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  1. Am i able to do this online? Many thanks Matt
  2. I am not trying to get out of paying what i owe i spent it. All i am after is to get the Bugger's at AIC of my back till i get back on my feet again. who would i contact to see if there is a CCJ. I know i am a lucky bugger its a great place to live Matt
  3. Thanks for that i know it might make me sound stupid but every one seems to use abbreviations and this is all new to me. The 5 years or so before i was always in credit no debt to pay Matt
  4. its a bank account And last payment was end of last year when i was then not to able to work spoke to Natwest and told them i would start paying again once i was fit to work again. Matt
  5. Thanks Idax I have not lived in th Uk for almost 6 year so if i have to be in the Uk to get a ccj then there can't be one. What is a cca? Any information you can send me would be great. Many thanks Matt
  6. Many thanks i will get on to that as wright away. The one thing i still can't fined out though is if they are able to try and collect a debt from some one abroad? Hope i can be of some help to you one day. If you ever need any cooking tip i am you man ( I am A Chef)
  7. Its a bank account so if do as you say in your fist reply that will put the ball back in there court. do i wait till they reply to the first letter before i do the S.A.R Also should i phone them or just do every thing by mail because at the moment i don't think they have my number they are just sending letters and from what i have read i don't want them calling me. Again many thanks Babybear
  8. Thanks BabyBear What will i achieve by doing this
  9. I am In need of help A.L.C are chasing me for a debt i have with Nat West, I now live in France and am trying to find out if they are able to take me to court or make me sell my house over here. i spoke to Nat West and told the i was unable to pay due to sickness but would start paying as soon as i can work again. If any one can give me any advice one what i should do next i would be very grateful.
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