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  1. Please could someone read my thread and give any advice? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/152813-horwich-farrelly-ccj-help.html Many Thanks.
  2. UPDATE. I contacted Horwich Farrelly today to make my first payment of £10.00 under the new variation order due on the 11th of this month. Whilst speaking to litigation I asked the lady on the phone if they had received my CCA request as they had not replied and where now in default. She said they had received my CCA request and contacted the OC but no CCA request as yet and she would contact them again today and let me know in writing in due course. At least they have admitted they recived my CCA request and it looks like they don't have an agreement for the debt. So what woul
  3. ell-enn No it was issued from my local county court. Even though the agreement would have ended in Dec 2008 I am in arrears and the total amount outstanding according to them is £4119..00. Wait a minute That's incorrect I have made a payment since that figure of £300.00 and another £300.00 tomorrow. Also they have charged me £287.60 in penalty charges as outlined in my main post. so It should be £3311.40. It would still take me longer than four months to pay then off at £300 pm. I have been reading about a time order but I don't know how that works. Any advice on this
  4. The finance started 12/2003 for 60 month so ends 12/2008. There is a Notes for defendant on replying to the claim form. Response Pack. a claim form. Notes for a defendant on replying to the claim form (consumer credit act claim). Particulars of claim Notice of hearing of application As you can guess I have NEVER been to court before and am scared out of my Witt's
  5. I have a mortgage with GE Money lending (i-Group) and a secured loan.
  6. Ell-enn. Yes I received court papers do you need to see any of them?
  7. Addendum. I have just re read my Experian credit file dated 03 June 2008 and the default is not mentioned regarding GMAC. If they defaulted me in April this year why is it not listed on my credit file on June of this year? I mean they've had all of May to edit my file right?
  8. Addendum. I forgot to mention in my main post that the default notice I received on the 7th July 2008 was dated 09 April 2008. I don't know if that means anything but I thought it should be mentioned.
  9. I purchased a Peugeot 206 GTi 180 on 08/12/2003. I ran into a few repayment problems along the way until October 2007 when my O/H lost her second job and money became very tight as a result payments were missed. January 2008 GMAC contacted me at my place of work to discuss payment options. I tried to explain that it was difficult to make normal payments and then arrears but they wouldn't have any of it. In a panic I quickly worked out that to cover the arrears and make normal payments i would have to pay them £413.00 per month until December then the agreement would end as first agreed with
  10. I sent a CCA request to Horwich Farrelly on 18th July and still no reply. It would not be in their best interest to reply as they have a court order in place so how do I make them comply???
  11. Update: I have recieved my variation acceptance letter from the court on 11th August it's now set to £10.00 pm instead of £120.00.
  12. I have a mortgage and secured loan with GE Money (originaly I Group).
  13. Update: I have filled in my N245 form and will post first thing tomorrow recorded delivery. I will keep you posted of my progress. Thanks to everyone on CAG keep up the good work
  14. Hi BB... I've looked at the form from court N245 and need a few questions answered please. Do I apply for a suspension of warrant and/or a reduction in payments? For the expenses I have a full list already done on a spreadsheet can this be printed off and attached to the form or must I fill out the form as is? What would be a reasonable offer say £10 as they are currently getting £120 and I can easily afford £10. Which court do I send the completed form and payment to? Northampton?? or my local court??? As always I await your advice.
  15. Babybear39 - I have received one letter from them on Saturday stating that I was in arrears of £360. I will say that until this letter I did not know who to make payments to and how. They have given me 10 days to pay up or else they will apply for a warrant of execution. The trouble is I don't have the money until the 7th of August at the earliest. Any suggestions?
  16. Update: The OH is going to get the needed forms from the courthouse today so will take a look when I get home from work tonight. Thanks for your replies. This debt is from my American Express credit card. Babybear39 - If I request reduced payments am I aknowledging the debt? I only paid the £147 because the bailiff was at the door. Would this cause problems later if I wish to contest the amount owed as I'm sure there are penalty charges included with the amount. Percival Wigglesbottom - Thank you for the advice I do feel that I've been railroaded with this one and would like to
  17. This is my first post on these forums after lurking and learning for the past few weeks so please forgive me if I sound stupid at times but we all got to start somewhere right? I tried to re mortgage my home in March of this year. I know just as the credit crunch started to bite talk about bad timing. But was turned down at the last minute. However the mortgage company did ask me about a CCJ registered against me. This was the first I knew of it. I obtained my credit file from Experian and confirmed that I have a CCJ registered against me and the date of registration was 27/02/2008. The n
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