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  1. 2 Letters, 4 emails and 3 phonecalls to No Worries asking for a refund. 3 Letters and 5 phonecalls to Yes Loans asking for a refund. Starting to think it's not really worth my while, totally discusted by these companies.
  2. I still haven't received a refund from either after several letters and emails... not even so much as a response. Guess I should give it up as a lost case... i'm now over £120 down.
  3. I've been waiting over 4 weeks now for a response and called them yesterday to be told that they'd received my letter but hadn't gotten around to responding to it yet. The representative was unable to give me information as to whether I would get my money back or not. Still haven't had any contact from No Worries Loans yet either.
  4. I typed it into google and found hundreds upon hundreds of complaints on various different forums and sites... how can companies like this get away with it?
  5. Hi First off - sorry if I've posted this in the wrong forum. I think the best way to describe this case is to copy the letter which I wrote to ''No Worries Loans'' That was the first one.... I still have not yet received contact from this company and they have my money... they told me that they're waiting on the ''tapes'' of the telephone conversation and the request has been sent to India but it'll take several weeks to come through...!! The second company was ''Yes Loans''. They ''guaranteed' to offer me a loan and after several attempts with a number of different creditors, were unable to offer me one. Yes Loans sent me to another agency which was going to declare me ''unable to pay my bills'' and write letters to my bank stating that I couldn't pay my overdraft, which was complete lies... they kept asking me ''are you struggling to pay your bills?'' to which I replied ''no I'm not''... ''are you sure?'' was the response I'd get. They explained that this company would only give me the money if they thought I was ''struggling''... I obviously decided not to take this course of action and called them asking for a refund of the £59.50 which I gave them for helping me to find a loan. They told me to write an email stating that I wanted a refund, which I did. Six weeks later, I still have not received the funds back.... I really don't know what to do next..... :-| I feel like such a complete mug for making the same mistake twice. Grateful for advice
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