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  1. Yes I have to do this before tomorrow! Oh I was under the impression that by giving them access to this they can see that I am indeed looking for work to avoid sanctions? I will not be uploading a CV ...1) I dont want this altered 2) I havent done one yet I will just provide them a hard copy tomorrow. Thanks Mr P x
  2. Thank you Mr P I will do - just bookmarked them sites for me to sort out later today when I am in the right frame of mind!! Attending physio today so will be in more pain I expect but I intend to register on all the JSA paperwork they gave me yesterday. And of course do a CV...something I havent done in decades!! Hopefully I will be able to do this later on today. Got a lot to take in....I have read in here that the JSA have access to your CV and CAN and DO alter your CV for jobs they apply for you? Is this legal? and do I have to give them access to what I consider private information? If I have to no worries I will do as I am told but I would appreciate some pointers of what to do please. Thanks in advance Sugar x
  3. Thanks Antone Yes I suspect this will be the case for some people who need/have had operations and are off work for a long period of time. It is so very confusing and upsetting to be treated like this in this day and age. I have been lucky to have been in employment all my life and this is a first for me to have had 2 operations and this length of time off sick. I have help from an organisation who will be dealing with my appeal on my behalf just waiting for paperwork to be collected. I suppose I will do as I am told and look/apply for temp. work for the JSA. I don't know what will happen if I get offered a job? Do I turn it down and risk no benefit? Being honest is all I know and believe, old school morals etc here so I would be dishonest looking for work whilst I have a job and this feels to me like I would be taking job opportunities from people who deserve and indeed need employment? Does that make sense? I realise too that I am lucky that my job is still there for me and have had support from my employer through my operations. I am really at loss with all this and unfortunatley all this is making my health suffer further,being in my mid 50's and *no spring chicken* is worrying me too! Thanks for all your help guys, at least I had a decent nights sleep last night with the extra medication Thanks Sugar x
  4. Hi all - Update Good and Bad news I went to Job Centre today to claim JSA, even the lady I saw was astonished that I have been put in this situation and was very helpful!! I have to look for temp work to claim JSA, no problem I agreed but is this legally right as I already have a job to go back to? I did say that I am not going to lose my full time job by working temp elsewhere!!And I am on sick till October? So who is going to employ me temp for 8 weeks?? Anyway got to *sign on* every 2 weeks, and prove I am looking for jobs. JSA lady said I should get a payment next week-so I got to wait!! She also said she was adding notes that I have very limited capabilties and could see I was struggling to sign signatures as I am in a sling. Then to council to claim DHP. Council staff were not at all helpful,suspended my HB and got to make a new claim!! Could take up to 6 weeks.....was questioned why I hadnt been in before as there is a gap from 11/08/15 to today,explained that I had appealed ESA and received Mandatory Descision os Sat!! And I am appealing ESA's descision now. Was so upset when I came away from there and started having chest pains.(I have already a heart attack in 1998 and another heart problem in 2013 so I was scared) I got home telephoned my GP who saw me straight away, now my blood pressure is high and I have got to be monitored weekly and he put me on diazepam for a week saying all this stress is affecting my health and he is prepared to send in medical details for my appeal.......even my GP was upset that ESA stopped my benefit. My shoulder is now hurting a lot more than it was 2 weeks ago and my GP said to double up on painkillers and the reason is because I am tense and stressed and upset which is doing my recovery no good! Whilst I was waiting for my GP to see me I received a call from Council telling me that my H/B and C/T claim has been re-instated from today and they were calling so I wasn't worried!!! Do these people not talk to each other as I assumed???? Also I took copies of a very strong letter from my Consultant to both these places today so they understand now that I CAN not do any work until he says I am fit - which he has stated will be in Oct/Nov after my arm should be fully functional. Where do I go from here? Now I am upset that this is causing me more health problems Any advice would be helpful thank you Sugar x
  5. Can I come too estellyn,promise I will be good and quiet
  6. Thanks GeneralSod I will ask tomorrow when I go to Job Centre. I am anxious about my appt, and I have just read your thread...reading everything on here for tips/advice!! I know I have paid into the system for 40years and its not my fault I needed 2 operations on my dominant shoulder!! Honest to God this is ridiculous...from Feb (first op -which failed!!) to last week I have been in a sling unable to dress myself etc and have only managed to get to appointments...living alone at times like this is hard and I do find it embarrassing and upsetting to be left in this awful situation. Budgeting loan or Crisis Loan? which do I ask for and will they not give me the form without a fight tomorrow??? Thanks for your help hun x OMG...Just received a text *we have received your claim for jobseekers allowance* ---cant understand this system....
