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  1. Hi everyone - please help!! Ok, for around 4 years my hubby has had the insurance for his car through Admiral...he changed cars in Feb last year, changed the paperwork etc and has admitted every little point and fine from his licence. Every year we paid in full due to a better offer instead of paying monthly. we changed to another provider earlier this month due to a better rate per month and when he called to cancel at Admiral - they said that due to him not admitting he had 3 points on his licence in 2008 - we are due to pay £400 to them??????????????????? We immediatly challanged them as that year we we through a comparison checker, all details still saved, and we admitted that 3 points are on the licence at point of buying the policy. The woman said there is no notes of this and is going to listen to the recordings - we said that is no issue as hubby had called up with a question, asked about the points, and the reply from Admiral (in 2008) is that its not necessary for them to have those details??? Now, they also said they were going to call us back last friday with details of the call - they never did? So, because someone gave us wrong information, or didnt take down the proper information when we mentioned it - we are being punished for their ignorance, lack of training etc This is where i get lost? 1 - we cancelled when we recieved the paperwork - everything paid in 1 lump sum....no payments due 2 - General Condition 4 - administration charge is 1 full year policy to cover....even tho we have the policy for over 4 years?????? 3 - Are insurance companies required by law to check with the DVLA to insure everything the policy holder says is true? Sorry, im not a driver and this has annoyed me, we pay, were covered and we cancel - admiral wants us to pay within 7 days and send back the policy cover notices etc..... what do we do?
  2. Basically what has happened according to them is that when they took full payment for outstanding they had no record for me being a student from the college. A few months later, the college sends stuff off and in April i get the letter showing what im due to pay. The people think that since i am due a student discount for august to april 2010, thats wat has been applied. Oh i know im due to pay councl tax forthe summer thats fine, but they are not allowed to just add money onto an account for no reason, and with less than a month to sort out our finances. Got an interview tomorrow with consumer aid and council tomorrow as its their mixup and im not paying that extra 500 quid just cause they say so..
  3. Hi everyone - can someone help me? Ok - little background info. Got into trouble last year with council tax - mum in law paid it when the council refused to accept our payment plan and issued us with sherrif officer thing. So - £2700 later, council tax paid and everyone happy. In august that year i had started college, either college or council hadnt sent/done forms properly for discount and in april this year i got our council tax info saying we only need to pay £841.86 starting in august. I phoned up and made sure that it was correct - they said they had just recieved the college forms and applied the discount as a whole, and this was correct and logged. Today i got a letter from them again, but with a starting date of july and with an extra £500 added onto my bill. The other worry is that again in august i become a student again, so the discount will need to be applied for again - will this be taken into consideration? Any ideas? Obviously im going to fight this as im still unemployed and my husband is on sickness (with no benefits) due to surgery. seriously not happy but need a guiding hand
  4. Here you go [email protected] I know what you mean about jokers tho - if its a complaint they will just tell you to put it in writing - if they do - go here! 68 Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8YW, United Kingdom The above is the registered office
  5. Hi Pandora Yup - i agree - but i went back as it was such a long time ago and not worth remembering - you dont expect someone to remember every little detail and scream it at you in public - right infront of the manager too. This woman is caught on CCTV, infront of witnesses and complaints have been made. got a stupid email asking me for my customer ref number - just filled it in - hopefully movement coming soon!
  6. lol funny enough my husband thought of the same thing but technically she can claim against me that i recorded her voice for use in 'dubious' activities - ive seen it happen before. Im never going back into that store - the poor manager was mortified looking - i still have the right to go to the police and raise a formal complaint - something i found out during my SIA course - but why sink to her low unless neccessary.
  7. Hi everyone - can you help me at all? I headed into CPW at Darnley this evening to be litterly verbally abused by a staff member on shift. She broke confidentiallity by bringing up in public a complaint i had put in regarding treatment last year and then proceeded to verbally assault me with threats about the past etc. her body language was very aggresive and she started out the blue about an issue i had with a contract early LAST YEAR!! She constantly went on until another customer came into the shop - but with her dredging up the past - im sure she has broken privacy laws about complaints and i know she has broken the law with her verbal abuse (as it results to assault of a lesser degree or something?) I've written to the head office and i have multiple copies ready for TNT posting if i do not get a response within 24hrs. Here is a little background info - feel free to comment - any help is appreciated! January 08 Bought £35 pm contract for BB pearl Free bottle of bubbly and £150 cashback Took til june 08 for champagne to arrive - which we watched the woman go buy in sainsburys - then trying to fob us off - nailed her on that account with proof and eyewitness accounts. COmplaint sent in - was informed it was dealt with - matter forgotten! October 09 (today!) Went in to buy cheap PAYG mobile Instantly hit with torrent of abuse about above issue My privacy broken regarding complaints and embarrasment caused. Husband and member of public in store at same point Manager told her to be quiet - she ignored him. Physically, emotionally and mentally very upset regarding abuse. Email to CDunstone email address and also numerous letters ready. What do you think i should do next - still trying to get over the shock of it!
  8. Hi Godpikachu I've written the letter, signed and just posted it via recorded mail to the HO. Ive got a copy of the details here and ACAS have said that if anything happens to the willing witnesses they should contact themselves and put grievences as although they came of there own free will - its not acceptable to be bullied. Fingers crossed this goes somewhere as the company will get a run for its money as im in no mood to be harrased. Thank you for all you help and ill keep you in mind when i get a result.
