from moneysaving expert, where to start, well back in 2004 I got car insurance with Admiral, half way thorugh my policy I called to cancel as I got a new car and they were no longer the cheaper option, so I spoke to the lternative contact centre who said it would be £35 pounds to cancel, I paid this and that was the end of that until, recently I got a letter saying I owe Admiral £150 for insurace by Call Serve, I called admiral and guess what yes, they cant locate the call from the alternative contact centre and this was for the rest of my insura
  7. How low can people go, I know when i was in hospital for a week, how bad it was, oh yeah Ill just phone these **** up and deal with it, some one should step in
  8. Barclaycard have always been hard to deal with, I left the years ago and would never go back
  9. Im having problems with a CCA as well at the moment, ill post mine soon
  10. I had a letter asking me to sign once, and I didnt,
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