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  1. So, In effect you are saying there is nothing stopping an unscrupulous employer cobbling together a disciplinary charge on the flimsiest of grounds holding a meeting with the employee and demoting them I have just lost faith in the British legal system Thanks for the advice
  2. The company discipline policy states that one of the possible outcomes of the discipline meeting could be demotion dismissal regarding ECT. I have worked for them for over 25 years The issue is I believe the actions to be unfair, unreasonable and have suffered a massive loss £5000 (well massive to me) the matter related to an email message the recipient found offensive, however any person of a reasonable firmness would not have found the message in any way upsetting, I believe it was an excuse for the company to get me out of my post I was not offered any deal and was told I
  3. Following a disciplinary hearing I was demoted to a lower grade suffering a £5000 pay cut, I appealed and the decision to demote was upheld. Can I bring a claim to an employment tribunal and if so on what grounds? Resining and calming constructive dismissal is not an option owing to my age and the lack of work outside Thanks
  4. Just got alerts from all three CRA’s warning me of an alteration to my credit file on checking I found a CIFAS warning registered at my previous, previous address I actually own this property and have it rented out. The warning relates to an application for a current account in the name of the person I purchased the property from. I actually have a genuine account in my name at my present address with the same financial organisation the fraudster applied to I got little joy on contacting them. What I fail to see is why can’t the CIFAS warning be excluded when my name is searc
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