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  1. I have a charging order on my house, via black horse, and am making agreed payments as per court order, recently i received a letter saying the account had been sold to msportfolio, how can the charging order be still valid if the account is no longer with black horse? or by selling to someone is the charging order sold on, but the court documents state black horse. any help gratefully accepted regards Brownfrog
  2. Hi, I had a bank account with Abbey, which defaulted with me owing approx 1850, mainly due to them paying direct debits with no money in the account and then charging me, anyway the account was passed to westcot credit services, who have I must say been very helpful, and am paying them off monthly. Recently I was awarded Working tax credit, for last tax year, and HMRC, paid the money into this account, as these were the bank details they held for me. Abbey had not returned the money to HMRC, contacted abbey who confirmed the money had been placed into my old, so called closed account, they
  3. I have recently lost my job and have missed some payments on our cl finance account, we have now been sent claim forms by howard cohen solicitors, to obtain judgements against us, do cl finance have to send a letter out telling us they are going to add £12 in the event of a missed or late payment, only recently have they started to do it, do i have a case to use this in our defence, because the only way we knew it had happened when they sent a montly statement, or is that sufficient way of notfiying you? any help gratefully accepted!!
  4. Today 1st credit contacted me today, saying i still owed vanquis money, they wanted to know when and how i was going to clear the debt, i explained again to them my original offer still stands, (I have been paying this directly to vanquis), now we are back with the same old threats of county court summons, and solicitors taking over, as i stated the cca request was sent to vanquis, they did not respond at all, although cashing the £1 postal order to reduce the balance, so where do i now stand and what letter should i now send to vanquis, as to date they or 1st credit have not provided or respo
  5. I had a credit card debt with mbna, I defaulted on the debt and it was passed to cabot financial, i have had a fairly good relationship with them, but everytime the payment is late, they add interest, this has now added £1200 to the debt, this debt is from 7 years ago, is there anything i can do, as i will never pay this debt off!! Brownfrog
  6. Hi, Vanquis have not responded to my cca request, although 1st credit did, by sending a letter saying i had a dispute, and they would contact vanquis, but could take up to a month, to date, no responses, so i believe they have defaulted and broken the law, (am I right?), also vanquis/1st credit have cashed the £1 postal order, to reduce the balance, i have been making payments to vanquis, the amount, i originally offered 1st credit, should i just carry on paying the amount i offered and can afford. or can I take further action against vanquis/1st credit? as usual any help/advice, grateful
  7. Hi all i am after some serious advice, in how to defend a interim charging order, we took out a unsecured loan with black horse finance, (joint names), we defaulted on the loan, due to financial difficulties, we offered a payment, to which they never responded, we received a court claim, and a ccj was awarded against us, but the judgement was split, ie i had to pay the amount i had offered them and my wife a stupid amount we could not afford, we phoned black horse who said it wasnt what they wanted either, as they had applied for a charging order, anyway, i have paid my side of the judgem
  8. I had an account with ge money/bhs, as a store card, due to financial difficulties, I was issued a default notice by ge money, we came to an agreed arrangement to pay £5 per month, after that was agreed the account was assigned to cl finance, who carried on the £5 arrangement, recently I missed the payment date, and they sent me a letter saying I had to pay within 10 days, I paid on the 11th day, I have now received a default notice from them, saying to pay £110.73 within 14 days or further action will be taken, we dont have an agreement as such with cl finance, but could someone please help a
  9. Hi all, Need some advice on the above matter, my wife has a debt with capital one, it was sold on to lowell financial on the 1st august, the letter came with a notice of assignment, and a very nice and helpful letter, however on checking our credit files we find that lowell financial have carried out a credit check on my wife on the 7th july before the debt was sold on! Is this allowed? I thought companies could only do a credit check on you with your permission. I was led to believe only the taxman, DSS, Police and anyone with court approval any ideas/help as to how we should deal
  10. Hi all, I am after some advice, as i have not paid the £3 charge for 4 months now, ie taking £3 off my bill, every month, the defecit stands at £12 and i have today been disconnected, without notice, so i rang the collections dept and was told my service would only be restored if i paid the outstanding amount, after a lengthy discussion with a manager, we are at a stalemate, i have sent 2 previous letters to tmobile before and again was basically fobbed off, any ideas as to what i should do now? any advice gratefully accepted! Regards Brownfrog
  11. As advised, i sent off a cca request to vanquis bank, who to date have not replied, it is now 14 working days since the cca request was delievered, and i have had no contact from 1st credit since, they said i would be recieving a summons, to date, not received! What should be my next step in dealing with this, any help would be gratefully received Many thanks brown frog
  12. On friday 27 june i received a letter from 1st credit saying they were now collecting the debt i owe to vanquis bank, i duly phoned them and was told i had to pay the debt within 7 days in full, as vanquis were seeking to collect full repayment of debt, despite contacting national debtline, vanquis would not accept a self help repayment plan, anyway i was told they dont accept payment plans (wrong) cos i know someone else who has a debt with them and has a payment plan with them, i was given the likely outcomes of legal action in great detail, and where upon i was told to ask friends and famil
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