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  1. No I've not received anything. I think it refers to a loan and/or overdraft that fell into arrears with HSBC when I was widowed nearly 8 years ago now. I applied for Hardship at the time and it got passed to various DCA, all of whom I wrote to explaining the circumstances. I've not heard anything in a long time. And now this has arrived..
  2. I'm sorry I'm not sure where to post this - I've arrived home to a letter 'Judgment for Claimant' N30. Claimant is Marlin Europe with the name and address of a solicitors. How do I find out what this relates to? Who should I call to speak to? It says I must pay '£xxxx forthwith'.. I just don't know what to do or who to speak to!
  3. Well at long long last - they have applied the billing code in full and closed the account!! Woo hooooo thank you so very much for your help Clare! xx
  4. Hi Clare L - here's an update.. After a very looong conversation on the phone they said they'd get back to me... someone then rang back saying yes the Billing Code did apply and that they'd send out a revised bill.. Silly me I got excited think it would all be sorted! But alas - the bill arrived for £13 less than the original! Any ideas what I should do now? They seem utterly moronic on the phone so think I will write this time instead - although not sure if it will make any difference! Thanks for your help with this!
  5. Thanks Clare L for your message! By calling them, and admitting I lived there and when am I admitting that I'm liable for it or can I say I did but that I think due to the billing code they can't bill me? Don't want to give them rope to hang me with....
  6. Please does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should write to them? Could really do with any help please?
  7. Wonder if anyone can help me - sorry for being looong.... I rented a house end of 2004 and it was a new build, we were first to live in it. The gas meter didn't 'belong' to anybody, Transco couldn't help and after many phone calls we were told to wait 'until a bill appeared'. The electricity bill appeared from eon and so that all worked as normal. A gas bill never appeared the whole time we rented the house (27months). Mid 2007 we moved out moving Eon with us to the new house and they asked if we liked gas & elec with them so that what we did, enlarging the direct debit to cover
  8. Neive - did you call them? I've not managed to pluck up the courage - I really hate talking about these things over the phone. I think I'm going to write to them again....
  9. Neive - did you call them? I've not managed to pluck up the courage - I really hate talking about these things over the phone. I think I'm going to write to them again....
  10. Thank you! Will do my homework and post back on Monday.... Thank for all your help on this! Very much appreciated!
  11. Well they are only available 8-5 weekdays so will have to wait til Monday... Guess that means I have all weekend to plan/fret about it...
  12. Interesting reading JohnnyMitch - any idea/opinion on what I should do next?
  13. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I should reply with next?
  14. This morning I've received a reply - basically the same letter saying they have failed to contact me by phone..... then at the bottom all in caps it says - WE WILL NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU DIRECTLY TO DISCUSS YOUR FINANCIAL HARDSHIP CLAIM. THIS CANNOT BE DONE SOLELY IN WRITING. The letter also has the same 'contact us within ten working days or no further action will be taken'.. Anyone any idea what I should do now? I first wrote to them mid November so should I just wait til 8 weeks is up and go to FSA? If so what is the procedure? Thanks guys again for all your help with
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