  7. Hi Tommy *They pointed me in the direction of my local council, who basically said all they could offer was a voucher for a food bank * Sorry to hear this and I agree must be an area thing, I have been told some good news today, I am entitled to 2 x Food Parcels which will be delivered to me. One tonight and one next week also I have been given a £30.00 payment (cash to collect at a pay point) to cover my gas and electric for two weeks. Its all they can allow me which is better than nothing. I am so very grateful for this help. At least I will be able to manage the next 2 weeks. I have appointment tomorrow at my local Job Centre and Council offices so all I can do is hope I get the help I need. I will keep you posted. I also have help with my appeal from CAB, just waiting for them to contact me today or tomorrow. Feeling a little relieved today but still upset - I feel like a beggar asking for food!!
  8. Thank you Tommy456 - I have applied for the warm house discount as I am on meters for gas and electric. I have also applied to my local council for *urgent needs support scheme* for basic needs food etc. I only got this info after explaining to my council that I am on nil income. Why does the DWP not advise like this? I have been crying all day trying to sort everything out. I really cant believe in this day and age people are treated like this. I have also claimed the other help from council DHP? payment and have an interview on wednesday, the council have been the most helpful today on the phone. (Apart from you guys here!) I am afraid my mental health is suffering because of all this upset and stress. Thanks for all your help. Sugar x
  9. Thanks Ruby - Yes I have had the mandatory notice from dwp- got that on Sat just gone....been phoning all over today as I said.....I have just got to wait for them to send my full assessment notes so I can go through them, they ALL know I am going to appeal - but not sent anything in writing YET!! I should be back at work in October and I just need something?? to live on till then....I told ESA umpteen times today I am appealing and would like my ESA re-instated but got told conflicting stories!! I have survivied many things in my life but to live on NIL income for 6/8 weeks is not viable for anyone, I will be dead in a week or so with no food,gas,electric etc.....Thanks again Sugar x
  10. I am so upset today....I have been on the phone all morning passed from from department to another!! I have been told I cant have my ESA re-instated even though one other person on the phone told me I can????????? They know I am appealing - they have a letter from my consultant...then I got told told to claim JSA??? Called them and they stated I should get my ESA re-instated at lower rate??? So now I have got to go Job centre on wednesday. Why the hell am I being told different things by all these benefit people and who is right???? I have worked over 40 years paying full N/I and tax, why am I being treated like this??? I really am so upset and have broke down in tears whilst they keep telling me conflicting advice......any advice please as I feel so confused and this really isn't doing my mental health any good. I have begged my consultant to go back to work but he will not let me as if I go back too soon I will undo all the repair work he has done on my shoulder...please help I do not know where to turn to ---------thanks Sugar x
  11. Another question please. Do I claim JSA? I am unfit for work till end Sept? Do I claim Income support? Universal Credit? Oh my!! My heads just mushed with all this and the thought of living with no income is scary...how do I feed myself? pay for gas/electric? can't get my head round this lot!! I do not have any family that can help me. Upset is an understatement:sad: Thanks for your help Sugar x
  12. Thanks Mr P -- I will contact council on Monday as I have been getting CT and HB ....but had to pay half my ESA as I live alone in a 3 bed house, I also have to ask for a Discrepency payment form??? no idea what this is? Been a worker all my life and just cannot get my head round all of this. I have been struggling to live since May on £72 per week and had to pay £42 of that for rent, which I have to admit I havent managed many payments. Food and gas and electric come to more than £30 per week!!! I want to go back to work but not allowed to until my arm is better.....all this is unknown to me...I am appalled that people are expected to live with nothing! Thanks guys for all your help!! Sugar x
