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  1. A Direct Debit is a method of payment. If you owe the company an amount of money, they will still claim from the account details you gave them at the time of the agreement.
  2. If it says you cant go overdrawn it means just that, but its down to you to make sure it doesnt happen!!
  3. Saturday and sunday are not working days, therefore the company claiming the Direct Debit put it in place on the Friday.(Monday starts at one minute past midnight) This means the money to pay the Direct Debit should be in the Bank ready. It will show as going out of the account over the weekend so the money cant be spent, this will avoid an unpaids fee.
  4. The saga goes on. Black Horse have now sent 2 more letters, one to say we are in default and need to get legal advise and another thanking us for asking for an early redemption figure (we havent!) !! On the second letter it states the figure due to close the account is NIL and should be paid within 14 days!! After another lengthy phonecall to them, they are now insisting they have returned the money paid by #We buy any car# (they havent) and WE have to get it back and they also say they have returned the direct debit money to the Bank (they havent) We have it in writing from the Bank that the money they paid us back from the indemnity claim has still not been paid back by Black Horse. Black Horse, are insisting it is our problem to sort out, the whole thing is a farce!! If they want to go to court, fine, they are in the wrong!
  5. P.S. I anyone is thinking of using Webuyanycar, go ahead, They are very good, the transaction went smoothly, and we would have no problem reccommending them to anyone looking to sell their car privately.
  6. Thank you ao much for your replies, especially Jeremy. We didnt seem to be getting anywhere, and Black Horse seem to have no idea why they sent the money back! They said its up to us to sort it out! Will let you know of the outcome. Thanks again
  7. Hubby bought a car using Black Horse finance on a deal where after 3 years either the car goes back and remaining finance is paid back using gap insurance, you have the option to buy the car outright either with finance or cash or sell the car private and pay off remaining finance. Black Horse should send out details of what to do near the time of repayment. Details was not sent but a direct debit for the full amount owed was claimed from the Bank account which was £5550. The money was not in the bank but the Bank allowed it to be paid! It was claimed back throught the indemnity, Black Horse was contacted and they did say on the phone that he should have been asked what option he was taking before any monies was taken, but they had not done this. The car was sold to We Buy Any Car.com and they paid off the finance and also paid the remaining money from the sale to my hubby. We received a letter from Black Horse stating the loan was now closed, they had received their money and the balance outstanding had been paid in full. If you would like another loan with us at any time dont hesitate to contact us, thank you very much. That was 3 months ago, but yesterday a letter was received from Black Horse saying the loan was in default and he had 14 days to pay up the full amount of £5550 or they would start court proceedings!! On phoning them they said the money had been returned to WeBuyAnyCar.com and the debt was back with him!! He asked why it had been returned but the person he spoke to said it was up to him (hubby)m to sort it out!! Anyone know where we stand on this one? Any help wold be appreciated.
  8. As you can see, my last post when I last head from these people, was last October, but today mI have had a lovely little note saying I am going to have a 'potential hime vist' That should be interesting!! Anyone else had a home vist from ARuk?
  9. I too have recieved another letter from them today, stating they will put a charge on my house, make me go to Crown court and answer to a Judge. The debt they are asking for does not exist. When Northern Rock sold my house the shortfall was covered by endowments. I received a letter from their Solicitor stating the balances and surprisingly enough there was nothing left after fees etc had been taken out but the outstanding debt to NR was cleared. Untill this debt was cleared i could not be dissacociated from my ex husband, so once this debt had been removed from my credit file, i was given a brand new clean credit file. I have just checked this file online and it shows only my present mortgage, my small outstanding credit card balance and my accounts. I do Not owe anything else. Do I ignore this latest letter or let them take me to court to see if they can prove otherwise. Unfortunately after 5 years i got rid off all old paperwork as i never thought i would need it again.
  10. Could need to know before hand as the dispute involves Northern Rock and the letter is one sent by their solicotors, dont want them to be biased.
  11. I need to get a copy of a letter sent to me during 2002, will this be possible?
  12. Like many of you im also having problems with them. It started a year ago when out of the blue a letter arrived from them saying they had bought a debt from the Northern rock and was assigned to recover said debt from me. I have no dsuch debt! When i diivorced my husband and had to find rented accomodation he kept on the house but unknown to me stopped paying the mortgage. 6 months down the line when my Solicitor tried to sort out our finances we found out what was happening. Northern Rock was very helpfull and between us (not hubby) managed to get the house reposessed, and sold. There was a shortfall but the endowments more than covered it, Amazing really that the total of the sale and the endowments and solicitors costs was almost the total of the debt! there was only a few pounds spare. I then managed to dissassociate myself financially from ex husband (which obviously couldnt be done untill Northern rocks money had been sorted) and all was well. That is until last July when the first letter arrived. I rang them and told them i had no debt but they said i did and if i didnt pay them right away they would take me to court. I said ok fine, take me, at least i will be able to tell the Judge the real story! After further calls and letters to them i didnt hear another thing. However another letter came yesterday, just like the original one, stating i hadnt been replying to their letters and as i had ignored thgem they would take me to court. I cant make up my mind whether to ignore the letter or start ringing them, yet again.
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