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  1. So if thats the case then is it better to go into default hide away for a few years then offer some money to clear it later down the line, or perhaps just take the hit and move on.... Thats why I dont love the debt management scheme, bad credit anyway and paying them all off. I must add at this point though, not paying debts is not a good thing but if its too much to handle then a happy medium should be found, i.e. full and final settlement, at least both lender and borrower have agreed.
  2. I asked for my own to be full and final and settled. Now all dropped of credit file. Barclays wouldnt play ball so that defaulted, now gone from file but I pay them £1 a month and have done for 8 yrs, I just get statements every 12 mths with another £12 off the balance. Not been sold on, perhaps it will in the future. When you say reset the limitation period, what does that mean specifically?
  3. I do have the contract, I got it last week and will send it this week. Also they have also requested deposit from DPS scheme so me putting this money in there that they didnt give and claiming wasnt protected they are getting the full benefit of doing so.... What a waste of time.
  4. Thanks for replies and just getting back on to this. So as we speak this is a Part 8 claim, from what I gather as its a no win no fee solicitor they get paid from costs and Part 8 seems best way for them to go unchallenged and get as much in as they can. I sent in a letter to Court and Judge has kept court date of next Tuesday. But has said it shall proceed as a Directions hearing. In my letter I asked for case to be thrown out as there was no deposit and also the fact that I wanted to counterclaim for damages to the property. If I counterclaim will it be a normal small claims
  5. OK, all mine were with the original lender and I got between 15 and 20% F+F. This was back in 2010, have things changed alot since? I am not a fan of the debt mgmt, as far as I can see they can go on forever and once at the end of them then there is still another 6 yrs after that to sort out a credit file. Also with risk of default etc and debts being sold on in the meant time. What other options are on offer here to clear things? Does he have to wait for debts to be sold on for it to be a better F&F.
  6. I referred samdon1988 to this forum as it helped me out no end in the past when I had similar debt amounts and sorted them all out. So from chatting I mentioned to Sam that the debt management plan will go on forever and a day and lenders could add defaults in the meantime anyway and that may be in 2 yrs time. So either way he is going to have a bad credit file for a while. Why not just use the inheritance to clear the file and pay off as much as possible so he can start a fresh. The inheritance will clear 20% of debt in total so my suggestion was to offer full and final, yes be mi
  7. I have an old tenant who has taken me to court for not protecting a deposit. I didnt get a deposit but it was so long ago I put my foot in it by protecting a non-existent deposit, thats another story. Short story is that we agreed on an amount to settle this before tenant left, all in writing on email. I sent over part payment and then part of the agreement was to send over the rest of the payment on satisfactory return of property. In this time I then went back to UK and found old contract showing nil deposit and old bank statements with no deposit received.
  8. Thanks Andy for info, a bit more on my case below... Ok, so I have a slightly long-winded scenario, tenant in a property for 8 yrs. All great from both sides, no rent increases from me and rent paid on time from them. Moved out and now filling for deposit not protected, via a claims company. So they moved in in 2009 and only paid the rent, there was actually a contract signed showing a deposit taken and this was then to be paid later that day or week (I cant remember the exact details it was 8 yrs ago) I got a call the night of her moving in saying she couldnt afford deposit, not
  9. A tenant is taking me to court for non protection of deposit. I was never given a deposit so I am not too worried about it, although I stupidly filed it late thinking I had. Anyway its Part 8 claim. She has left with over £5,000 of damage can I counterclaim on via this acknowledgement, it doesnt make it clear I can?
  10. Ok so stamp duty of £14k was paid in June to solicitors and they haven't passed on to hmrc and found out yesterday they have the administrators in. Obviously hmrc want stamp duty so where do we stand..... Fraud dishonest, told us they had paid it then this... Shocking is their a fund or insurance to get it back???
  11. Firstly write to them all and tell them you can only afford £x amount to pay them back each month. Set the letter out in the same way you have this post but add a column of how much you can afford to pay each company per month. Ask them to freeze interest on all account and stop adding charges tell them Once they have done this you will then start your new payment scheme. Also suggest that within 6 to 12 mths you may well be able to offer a lump sum, although there is not point in paying a lump sum if they decide to add a default to your account (ideally this stops them adding a default but so
  12. As a Landlord he has to have had your money held in deposit with an agency and if he hasnt then there is an automatic fine of, I think 3 mths rent, point this out to him as its likely he hasnt had your money held with anyone, if that doesnt scare him then whoever the money was held with can make an judgement on what is owed or not. I know this for sure as I own a property and it was left with leaks and I had to replace the floor yet the TDS adjudicators still gave the tenants all their money back, even though I had pictures of the place?? Point is they usually side with the tenant, I would be
  13. Yes had in writing they arent paying the money, thatds the claim but they have said why they arent ( sorry confused on that one) Yes resigned myself and was given a good reference on leaving Never had any issues before, in fact as I said I was given a good reference and I was picked out to deal with high value clients as they recognised I was good at what I did. When I left it was all compliant and no problem, I have proof of the case itself being compliant and have from an external agency. They are just trying to blow wind up it and discredit me. they added something daft sugg
  14. Also I want to add they gave me a good reference when I left and when I was there I was picked as on of the advisers that dealt with high value clients along with the 2 directors, the other 10 advisers dealt with smaller funds. I dealt with these types of clients because I worked with them in the past and they knew I knew what I was doing and held me in high esteem. This particulat case we are talking about was a small fund and the case it self was very simple in fact simple enough for the company to allow unqualified advisers within the company to deal with some with only weeks worth of
  15. Thanks for the reply, yes its point (3) they have witheld commission on the basis of me not providing a compliant file. - No provision for such in the contract, in fact the contract was not signed as they change commission terms for me which I didnt agree to. - The file was absolutely fine and I have had it independently verified by external compliance agency who have said its totally fine ( they took less than an hour to do this) - Yes they have suggested its taken 3 directors and a compliance consultant at £150 per hour for a director and £35 per hour for a compliance guy to deal w
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