  13. Thank you for quick reply. Do I ask ESA to make payments or will they do this automatically? I will be writing a letter of appeal tomorrow. Any help on what to write? I cannot print anything off computer as I cant afford to replace ink for my printer at this time!! I would be due a payment next Friday 28th but am I right in thinking that I will not be getting this? even though DWP have my sicknote till Sept end?? Its too confusing this benefit claiming, I do not understand any of it. I am hoping to go back to work in October but cannot survive on NIL money till then. Sugar x
  14. Hi I have had two operations on my shoulder, one in Feb which didnt work and one in June. A full rotator cuff repair. I am employed and have been off sick since last November 2104 with my shoulder. I claimed ESA as I was advised to in May when my SSP ran out. I have had an assessment on 4th August and been told last Fri that I am not getting any more ESA payments?? And deemed fit for work??? My sick note runs out end of Sept 15 as my Consultant WILL NOT allow me back to work until my arm is back to normal use. I have complained to ESA and sent a letter to them from my Consultant telling them that I am not allowed to do ANY chores whatsoever,or employment. He told me I will go back to work when he says so as I am now having intense physiotherapy on my arm/shoulder to get it to work again!! My job is being kept open - I live alone and have struggled for the last 6 months, financially as well as being unable to dress or wash myself. My question is please I do not know what I can claim now as I have NIL income now ESA has stopped. I have appealed and just received their descision today - Mandatory reconsideration notice?? My Consultants letter has not got to them yet!!! Do I have to claim Universal Credit, JSA (But I have a job to go back to?) or Income support??? No one from ESA is helping me here. I have worked for over 40 years paying NI/Tax etc and this is the first time I have been off sick for this length of time. Any advice would be appreciated . I have no income and no savings how am I supposed to live with nothing?? Sorry for long post but needed to put all details in. Sugar x
  15. Hi All I am writing on behalf of a good friend and neighbour. We all live in rented accomodation, housing association. I don't know all her personal details, but she has been given an eviction notice. My first instinct was to tell her to talk to the landlord and make an offer of payment on top of her rent, however she was so upset and then told me that she has put her former boyfriend on her tenancy!! I gather she wants him out of her house, but tells me that he pays nothing and will not contribute to the arrears. She has also been to see a solicitor and C.A.B. who have told her there is nothing she can do to get him removed from her home. I would like someone with some insight to this problem so I can offer her some help and support and advise. She is on anti depressants and as there has been no physical violence (yet!) she is suffering from mental cruelty. This man is a liar and a thief and she is at her wits end with all the worry. This lady has lived in this house for over 20 years and she feels that he is just going to take her home. All her children grew up with mine and I feel compelled to help where I can. Thank you for any help/advise that anyone may be able to provide for me to assist her. She does not own a P.C or laptop. Sugar x
  16. Its a long story as to why I got stopped, but it wasn't my driving that caused him to stop me,or tax,mot or insurance as the car was fully legal. I have heard that I was *reported* I was driving to collect my licenced friend from work - hindsight I know, but it wasn't too far.
  17. Oh dear all this is confusing me!! I was driving without my fully licenced friend and traffic police just stopped me in the road. I did not have L Plates visable either.I told the truth when asked for my licence, I have never ever been in any kind of trouble with police before,I was alone,scared and didn't know what to tell him apart from the truth.
  18. Thank you Borisbeaver. I didn't know that at the time and I did request that my fully licenced friend could sit in and let me drive my car home. I only want to claim my personal things from my car and some of the tax back to assist with payment of the fine. I understand there are no sentiments in breaking the law, clearly I did and I understand a bit more than I did and have lost more than a car if I cannot get my possessions back.
