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  1. A tip should never be a mandatory charge at all, it's a discretionary amount offered by the customer for good service. I was given a bill once that contained a "service charge". As the service I was given was absolutely appalling, I refused to pay that portion of the bill. They made a big fuss about it but I told them it was either that or nothing at all and they caved in because they knew it was really unenforceable. If any establishment makes a service charge, the customer should be told how much BEFORE ordering, that gives them the opportunity to leave. Most places don't because they
  2. Regardless of any claims, certain jobs should ALWAYS have CRB checks. I don't want to see paedophiles getting jobs as teachers of kids etc. Criminals getting jobs in banks where they can steal your money... Oh wait, what would be the difference really?
  3. Such a charge makes Freedom of Information a misnomer to begin with. Those who can't afford to gain the information they require to make a case will be denied justice, sounds about right for the totalitarian UK government we have today, especially if they extend the exempted categories as well. Lawyers should have the right to access this information for free, otherwise, the cost will be added to the clients bill which can result in the client having to drop the case due to lack of funding. Is this what passes for justice in the UK now? Personally, I think FOI requests should be comp
  4. Most of the time, if you try to contact them, they say there is a customs charge or extra charge for delivery. This is most definitely a trick to get money or better still, your credit card details from you. If it was customs, you would receive a letter from the customs office, not an email. If it was a delivery charge, you would know what you ordered and who shipped it and therefore, know where to pay the extra delivery charge. Go to that website directly and not via a link or URL supplied by the delivery guy. If you enter the tracking number, it will tell you if there's a delivery cha
  5. Many of these cold calls come from call centres outside of the UK via recorded messaging, most often injury claims or mis-sold PPI claim companies. Any outgoing calls are redirected to the same call centre. Since they are not located within the UK, they don't fall under UK law. This is how many companies have got around the TPS list. The only ones responsible for it are the companies who are employing the call centres. It takes a long time to get through to a real person instead of an automated reply if you call back to find out who the company is that is making these calls and can cost
  6. If you give away sensitive information to anyone who calls you on the phone, you're a fool and deserve to lose your money. If they are your bank manager, they already know your details since they evidently got your phone number from them. Also, no bank manager would do anything on the phone, he would call you to ask you to visit the branch to sort things out in person. Even when Virgin Media call me about my bill and then ask me for my password in order for me to pay a bill, I won't give it to them. After all, they called me and I answered my home number supplied by them so It's pretty ob
  7. When I shop online, I generally unsubscribe to offers at the same time. I am quite meticulous about reading the wording to see whether I am ticking the box to agree to receiving it or ticking the box to refuse it, (be careful when you do that). I would find it more than a bit annoying if the postman piled loads of junk mail through my letterbox. In fact, I would be inclined to charge the senders for proof reading their garbage. Not to mention the impact on the environment that this total waste of paper entails. At least emails don't waste paper. If it has my name and address on it, for se
  8. Considering how much the banks are actually making in profits that get redirected to shareholders and huge salaries to management, I feel this is a real rip off. Once more, we are funding the banks poor money management. They can't even look after their own money, do you really feel safe with them looking after yours?
  9. I believe that this should be extended to debts that have been cleared. They should be completely removed from your record since there is no longer a debt to be enforced. A person who has worked hard to clear debts that may have arisen from being made redundant etc, (no fault of their own), could still be blacklisted because those debts still appear on the credit report. Most creditors don't look at the notes to see what action has been taken or if the debt no longer exists, they just look at the number of entries and make their decision from there. Most of the time, the credit refe
  10. Too true. There are families already living well below the poverty line. Any enforcements against them would lead to even further hardship. In addition, many councils are taking it to court without even notifying the debtor of the court date and location which I think is illegal anyway. You should ALWAYS be notified of any court case against you, the court should also be within reasonable travelling distance to where you live as well. That means they must locate you and notify you BEFORE a court case goes ahead if you have moved since defaulting. This business of suing you at your old add
  11. Anyone who has put their car up as collateral against a loan is committing fraud by selling the car before the loan is paid off. Until the loan is paid, the car belongs to the lenders so you are effectively selling someone else's car. Since Fraud is a criminal offence and can carry a prison sentence, the borrower is in the brown stuff up to their necks, it's no longer a civil case and the lender can go after the borrower to get their money back far more easily as the court will issue a repayment plan as a compensation order within the fraud case. Taking the car from
  12. I have always been very dubious about the prices these tour operators charge. A hotel room costs the same no matter whether it's 4 adults or 4 children and often, the beds are all singles. It's the same with single person costs, a hotel room costs the same no matter how many people stay in it. That's why I always sort out my own holiday, I buy my own air ticket and sort out my own accommodation and the rip-off travel agents can go to hell. It normally ends up costing less than any travel agent charges for the same holiday. I can choose my own hotel, so I normally go for a cheap no star o
  13. I wonder if a FOI request can lead to getting the shareholders names? Any bets that there are a few well known politicians names among them. Thta's usually the case with firms who get let off of serious breaches of the rules.
  14. He did and the officer ignored him. Article 1 of the First Protocol: Protection of property. Every natural or legal person is entitled to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions. No one shall be deprived of his possessions except in the public interest and subject to the conditions provided for by law and by the general principles of international law. The preceding provisions shall not, however, in any way impair the right of a State to enforce such laws as it deems necessary to control the use of property in accordance with the general interest or to secure the pa
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