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  1. I have checked my credit report and the default will come off my report in february next year. I it worth going through the hassle of trying to have it removed before then??
  2. I received a letter today telling me the issue is now closed, this time from RED DEBT. They have my account at £0 I have just checked my Experian credit report and there is a Default on there from Lowell. Can I have this removed due to the Limitation as I thought the only people who could put the Default on was Capital One.
  3. I got my mum to post it recorded delivery but she has lost the ticket with the tracking number on it. Might have to post another one just to be sure. But this time I will post it myself.
  4. I have just noticed that I sent it to Lowell Financial after I received he letter from Lowell Portfolio I. Should I just ignore this letter or send the CCA letter
  5. I received a letter this morning from Lowell Financial saying they have been instructed by the client Lowell Portfolio I to write to me in connection with the debt. I am going to send the same Statute Barred letter to them.
  6. Sent it on Wednesday, would you expect them to reply or just to leave you alone??
  7. I have sent the Statute Barred letter by recorded Mail today. What do I do if they come back and say it isn't 6 years? Should I just CCA them? Anyways lets wait and see what they say to the first letter.
  8. What about the fact that I called them. Does that make me liable for the debt?? I did have a card with Capital One many years ago but I am more or less certain that it was over 6 years ago.
  9. I have received a letter from Lowell Portfolio I saying they have bought a debt of mine from Capital One of just short of £700. I havent had a Capital One card or heard from capital one since I was about 19-20. I am now 26 and so maybe the 6 years is up. I called them because I was shocked that I owed this money. They offered me a 25% discount as long as I cleared it that day. So they wanted £500. Needless to say I said 'Not A Chance'. Is there any way I can find out if I still owe this money and also if this Lowell group are above board. How would I go about sorting this out as I am look
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