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  1. iriscard

    Cifas Entry

    Anybody have a letter they can suggest I can send please?
  2. iriscard

    Cifas Entry

    I have since rung up Lloyds tsb bank fraud services and they know nothing about any fraud on my account. They suggested I call customer services which I did. They also know nothing. How do I get it removed as CIFAS said they will not help as the person who placed it must apply to get it removed. I seem to be going around in circles!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP
  3. iriscard

    Cifas Entry

    I just checked my credit file to find that a CIFAS entry has ben placed on it. The entry said "First Party Fraud" "Opening an account for a fraudulent purpose or the fraudulent misuse of an account or facility". I think I know what this is about but I was not being fraudulent. I had had my account open about a year. I got a duplicate card entry on my account. I complained and it got removed. I had had so many unfair charges on the account that I decided to close the account. It now seems that the retailer had split the bill in two to pass it through the machine. As the account was closed I suppose they couldnt debit it. I have had no demand for payment from them and if I did I would quite happily pay it. Instead they slapped the cifas warning on my account. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I DONT WANT TO ACCUSED OF FRAUD!
  4. The account defaulted 1 year ago. Since then i have never made a payment and apart from sending a cca never been in touch with them
  5. If I make a low offer doesnt it stop them harrassing me for 6 years?
  6. Thanks so much for all your help. However one VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION. What can I expect happens next????
  7. Should I at this stage make a full and final offer? If not at what stage. Thanks
  8. Thank you so much for that. I just realised they sent their letter WITHOUT PREJUDICE. What does that tell you? (If anything) I was only asking for a CCA.
  9. Hi Does anyone have a letter to send when I have ben sent back an unsigned CCA? Thanks
  10. Sorry its definitely a loan as its called a "select loan"!! Hav written back saying that they must provide a CCA or the debt is not enforceable. Thanks for all your help!!!
  11. I sent a CCA to Bank of Scotland. They sent back a copy of my original application form. It has my details that I filled in when i applied, like what my income is etc. On another page it says Credit agreement regulated by....... No signatures though. What should I do. Does anyone have a letter to send them back! Thanks
  12. Im resending a CCA. But what do you mean that they wont have one. Do they need one for the debt to be enforceable? Should I then not send a FFO?
  13. Sorry its not an overdraft I have but a select loan. Can I just make them a full and final offer or should I wait to see if they have a CCA?
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