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  1. Today I received a copy of my CCA, unfortunately it all looks in order so not much to do there. More worringly ARC have stated in the covering letter that now they have supplied me with the CCA they require full payment within 10 days. Can they really demand this of me, I'd rather continue with my measly monthly instalments..
  2. Excellent, I'll notify my bank and shaft the ARC losers. Out of curiosity, does anyone have a link to a letter that I can send to ARC informing them that they've failed to provide the CCA in the given time, and I'm now disputing the debt?
  3. Update: The end of the 12+2 days period is looming and I'm formulating a letter to dispute the debt if they fail to provide the CCA, I'm right in thinking this is the way to go? I presume I'm well within my rights to demand ARC stop taking payments from my debit card until they provide me with the CCA? If they carried on taking money would this be construed as theft??
  4. Thank you for all the advice. I'll keep quiet and hope the filthy lot don't track me down!
  5. Good point. I've moved quite a few times since Mercers were threatening me. Still not sure if I should contact them now and dispute the debt to try and clear my report..
  6. Thanks for the reply. Any idea why i haven't been contacted since 2005? Is it simply a case of them not having my address? I wouldn't want to write to them asking for the cca only for them to provide it and get me in more trouble as they'd know where i live..
  7. Hi guys. In June 2005 Barclaycard placed a default notice on my report for an unpaid credit card bill. If memory serves me correctly I remember receiving demands for payment up until that point but stupidly I ignored them. I haven't heard from Mercers or Barclaycard since and I was wondering what I could do about the default notice. Other than contacting them and trying to reach a settlement figure (which I really don't want to do!) is my only option to wait it out for another 3 years until the default drops off? All advice appreciated.
  8. NandJ

    Pickle V Egg

    Excellent, good news.
  9. NandJ

    Pickle V Egg

    Have you heard anything further pickle from ARC or Egg? I'm quite intrigued as to your situation as I'm just starting out on a similar path and it would be interesting to see your outcome...
  10. I've sent a request through to ARC for the CCA. I've been trying to find a template of a letter on the forums to send to them if they fail to provide the agreement within the 12 day period, can anyone point one out? Thank you.
  11. Sorry babybear, not sure what F+F means? According to my credit report the default was registered in Oct 2004 which gives it another two years to run. I'm tempted to reach a settlement with these clowns as having the default on my report as showing outstanding is causing havoc with my application for a loan which my partner and I are desperately trying to secure I just hope having it showed as 'settled' will make things a little bit easier..
  12. Grrr..just been speaking to the people at Lowell and they've refused to remove the default notice placed on my report in 2004 even if I settle the account with them. Their excuse was it is against the law and Data Protection blah blah, all they can do is tell experian to mark the debt as 'settled'. So frustrating! How does having a default marked as 'settled' affect your report in comparison to having it outstanding? I'm trying to apply for a loan but am getting nowhere with this thing on my report!
  13. Ok I'll draw up a CCA letter to them. Out of curiosity, if a DCA places a default notice on your credit profile, how do you go about getting them to remove it??!
  14. Sorry to re-post, but I fear I might have been forgotten... Anyone have an idea on which letter I should send to these guys?
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