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  1. just wondering if any one can help, barclaycard have taken over a credit card account of mine,, i have asked and payd for a credit agreement , but all they have sent is a agreement that is unsigned , no date etc , they now refuse o speak to me and do not return any letters i send ????
  2. i have letter from them stating all information will be removed from my credit file , (and it has been), they will not be chasing me for the debt, and nearly a year on nothing has happened
  3. hi barclaycard have sent me a bundle of papers with interest charges and late payment charges , it does not show any transactions for the account, and thats all is this all they have to provide me with???
  4. i have sent barclaycard a SAR , what happens if they cannot supply nessersary documents etc????????????????????????????????
  5. can anyone help, i had a morgan stanley credit card which i took out in sep 2005, they then transfered it to goldfish , i asked for my credit agreement in august 2008 , i recieved a 1 page application form, that is unreadable,, ,, since then it has now been taken over by barclaycard, who have sent me an enlarged copy which is still unreadable,, with a set of BARCLAYCARDS terms and conditions ,, i firmly believe they can not do that ,, can anyone help???????
  6. dca was capquest,, loan was taken out in2005,, they could not produce a agreement of any sort,, i got intouch with the credit file agencys who also ask them to justifly there entries on my file,, hope that helps,,
  7. i asked for agreement, they sent it to dca, the dca then sent it back because they could not produced any agreement,, yes i did stop paying as soon as they did not send anything,, i spoke to person at dca ,, and they told me barclays did not have any agreement to produce!!!
  8. i see your point and i happy with outcome , but if it was other way round they would screw me !!!!
  9. i had a loan with barclays partner finance, i asked for credit agreement in september 2008,, they have not been able to supply me with one and have now cancelled the loan , removed my default, and placed settled on my credit file,, £11000 in total,loan was £25000,, does anyone know can i claim any interest or charges from them?????
  10. i have just had a £11000 loan cancelled by barclays because they could not provide me with a credit agrreement, can i also ask them for any interest or payments i made,, can anyone help:idea:
  11. yes i know what you mean but if they cannot supply relevant documents ,, i would like them to rermove it from my credit file and cancel the outstanding balance???
  12. i have requeted my credit agreements from 1)barclays finance,2)barclaycard,,i requetedthem in august 2008,, they have not supplied me with anything i believe because they cannot,, yhey will not communicate with me how can i get this sorted once and for all??? can any one help:confused:
  13. cards where applied for in 1997 and 2003.. terms and cond where separate and not signed,, when i first ask for agreements they sent t/c ,, then when they arrived via dca , they where different,, very clear and easy to read ,, the first ones were differrent
  14. i dont know how to do that sorry ,, but what they sent me are application forms which i signed,, they are unreadable, they have not signed anywhere, and they are clearly marked APPLICATION FORM, i just dont know how to play it ,, do i take them to court or do i let them take me????:-?
  15. i am having problems with american express,, i have 2 credit cards with them ,, i am sure the agreements are unenforceable ,, they passed them on to dca ,, who have now passed on to solicitor who want to take me to court does anyone know how to deal with this:?
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