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  1. Ok so I wait for the reply to the CCA and SAR from Newmans before sending anything else then - given your subsequent replies (thank you) - I should quote various sections as above and report them to the OFT? When do I get to challenge the amount owed?
  2. I received the email from them exactly as above by registered post yesterday morning. The only difference was they put the amount outstanding at the top. In January when they wanted the whole amount repaid it was £9k. Since then I have repaid £4.5k - so how is the balance still over £7k??? Surely that rate of interest is usury if not illegal? Thanks again
  3. So the reading glasses just acquired were a good investment then!??! :) Mind you I am at needing them at all Thanks again BTW I believe clicking on the scales gives you brownie points of some sort so I have done so
  4. I am in awe at your knowledge! Tell you something else odd - Amex sent me a new card on the renewal date earlier this year (I destroyed it but kept the letter it came with). All I want is to pay the right amount sans stupid charges and definitely without unpleasantness. Newmans want one third more than the minimum payment as it was last Dec - I've repaid half since then. I am tempted to copy all documents to Amex inc the emails saying how much I could pay when AND the letter they were sent after I returned from abroad asking if they could hold charges and accept a minimum amoun
  5. The first civil contact I've ever had from Newmans - response to my email as above (they cannot have received the letters yet). Dear XXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your e-mail the contents of which have been noted. It is disappointing that you have chosen to go down the route of a CCA 1974 request however for the avoidance of doubt please note the following: Such a request is now commonplace in our market due to internet advice and is usually designed to claim requests for recovery of a said debt are illegal due to claims a debt is unenforcable. The basis of these claims is fa
  6. Just a note to say good luck. I've just won against 02 in a dispute - they tried to take me to Small Claims court and the judge dismissed it without a hearing. I used to own a small business and had problems with both 02 and Carphone Warehouse that were entirely of both companies own creation. Their billing systems are atrocious so keep battling with them to get a decent response. In CW's case we moved an 02 phone to Vodaphone. They gave us the PUK code! 3 months later they were still taking the DD so we cancelled it by which time they owed us about £90. They then threatened to take
  7. by the way - am I right in thinking that if I put monies (however much I can afford) into a separate savings account 'in escrow' for Amex pending resolution of disputes rather than pay Newman this would be viewed favourably from a legal standpoint in the event it ever went to a hearing or similar? If not, is there a way I can pay AMEX direct even if they dont' want me to? Thanks again. I'm sure many sleep more easily due to this site and I'm definitely going to donate when funds allow. My husband says I'm noticeably happier already!
  8. Will do I just sent Newmans a lovely polite email (from a disused address with an autoresponder saying emails sent here are not read) thanking them for pointing out yesterday (when I was trying to discover what terms they were under and how they were regulated) that I should "look us up then". I have pointed out that having taken their kind advice I discovered that I should send them a CCA request and Cease Harassment letter which they will receive recorded delivery in the next couple of working days... with a little luck they will go back to the recording (they later claimed they w
  9. A little light reading!??! Thank you.
  10. Thanks all btw. I'm trying to balance job hunting and trying to make some money with the time it takes to chase all of these things. My OH is an insurance agent in a mutual (one of the good guys I promise) and he is utterly disgusted with them... he found this site for me after a particularly bad day. He is FSA registered so we cannot have defaults on our home address hence I've tried to play nicely with everyone and deal with all in an ethical, polite manner - shame the other side don't do the same Thanks again
  11. I haven't even been told the claim is invalid - the insurance arm dont answer my calls nor ever responded to the claim but say MBNA had no right to say I was covered that is up to them. MBNA bounce it back to insurers and still refuse to cancel the cover!!!!
  12. I have no objection to repaying the correct balance i.e. from the last Amex statement I think was January minus the amounts I have paid since (which is half of it) at the amount that was the minimum direct debit. Newmans refuse to accept this. Thanks - letters going out tomorrow I'm tempted to email one of them from an old email address to warn them the CCA and Telephone Harassment letters are coming to see if they back off (the email address has an auto reply saying it is old and rarely checked) as you all seem to be saying that Newmans won't know how to cope with it. Is the
  13. My MBNA card predated a redundancy and setting up my own firm. As the latter two were so close together I didn't claim the PPC insurance at the time. However (and this is nearly 5 years ago) I did tell MBNA on a number of occasions that I was self-employed as Director of a Ltd co thus did not believe they should charge the PPC as they wouldn't let me claim. They repeatedly said they WOULD cover me. Lo and behold I had to shut the business due to a family illness abroad. Several calls to MBNA later (and several of their's to me where I told them their insurance should be making payments no
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