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  1. Hi, I have just been given formal notification that i am being made redundant. There is an appeals process and i wish to go ahead with that but really have no idea how to proceed and just wondering if anyone can offer any advice or insight into the action i need to take. TIA for any advice/help
  2. Nothing was owing but I called and cancelled. And how long would a default take to correct/remove.
  3. I came to end of contract terms and asked what they could offer me. Eventually after a couple of months just rolling over I decided I did not want to continue and left. On looking at the default and the amount it is I am guessing it's a charge for remainder of a new contract (which I did not renew) however looking at the payments it looks like months of missed payments!
  4. I have recently had a credit search completed for a job i have applied for. The potential employer then came back to me asking me to explain a default on my account??? ran an Equifax search and sure enough there is a default for BT way back August 2011. There is also a record for Lowells. Firstly if i contact BT are they still going to have records of this and secondly after reading everything on here regarding Lowells what should i do about them? My main concern here is the potential employer has given me a short time to sort something out and provide proof i
  5. Yeah i thought that but i also know what some of these collections advisors can be like they will tell you black is white and the sky is green if it means they are getting the figure on their screen back and they dont care because they hear that many phony stories they assume every is doing the same!!! I just want to know how to challenge them on it and confirm the right way to do it?
  6. Hi Guys this might require someone with an inside knowledge of DWP going back a few years. My wife went back to work in 2005 after a year out and in her signing off interview the advisor said to her she was entitled to a clothing & footwaer grant and this was subsequently given. Now today almost 8 years later a letter has turned up from DWP collections telling her she has to pay back the sum of money and upon calling they advised it was a social fund loan. This was definately not what she was told and they specifically informed her it was a grant and no other corresponden
  7. Hi Guys/GalsWe bought an Argos own brand Fridge/freezer 3 months ago and it stopped working last saturday eventually an engineer came out in the middle of the week and said the compresser has gone and would refer it back to Argos to see if they want to replace or repair. We are still waiting on a decision today so my wife called Argos who informed her that they were still waiting to hear from the engineer but all they would do is refund or allow us to purcahse another Fridge/freezer however we purchased the previous one on a special offer (think it was about £30 off) Im wondering how we stand
  8. Thanks very much for the advice Flumps i thought as much but it does worry us, I wouldnt mind but he is one of the ones trying to find work but there just seems to be so many barriers nowadays!!! Thanks again
  9. Hi Flumps thanks for your reply. Ok the job was nothing to do with the job centre in the first place although they may have advertised it at some point possibly but my son submitted an enquiry via their online system as we knew the planning for a new build was starting so he was getting his hand in early however they say that the the prospective employer has no record of this and sadly neither does my son. As i said every job he has put down on his job sheet he has applied for but in all honesty the only ones he can confirm are the ones where he got an interview and then a knock b
  10. My Son is currently claiming JSA and has been for a number of months now and despite bending over backwards and complying with everything the job centre have demanded attending the courses that have had no relevance to him at all and turning up for random interviews at the drop of a hat , they suddenly called him in for an interview today. When he arrived he discovered they were investigating him for allegedly not applying for a job he had put down on his job sheet and say that the large employer chain have no record of this. Firstly he has a number of rejection letters and interview letters f
  11. Fully understand what you are saying here. I have been unemployed since January now and not for the want of trying. I have been employed pretty much most of my working life (im now 37) and after receiving jsa for 6 months i get nothing as my wife works full time despite the fact she is left without a penny once everything is paid!! now some people might get a bee in their bonnet over this but it really p***es me off that there are people out there that claim benefits and have done all their life and others who feel they just cant be bothered working and im sure i have contributed to their bene
  12. Hi guys and thanks in advance for any help!! My wife today visited DFS to obtain a sofa on credit, we selected what we wanted and they took all of her details and she signed a fixed sum loan agreement through Hitachi capital. Our problems have arisen later on today when we received a call and DFS said no our finance dept wont approve this, Now correct me if im wrong but i was under the impression that this was done earlier when they took all our details and that by signing this form we were bound by a legal binding document showing an agreement to give us the credit for this purchase.
  13. Hi Beau I came across this whilst looking for some info for my wife and whilst it dosent provide me the info im looking for it certainly made interesting reading. I would just like to pass on my best wishes to you in your fight and praise you for your stubornnes in refusing to go away and continuing to tackle the problem, so often the general joe bloggs is shot down by these legal jargon bampots just in the same way bailiffs act, by making it sound like they know and they are right in exactly what they say. Keep fighting and believing and you will get there i have no doubt!!!
  14. Hi Guys I was just wondering if anyone could direct me to information/forum regarding an unfair dismissal under the disability discrimination act. Any help greatly appreciated.
  15. I would hazard a guess the lack of a final bill you refer to was sent, however it was probably online via email or in the online account!!
  16. Yeah a rebate has been mentioned but to be honest i dont remember seeing anything regarding figures so i think a little request for a statement is in order!! still fighting
  17. Sadly it looks like Welcome have got us by the short and Curly's as the first paragraph you referred to is the same but the 2nd paragraph is written like this. The figures shown in these notices do not include any ammounts payable with respect to any insurances you have purchased. You may settle that part of the agreement which relates to the insurances at any time by giving notice and paying the balance outstanding with respect to insurances which may be reduced by a rebate.
  18. Thanks Emmilou i am now gonna check through all the paperwork im sure i saw something like this before but they said that we couldnt cancel it.
  19. So how would i find out if the ppi should have been cancelled or not when the car was vt'd???
  20. Hey guys well her hours were 20 a week when she took out the policy which is why i am trying to find out what constitues full time employment as that would make it a missold policy (i believe anyway). As for the insurances they claim it was over 4 years there fore they stand!!! I suppose at the end of the day if the car we had got didnt end up costing ££££££s on top for constant repairs (and i dont even want to get into how much) then we would probably just have quite happily cleared it all but having read so many stories of poor customer service, downright immoral practices and total in
  21. HI there Well firstly it was implied she had to have the insurances but the main thing and the reason i ask about what they class as full time employment is she was only working 20 hours a week which was a part time job and i noticed in the contract that it states the customer must be in full time employment. AT the end of the day if she is liable for the ppi then thats fine but its how much she should be paying, as i say it states in the contract that the monthly fees are only £55 but they say no you have to make the original payment of £266 as we did when we had the car. They say she i
  22. Can anyone help really need to have some guidence before tomorrow as they are calling again. not only that does anyone know what welcome contracts define as working full time as she may have been misold this policy!!!
  23. Hey guys just a quick question on this really might even be quite simple (however with welcome finance in the sentence im not so sure) My wife volutary terminated the car a few months ago now she still has ppi remaing thats fine no problem and she is willing to pay this off however we are unsure legally how we stand here. Welcome claim they want the original monthly payment which was over £200 a month (including car) however the actual stated monthly payment for ppi is £55 a month. now i could be entirely wrong but surely she is only legally obligated to pay £55 a month (she has in fact
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