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  1. Despite arrangements, Speed-e-loans will still try to take payments. In my case, they have taken three small additional payments from my bank account- I pay money in to this account as and when I am paying a payday loan instalment so there is never more than £1 in it anyway! Speed-e-loans are not charging me any more interest- they have applied two months interest all together (one month more than they should) and my loan with them will be cleared fairly soon. Just be careful and try to be one step ahead. They will make an agreement with you when you make your first payment but this will not s
  2. I've had a repayment plan with them for a few months now. Be careful- I set up a different bank account to pay this and transfer the agreed payment to it each month. They do try to take more money at various dates despite the agreement but I only keep a balance of £1 in this account- Speed-e-loans have taken an additional £1 three times so far. They won't provide any s/o details etc and will only allow debit card payments so you are at risk of having your account cleared out despite any arrangement. However, once the first payment was made, interest was frozen. My agreement is over 12 month
  3. I defaulted with Pounds Till Payday 3 months ago. It took them 2 months to send my file to Clarity. I now have an instalment plan with them. My advice is to return phone calls to PTP. They are fine to deal with- just keep telling them what you can afford to pay. They did not contact my employer or hassle me- I think I had 4 phone calls in all from them. Good luck!
  4. PoundsTillPayday have passed my loan to Clarity and I have set up an arrangement with them. They didn't phone me at work. Just make sure you return their calls asap- they were fine to deal with. Took them 8 weeks for them to pass my account to Clarity! After defaulting, I received 3 or 4 calls and then one shortly before I defaulted. I found them polite and reasonably friendly to deal with. They will just keep saying that they will only accept an arrangement over three months. The arrangement I have with Clarity is for much longer than this and was set up with no problem.
  5. Hi. I defaulted two months ago and have a HSBC current account. I also have loans with Quickquid and Lending Stream that I am now paying off. Neither company set up direct debits or managed to take money from my account once I'd cancelled my card. If you can't/don't want to open a new account elsewhere have you thought about opening a savings account with HSBC? If you bank online, you can move your money around as and when you need it from account to account and at least protect your money a little better. I have a HSBC Flexsaver account which I use to 'hold' any small amounts. You would, howe
  6. Make sure your card is cancelled and you set up a new account. I have set up arrangements with Wonga and Wageday Advance, and pay these by standing order. Do not provide any of these companies with your new card details. They will attempt to clean out your account if you do. Dig your heels in, be polite but refuse any options they offer other than standing order. You have to stand your ground-if they want repaying they will have to eventually come to an agreement. Think about drawing up an income and expeniditure sheet- I used the guidance from National Debtline and this has really helped me w
  7. I was in a similar situation last month. I also bank with HSBC. My salary didn't hit my account until 3.30am at which time I transfered it to a different account. Just to reassure you, no monies were taken by either Pounstillpayday, Quickquid, PDUK or Wonga. If you have cancelled your card and ensured direct debits have been stopped you will be fine. As far as I understand, your salary can hit your account any time after midnight and most banks update during the night - I was so worried last month that I stayed up and used the refresh button on internet banking until I saw the credit in my
  8. I've recently had a repayment plan accepted by them over 12 months. They were very easy to deal with, froze interest and have given me the relevant bank details to pay by standing order. Their bank details are: BSC 40-06-09 Acct no 21544926 Contact phone number at Wonga was 0844 8429 110.
  9. I defaulted on my payday loans last month (9 in total!) and feel so much better. All the advice about cancelling your card and opening a new account should be taken. Quickquid are difficult but if you are polite and refuse to provide details of your new card/account they do offer other alternatives. They have accepted cheque payments from me for the next 12 months to clear my arrears. I am using my old bank account and just putting enough funds into there to pay them each month. As for Payday UK, they accept payments for 3 months initially. Again, they have been fine to deal with. They accept
  10. I fully understand how you feel but I will say that, just after a week of deciding to default, I feel so much better. I have a number of payday loans all of which went into default last Friday. I would just like to reassure you and say that most payday lenders are actually ok to deal with. They all have there own systems for dealing with default but so far have been reasonable to deal with, even the notoriously bad ones like Pounds Till Payday have already told me the course of action they will take and what I can expect to happen next. Up to now I have set up three arrangements- 2 over 3 mont
  11. I've reported my debit card lost, apart from using direct debits can these companies get my money any other way? I obviously won't be sharing my new card details with them. Hopefully, by Friday my salary will be sitting safely in my new bank account.
  12. Tomorrow I cancel my direct debits for Pounds Till Payday, Quickquid and Wageday Advance. Can anyone let me know if I can ask my bank to stop these being reinstated? Also, how long after default do these companies reaaply for funds? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I haven't included the overtime in my income and expenditure-it's a one off that won't happen again. It's typical that my biggest payday loan is with Pounds till Payday- £900. I know that I can't pay that this month and, having read other threads, they send the account on to a DC called Clarity after a few weeks. I will just have to wait to see what they do- it can't be any worse than the sick feeling I've had in the pit of my stomach for the past two or three months because of this debt. Having worked things out, I think most of the loans will take 8 months or so to clear. We'll see what e
  14. Thanks. My new account details will not be shared with anyone! I've done my income and expenditure using the guidelines given by National Debtline and will offer them only what I can afford which, I'm afraid, I don't think they'll be over impressed with. However, I get a bit of overtime this month-do you think it's worth paying off one of the smaller loans outright or should I set it off against one of my larger loans? Roll on Friday!!
  15. Thanks so much for all your help so far. It's good that there are folk out there willing to help! So far..... I have rung my bank again who have confirmed that all transactions on my card will be declined as it has been stopped. Guess this means that it is only the direct debits that I need to keep my eye on! I will transfer my money to my savings account and will stay up all night if I have to! Is there any other way they can get hold of my money? I realise I have to set up standing orders to repay the debts and am underway with the income and expenditure stuff, is there anything else I
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