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  1. now even worse news just gotten letter off baliffs and rang them to offer part payment but was told we want 200 now and then installments of 200 there after or they will come get the car instead can they do that or what the car is on the never never off disability hellllpppppp
  2. hiya just thought i,d ask i live in 3 bedroom house with private landlord just rang him to ask him to fix living room light bilb socket as it keeps blowing and he yold me its the fitting is us and its down to me to fix and replace just wanted to know if he was in the right as it is dangerous and keeps blowing bulbs
  3. na wanted to know where i stood with payment as have rang them explaining that i cannot pay the fines in full and they have refused partments
  4. looking for a bit of help if possible i got 3 tickets for parking outside my house which is residents only now i admit its my fault but have contacted the people on the t3 forms to offer payment as cant pay all at once (on disability) but they say they cant accept any payments only full payment so help what do i do now
  5. was just looking for a bit of advice on what to do ordered and picked up two playstation 3s today and when got home thought i,d checked them before wrapping them up for under the tree and lucky i did as both of them had no packaging in them and and looked more like ex demo products that had been badly rewrapped plus both were missing games and the joypads looked like they had been played with just wanted to know what to do next as these are gonna be costing me close to £1000 what are my rights and what B/S are they gonna pull next yours thanks ja
  6. hi ya just a quick question about brighthouse if any one can just advise me on this i brought a ps3 for my son christmas and its finally died on me so went to see BH who told me that i should send it to sony for repairs i thought that seen as i got it from BH that my contract was with BH and that they should have sorted it out . but not by passing tyhe buck and saying send it to sony are they right or do i just tell them to sort it out for me thanks jas
  7. hiya thanks for the advice .. still got problem with them still havent paid them (its not a case of i have the dough i would pay it if i could but i,m on the sick ) rang them to ask and offer weekly paymenty but they refused saying that they wanted the fee in full and they dont accept weekly payments and have said they will take the car. help i dont know what to do and my mothers in bits over it
  8. hiya just thought i,d ask if any one could help or point me in the right way to go from here on ... here goes was parked in a bcc carpark with disabled badges showing plus the tax disc is showing disabled too and the car is registered disabled as well. there was no disabled bays freee so parked in normal bay .so came back to a ticket open it up and it said 83 parked in a pay and display car park without clearly displaying a valid pay and display ticket which i didnt think applyed to me as was displaying badges. so sent off letter explaining i had disabled badges and were displayed too also sent off pictures of badges on car and badges and badge numbers too . so waited and heard nothing off them so thought it been squashed untill last week got a letter off equita saying they coming to collect this week . rang bcc they said nothing they can do as been passed on to equita and that i should ring them . so rang them explained my case to them and all they said was i should contact the bcc transport office .but also said that him would be out this week to remove stuff from my moms house ( i still live with my mom at moment ) or they want paying £354 ( which i dont have as i on income suport and sick at the moment . so at the moment scared outta me wits bout it and dont know what to do and have some questions could some one give me some advice on please 1. i live with my mother and she is worried sick about them coming as she thinks they will be taking her stuff outta the house (all the stuff in the house is my moms the only thing there tahts mine is my clothes .so where does my mother stand about letting them in and telling them about her stuff 2. the fine is £143 at the moment which i dont have monie to pay it any ways but i have offered to pay off in installments but no one wants to accept them any ways (i dont really want to pay it off as i think i,m in the right as i dont think i should have gotten the ticket but if it comes to it will pay it ... thanks for looking n e help would be helpfull jay
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