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  1. Hello to all, i have a reply from ICO, informing me they have recieved my information and they will contact me. thanks to everyone who has taken time to give me advise. x
  2. Thank you for your reply, i have contacted the I C O, and they are sending me out a form.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me, i have taken their number and will call them tomorrow, can you please tell me why they did not send my sar?
  4. Hello again, i posted my letter to orginal lender explaining that it had been over 40 days, that was on the 8th aug, i do believe it has been over the 7days? could someone please confirm this for me, also if it has what happens? Thankyou.
  5. Hello all, i am waiting for my sar, but i have recieved a letter from cabot. Our offer to you. Our aim is to help customers get their accounts cleared and so we are pleased to accept a one off payment of £7202.20 to settle your account. This is a limited offer which is only availiable for 30 days from the date of this letter, if you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us. If you are unable to pay the above within 30 days, we will be happy to discuss orther possible options. The letter goes on, i do not have that kind of money, so i will not take it up, i will wait for my sar, i have sent the letter to tell them that they have not sent it within the 40 days so im hoping within the next 7 days i get a reply.
  6. thankyou for your reply, i have noticed i sent the sar on the 5th june so it has beeen over 40days, im posting my letter now.
  7. Thankyou so much, i have taken a copy of the template, i will send that off today. I am just worried with the bit in the template that say if they dont comply i will apply to the county court to enforce it
  8. Hope someone can help me, what happens if the 40 days are up for my sar, what if i never hear anything?? can that happen
  9. Hello again, my forty days are up for my sar, what happens if i dont hear from them?
  10. Hello all, i am still waiting for my sar, the 40 days are up at the end of this month, today i recieved a letter from cabot. Important Notice-Please do not ignore. We wish to advise you that your account continues to be in default, Despite previous correspondence and requests from us, you have failed to settle, or set up an arrangement on your account. Accordingly, the outstanding balance is payable immediatly. If you do not take action if you do not take any positive action to settle the outstanding balance with us immediatly, we will either forward your account to an external debt collection agent or commence legal action to recover this debt if your account meets our litagation criteria. Please not that if we commence legal proceedings further costs and intrest may be applied to your debt as part of a county court judgment. Contact cabot immediatly. What should i do??
  11. Thanks for your reply, i did post copys of the agreement with a lot of help from all the kind members here.
  12. Thanks, i did not know the sar took that long
  13. thankyou, i was worried, i will wait until my sar comes through, to be honest i just want this to be settled, its like a nightmare. thanks again x
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