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  1. Yes I did and I have now had the N180 which I have to return by Jan 20th. It states on the N180 that this is a defended claim. I just wanted to make sure that by filling it in my defence still remains, but andyorch has answered that above
  2. The original charges were from May 2007, they also added interest until September 2007 I have paid nothing into the account since June 2007. The claim from MKDP via CCBC was issued 27th November 2013 They also returned all DD s in July and charged for them as well. I put a claim in against them for charges through CCBC on 16/07/13 and this was subsequently stayed due to judicial review and I never pursued it further
  3. Thank You, so I agree to go to small claims court, do I accept mediation or not and should I re enter my defence on the N180 ?The six years has definitely expired prior to October 2013
  4. I had received a County Court Claim from CCBC for an old bank account, I had previously made a Bank Charge claim for £ !330 this was stayed whilst the Appeal Court process went through. When I originally tried to reclaim off Nationwide they suspended my internet account which delayed cancelling all DD's etc on account. They are trying to claim via MKDP Llp an overdrawn balance of £770 ( all charges for returned DD's ) I had never had an overdraft on this account or made an agreement for one I haven t made a deposit or admitted the 'debt' since October 2007. I entered the defence of statute barred that I saw on this site I have now received form N180 stating it is now a defended claim, it states that case may be suitable for small claims court, I have to fill the form in by Jan 20th and file it with Court office How should I proceed ? Any advice gratefully received
  5. I also pointed out to the court that if the DVLA had actually received the letter, then they were trying to extort the £55 out of court settlement from me. This didn t go down well with Mr DVLA but raised a smile with the magistrates who then had to sit through a whole day of DVLA fund raising
  6. I received the standard failing to notify letter offering an out of court settlement for £55 reduced to £35 if paid immediately. I wrote to DVLA enclosing a copy of the original letter that had been sent them, they then replied quoting the law about notifying forthwith but in the last paragraph of the letter stated categorically that no such letter had been received at the Centre. I then engaged in letter ping pong until I got bored and each of their letters stated the same. I arrived at court at the beginning of October, where I was told by the court that the DVLA now accepted that they had received my letter but it wasn t immediate, the case was adjourned. I have been back to court today and told the magistrates that I wasn t happy with the DVLA evidence as they had not included the fact that they had a copy of the letter received by them 12 days following the transfer, I had in fact sent it first class 7 days following the transfer, with the pre court documents. I then argued that if it was to be immediate the DVLA should accept electronic mail and that the onus was on me to reply immediately but the DVLA want 20 days to notify you back by which time you would be unable to comply with the fortwith clause. Incidentally I still haven t received notification of them 6 months later. I suggested that if it was meant to be immediate the DVLA should specify within 48 hrs recorded delivery and then notify back the same. The snotty Clerk of Court then said perhaps I should write to my MP to get the law changed, I replied that I would be doing just that and highlighting the shortcomings of the DVLA at every opportunity whatever the outcome of the case. The case was dismissed and I was so pleased I forgot to pursue the costs. The costs are worth it just for the pleasure of seeing the look on Mr DVLA s face along with that of the snotty clerk Another win for the little man
  7. Bump ANyone got any updates on their battles with Paragon / Arrow Global
  8. I also took out a loan for £5000 with Universal Creditin 1997 This then changed to Paragon at some point, When one of my children was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 1999. I did not work for two years in a period of five, my child recovered following a bone marrow transplant. At this time when money was extremely short Paragon agreed to freeze the interest as long as I paid them a reduced amount. Other creditors also agreed to this arrangement. When all of the other creditors had been paid off I requested a balance from Paragon I discovered none of the interest had been frozen and the debt had risen to £13000. I stopped paying at that point as I refused to make agreement by telephone after they had lied to me the previous time just to get me to continue paying something I have never admitted this debt and now it is with Arrow Global for £17000 whom I received a statement off this week, I have fended off Copes, UK Debt by telling them the debt was disputed. I have never received any communication from Paragon saying the debt was being assigned nor did I receive any statement/ invoices or notification of charges and naievely assumed the debt was coming down, as had been the case with the more reputable companies and in all honesty had more important things on my mind when Paragon made a verbal agreement with me. Now I have received a statement from them I am expecting the next round of DCA s. If anyone can help or suggest possible strategies I would be grateful. Only just getting back on feet following the total of five years my child was battling for life and this is getting me down
