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  1. This part is interesting. I am going to phone the police later today to update them and to find out if any attempt was made to contact me. Do you have the text of your letter? Was this formal/legalese or a firm statement to the police. Seeing as I have actually gone ahead and paid for this, what are my chances of getting them to reimburse me ( I do have the receipt/invoice )
  2. Not as far as I know. No missed calls on my mobile, they did not have number listed when I phoned the police. No calls left at home. The theft happened at 3am - perhaps they decided that they didn't have any contact details so just moved the car. I will double check with the police later.
  3. This is true, and I have considered that. However I am just exploring the thought from the other angle which is that I did not engage their services myself. Also that my RAC cover which will cover me for something like 7 or 8 recoveries will cost me £140 this year ( I know, if I used it 8 times the cost is subsidised by the thousands of members who don't use it at all... ) Do I have a leg to stand on for storage before I had an opportunity to retrieve the vehicle, and is £150 excessive for a recovery (regardless of the potential costs if it had not been recovered)? Or is this perhaps one of those grey areas where it isn't really clear or worth pursuing?
  4. Insurance is not an option. My excess is £500 and I did not make a claim through it. Even if I had a low/zero excess then the cost in increased premiums, loss of no-claim-bonus would dwarf the £170 in costs.
  5. So, a slightly different query than the usual parking charges. My car was broken into in the early hours of Sunday, the police decided that as there was a broken window and the car was unlocked that they would have the car recovered to the out-of-town lockup of their contracted 24 hour recovery company. I found out that the car was gone on the evening of Sunday, after the office of the recovery agent had closed. I then reclaimed the car on Monday at a cost of £150 for recovery and £20 for 1 night's storage. Drove the car away, then discovered that they had damaged the car (bent track rod end caused by negligence. They recovered the car again, then fixed the problem at no further cost to me. I have paid the £170 by debit card, I am satisfied that they have repaired the damage they have done to car to normal garage standards. Where do I stand regarding the £150 recovery and £20 storage? Can I reclaim the £20 as I did not know about the theft until 6pm Sunday and was not informed of the location of the car until 11pm on Sunday night? Are there any grounds that I had no contract with them and is £150 an excessive amount to charge?
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