  9. Hi Godpikachu Thanks for the quick reply!! the manager im not sure what denomination she is from - i dont even know how she knew i was catholic as i dont wear a crucifix to work as i deal with food. Only the male manager was aware of why i needed the time off etc my only guess is that she pinpointed my husbands crucifix (which is like 2cm big) and became abusive. Ive the names of the 2 other witnesses (staff wise) who are willing to hlp but the 7 others are friendly with the managers and refuse to help althought they know exactly what happened. The public i have been told have no right to raise a concern - which i know is a bunch of hogwash as 2 already have and i have proof that the complaint letters were destroyed. Im now getting these missed phone calls from work - one is meant to intimidate me as all i can hear is rattling (some people stoop so low!) As for everything else this is all the info i gave them during interview. Tuesday aftre 6pm - cant work sunday before 2pm cant work People are gettng away from a shift the same day to go to football matches and i feel discriminated against as i cant get to church. Sorry to rant but i can handle getting bullied and stand up for myself - but this has really shocked me to the core - and it hurts
  10. Hi all Im hoping you can give me some advice on a very unpleasant matter that happened yesterday at work. My last shift was on saturday and i read the rota wrong and i thought i had a shift today (wednesday) but it was actually on Tuesday. My boss called up and asked where was i, i replied at home and she advised i had a shift today. I replied that i have a shift tomorrow as from my interview date i explicitly said i cannot work after 6pm on tuesdays and before 2pm on sunday to fufill my obligations. I wholeheartedly apologised for the mix up and i need to call the priest to see if i can be excused tonight and that i would call her back in 20 mins. she said ok, and that was that. I tried calling the parish but the priest was out and that the group has to attend tonight due to paperwork needed for easter - this was coming from the parish admin. I had litterly put the phone down and it rang again with a very irate boss on the phone - i apolgised again and took full responsibility for misreading the rota but she started a tirad of catholic hate on me and then hung up. I was infuriated! My husband came home and we immediatly went down to my work and i saw the managers and some staff having a chat - i asked to speak to my superior boss who said to give him a moment or too and i would then get a moment. 10 minutes later i was shaking with anger and being upset when i went over and apologised (infront of 2 managers and a store full of customers) and said that it was an honest mistake. The woman manger (who the abuse came from) said that i was in my probation period and if i wanted to keep my job it is a priority over my religeous life. I explained to them both that from day 1 interview i explicitly informed them verbally and writing on my application form that i could not work those 2 periods due to obligations which are 1 of my 2 main priorities - and that for 5 weeks i have had to constantly remind them of the matter. The woman manager stood up and said that i had to set my priorities right and put my "beadrattler" mumbo jumbo second. I cant actually belive she said it infront of me and another manager and a shop full of customers!!!!!!!!! I left shaking, knowing for a fact i have lost my job as im contracted to 30 hrs a week (im lucky to get 13hrs!) and i only get paid £5.56 an hour - below the minimum wage! Do i have any hope in heaven of claiming aginst them? As ive said - it was an honest mistake on my part about reading the rota wrong - but the male manager who does the rota verbally confirmed he knew about the certain tmes but forgot. Please help.
  11. Hi all I know this is a copy of my post in the mobile phone forum but since its an issue with the insurance - im hoping you can help? Here are the main points. April 08 i got the phone - all payments for the CPW insurance are paid and when i went to the CPW store on the 31st of december to cancel my contract which i can do with Lifeline - it was accepted and processed. 7th January i got a bill for £415.99 - full payment demand for line rental for remaining 9 months even though i cancelled. 14th Jan i got a Westcot letter advising of above but if i paid £111.10 i would be reconnected and they would waive the disconnection fee of £300+. After 10 trips to the store, numerous failed faxes to arrive, numerous failed calls by me in store and by the sales girl who is helping me they are declining to cancel the contract and are saying i owe money. I paid £30 excess as by agreement and it was authorised by lifeline and the CPW stores manager - phone handed back - paperwork signed and i have all the originals. I have until the 17th of feb to either pay or get this sorted out but [email protected] are bing really unhelpful and ignorant of my issue. Since they are breaking the contract and forcably trying to claim money off me that I DO NOT OWE - can i counter claim agaisnt them due to stress/loss of earnings and the obvious bad debt mark im going to recieve? Much appreciated for any help!
  12. Hi all - thought i would give you an update! After the whole waiting around on saturday and having no fax sent by [email protected], we had to leave due to a wedding etc and the lady who was helping us gave us all the info we needed to send stuff away. On monday i recieved a call from the postcentre saying they cant deliver the letter and a refund is waitng at the collection office - i enquired to why the couldnt deliver and they told me the Head office refused to sign the documents!!!!!! Yesterday i got a call from V at CPW and she said that they NOW wont fax anything to her, they WONT talk to her without me being present and they WONT deal by phone - everything must now be done by letter! As you can imagine - i have 6 days left before westcot pass details on! Last night i got a call from 02 regarding the account saying how much i owed, when i would pay - trying to get payments there and then - i slammed the phone down on them after saying its cancelled by a legal insurance document agreed on by our 2 parties and broken by yourselves. My now only option is to go down to the store again and raise one hell of a fluff up - but i'm now physically feeling sick everytime i go in and the stress of this mess is driving me nuts. Can anyone help. this should have been cancelld on he 31st of dec by the insurance - excess was paid - was authorised by themselves and i owed nothing. Now they are trying to claim £415.99 + Help!
  13. Hi Andie I actually called westcot again this morning and explained the full situation and they told me i had wasted my time as they have nothing to do with it except for payment. I've sent off letters and color photocopies (with witness signatures) to both 02 and westcot by recorded mail and im now just waiting. The issue is with CPW as the 02 billing system with them is seperate from normal 02 and CPW cant see whats on the billing systems accounts. Whats more annoying is that i recieved a call frm 02 at cpw saying if i pay the amount i can be reconnected today - i explained the situation and they laughed saying its probably an error on my end and if i pay (he was trying to haggle with me lol) it wouldnt go any further. As you can guess i told him in fluent Scots where to go bury the hatchet!
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