  19. Hi All I would like someone to answer me a couple of questions please. I was stopped last week and my car seized immediatley. I drove without supervision.I hold a provisional licence. My car was fully taxed,fully insured and has a full M.O.T on it. I didn't understand what the Officer was saying to me at the time and was left bewildered in the road.I am still upset at all this as I am suffering a bereavement at this time and my head is not in a good place. Anyway I cannot afford to get my car back (discharged B/R) and I surrended my licence to the local Police station as told by the Officer who stopped me. The local Officers stated that I could get my tax disc back and personal possessions from my car.I telephoned the number given to me and was told that I would have to pay another £70.00 to get my belongings from my car? I have also been told that the car is no longer mine and I can NOT retrieve my tax disc, and because I am not collecting the car they are going to sell it or crush it. I should have not driven on my own, I know this and accept the fine and points, but to lose the car is devastating me. I cancelled my insurance on it straight away, but to assist me with the fine I thought I could claim my Road Tax back?? A few people have said to me that it seemed unfair that I wasn't given the opportunity to retrieve all my belongings at the time. I am being told different things by the local Police and Traffic Police. Apparently it was the Traffic Police who stopped me and Local Police were the ones who said I could get my tax back. I am so confused with all this but no matter what I simply cannot afford to get my car back, but I would like some things from my car which are sentimental to me. Any advise help would be appreciated as I am not in a right logical place at the moment
  20. Hi all -UPDATE - Received my equifax report tonight when I returned home from work!! OMG....it is soooo confusing, traces all over the place, defaults all over the place...balances showing...ALL these were put into my B/R for goodness sake...I am beginning to feel very stressed again and just do not know what to do. Please could anyone here advise me...thank you. Do I write to each debt or just to equifax to correct all this?? Am at a loss here. Sugar x x:confused:
  21. Thanks for the replies all I am just waiting for my credit files to be posted to me and then if anyone can advise me what I need to do when I get them I would be very grateful. Equifax & Experian did tell me that they had no knowledge of my B/R??? This is a nightmare to do myself and I am worried that I am still getting threatening letters from the debts on my B/R!! Thanks again for helping me and I will keep you posted and be back when I receive my reports (hopefully in the next couple of days!) Sugar x x:)
  22. Hi all, Some of you will remember me from 18months ago when I went B/R...Well to cut a long story short I was discharged in November 2009...BUT since then I have received numerous debt letters/demands etc from some of the creditors LISTED in my B/R???? However I did send them to my Official Receiver with a letter of complaint that these letters were upsetting me still. I have had one bank (the one I was using until my B/R) still chase me for an overdraught of £109.00?? This was the account I surrended to my Official Receiver, cutting ALL the cards for and sending them as requested. And another one of my debts are STILL harrassing me for payment-even though all my debts were put onto my B/R as advised by my financial advisor from C.A.B at the time. What am I doing wrong here??? I thought that once you declared all debts onto a B/R the debts are cancelled??? Can someone advise me here please, because I am receiving these letters more frequently nowadays. I have not done anything to my credit file or even looked at it. Can theses debts be passed over to other people to collect?? I would also like some help with a letter of complaint to my Official Receiver as it appears that my B/R was NOT handled correctly. I cannot understand why this is happening and yet I followed my financial advisor and my O/R to the letter and told the truth on all my forms...PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. I am at my wits end with all of this....apologies for rambling on but it is upsetting me still. Thank you. Sugarbabe x
  23. Heya LittleLady I have just received an email and a letter from Clarity yesterday and they have accepted my offer Yay! I didn't respond to any calls I did however send them an email to explain my circumstances and they didnt respond so I just waited and waited and ignored their texts and messages and I refused to speak to them and deal with them only via e mail. Hope this helps. I defaulted in January and am happy to repay this at an amount that I can afford due to me losing hours and the site where I worked closed down!! I have been relocated but with fewer hours. These people should understand that circumstances DO and CAN change for working class people. I hope this helps you in some way. Sugar x
  24. Thanks for that Poor-Credit Borrower much appreciated
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