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  1. Thanks but I need to send them something from an address so I don't think this works. Maybe I'm just thick...that's quite possible!
  2. ARC Europe have requested that I email them a F & F offer letter. Are they likely to start harassing me by email? Thanks
  3. The first page I posted had this information on it I think. There are two pages to the agreement. This first one says Personal Loan agreement for and the second which is unreadable has the terms and conditions on I think and the signature. Where would I stand in a court? I am terrified of this.
  4. Is it true what they say about: "not having to provide a signature or date of the signature as Regulation 3(2)(b)(ii) of the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983: as permitted by these regulations we are not required to provide them" ??
  5. Its interesting you say that as I thought that it didn't look right. Also I had some strange correspondence from Egg. Firstly I sent them a copy of my marriage certificate and recent utility bill with address on. They said their records had been updated in a letter. Two days later they sent a "copy of signed creddit agreement." On the same day they sent a letter telling me they could not amend my details as they needed sight of both my old and new signatures (I did not provide them!) When I complained the CCA was unreadable and I needed another copy I received another letter say
  6. http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af1/georgiaian/eggnew2001.jpg http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af1/georgiaian/egg2001.jpg http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af1/georgiaian/egg3001.jpg http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af1/georgiaian/egg4001.jpg http://i988.photobucket.com/albums/af1/georgiaian/egg5001.jpg
  7. Could someone please advise? Thanks Too small what do I do?
  8. He's doing the scanning now! It was taken out in July 2002. I have taken my name and address off and signatuure , loan no etc. Hope that's it! Now scanning away. You can hardly read the thing though....
  9. It has been less than six years. I think I made the last payment in August last year. Not long after I CCA Moorcroft. Moorcroft never passed this on to Egg and just kept harassing me. I finally got the CCA in January after I approached Egg direct.
  10. I haven't posted the agreement up. I will get my husband to scan it in tomorrow. I think they may be willing to settle as the debt is so old? I have asked for a list of payments I have made on several occasions as the amount of the debt kept changing when Moorcroft were dealing with the account. It started at £14,000 then went down to about 13. Then the next letter said just over 10K. They added on interest of £3000 when I asked for a breakdown then it seemed to just disappear. I never got an answer. When I did a Subject access request on Moorcroft I got some stuff back, then next
  11. I worry just like you but they are just trying to scare you. If they have admitted they have no CCA and you have that letter they would not go to court as they could not win. They have to have the paperwork to PROVE you owe them. They know that the stress of their letters is the way they make the money.
  12. After a long battle with Moorcroft Egg gave up with them and have passed my account onto ARC Europe. They have come up with my CCA which I know is a true copy as I have the original. I have checked the forum and it is enforceable it appears as it has all the requirements. They have offered me a settlement figure which is twice what I can afford so they now want an income and expenditure. This would be OK but I am on a return to work programme which is paying me my full salary at the moment. However, I have been off sick all week and it is looking like I will have little if any
  13. Thak you but I have already sent the letter re full and final settlement do draw to some conclusion. Can I still send what you advised?
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