  9. Also had letter from CBS solicitors, didn t hear anything for months and now another DCA is sending me letters., back in to the big circle we go. I have sent them a recorded delivery letter telling them I will have no dealings with them by telephone as my phone dealings with Paragon caused all of the problems. I have also informed them if they want to send their agent to my home, to make an appointment so that I can arrange for my legal representative to be present. They don t appear to like puttting anything in writing ( apart from standard letters ) which makes me suspect that they don t actually look in to individual cases or disputes, and just try to use bullying tactics across the board
  10. I had Trading Standards dealing with them for a while and Transcom told them that they were no longer dealing with it and the debt would be re assigned to another collector. T S told me to contact them when there is any contact. There has been nothing for three months and weekly phone calls have stopped. I would be up for a collective defence against them as I was grossly misled in phone dealings with them n to believing the interest had been frozen
  11. I refused to identify myself on the phone by answering their security questionsand then actually receivd a letter back with a payment plan of £200 per month. I passed this on to Trading Standards and also signed the release for TS to talk to them about the account. I have today received a solicitors letter which has also been passed on to Trading Standards. I am thinking of going down Stevie s route and starting to collect sworn affadavits from others who have been told their interest was frozen and subsequently Paragon have no records of this
  12. Sorry Davie but I don t agree , The phone contract and the insurance are iin my name and as such my responsibility for bills and any misuse of the phone due to theft/loss etc and that is why the policy was in my name , however I informed T mobile that I was not the main user. I have two contracts with T mobile, I can only use one phone at a time and therefore I have not 'fronted' an insurance policy. I have a contracted phone for my son s use which I pay for and an insurance policy for that phone which is my responsibility. Car insurance is a legal requirement and there is no such thing as cheaper insurance you just get less cover. It is wrong to compare an Insurance policy in this way. If a father misleads an insurance company to gain cheaper premiums for his son, then he may be covered in if he gets stopped by Police but if a claim is made and rejected it could have serious implications for any third party involved in an accident with the 'insured' I refuse to accept that insuring my own phone and contract is more serious than mis leading an insurance company when insuring a vehicle which could maim and kill I hope this clears this up for you
  13. I have today received a call from T mobile customer relations apologizing for the misunderstanding and offering to send a replacement handset, they have waived delivery charges and replacement sim card charges. I only have to pay them £25.00 the same as what my excess would have been under the insurance policy. They pointed out that it was a goodwill gesture by T mobile and not the insurers. They thanked me for the complaint and said that they would look at training issues re: the selling of insurance even though the registering of users was in their training manual it was obviously a point that needed highlighting. They have promised to deliver a new handset tomorrow. A good result for me personally but its still T mobile paying instead of the insurer that happily took the premiums
  14. I have a contract, in my name , for my sons phone as he is not 18. I do not insure the handsets of my wife or my own. When I was negotiating the upgrade of my sons phone I was offered insurance, I quite clearly told the agent that the phone was for my son. Yesterday my son lost his phone, when I phoned fonesafe this morning I was told the claim was being rejected because he wasn t a registered user. I have checked this in their t&c and it appears to be correct. However when I was being sold this 'insurance' I clearly told the agent that the phone was for my son s use. Fonesafe say that T mobile didn t pass this information on to them and that it was my responsibility to do so. Surely T mobile operate as an ' agent' for fonesafe an as such fonesafe as 'principal are responsible for the actions of their ' agents'. Anyway the outcome at the moment is, I have got a useless insurance policy for which I have lost all of the premiums and a contract with T mobile that is worthless unless I fork our more ££££s for a new phone. I have complained to T mobile customer relations and to Trading Standards I would have been better off saving the premiums in a high interest account to pay for this sort of mishap. I am sure that this is the case with a lot of these 'insurances'.Thinking about it if I had saved all of the premiums I had paid for various insurances over the years, that I have never claimed on, I would have a quite healthy bank balance
  15. Thank you Martyn I am awaiting contact from them although I will not deal with them by phone, they don t seem to like putting things in writing but I am wary of dealing with them by phone as I was misled with the original agreement I made when my son was ill
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