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  1. The reason she was off work for 7 months was because her consultant changed her meds several times until he found one that actually worked. SHE has been told she will be on these meds and under the guidance of the psychiatrist for another 18 months at least . I wonder if this would qualify under the Equality act 2010.?? Anyone think union action (I have just enrolled her )or ACAS is the best route to take. again thank you all for your support d:|
  2. Thank you all for your help - are going to citizens advice asap
  3. she just suffered a major depression out of the blue which was a surprise to us all- she had a history with mild depression before she got her current job which her employers were aware off - she had no warnings of any sort from management regarding previous sickness as it amounted to only a couple of weeks over the four years . she was a very conscientious worker who always worked extra hours during staff shortages and ran the nursery when the manager was on holidays - her work commitments were never questioned by the management in any respect - she got nothing but praise from the parents and management alike - they just seemed to have picked on her for this one off illness which she had no control over. we will check to see if she is covered by the disability act as her consultant is absolutely lived over her treatment and is getting back to us with more info tomorrow. her workplace are notorious for sacking people on a whim but we are going to take this further if we can as she was the longest serving member left on the staff and as i said earlier basically ran the nursery on occasions. she has never had any warnings regarding her work or sickness in the four years up to this point in time when she was told --YOUR SACKED!!! REGARDS D:|
  4. hi - my stepdaughter was signed off by her doctor at the start of the year and subsequently was referred to a psychiatrist who diagnosed her with major depression - she was off work for 7 months approx. as she had her medication changed three times . she was signed back by her doctor on a phased return recommendation with a covering letter from the doctor which the directors requested.She never got a chance to return to work as she was told she was sacked at the return to work meeting . this has been the only illness she has had in her near 4 years of work other than the very few short spells for flu etc. the managements attitude was very intimidating and has set my stepdaughter back greatly in her recovery as she is devastated and embarrased by it all. we were wondering is there some body we can complain to regarding an appeal. thank you for your interest. d:|
  5. Thank you for your reply - this only happened today so are awaiting the termination notice from the workplace . They did say they had taken advice from the care commission?? and for the good of the nursery they were terminating her employment.!!! they totally ignored the doctors letter which stated she was fit to return to work and basically said they can sack her if they like.!!!!!
  6. Hi all - i wonder if anyone out there can give me some advice on the following: My stepdaughter has worked at a local childrens nursery for nearly 4 years now. Earlier this year she took major depression and has been off work for nearly 7 months.her doctor signed her back on a recommended phased return to work - upon her back to work meeting the directors just told her they had taken legal advice and sacked her. !!!! She is still under her psychiatrists guidance , has too see him every few months and will be taking medication for the forseeable future. Are they legally entitled to dismiss someone on health grounds when her doctor signed her back as fit to work.? Any advice greatly appreciated d:|
  7. hi - do not accept any of this nonsense from british gas -the internet is full of similar stories re new boilers being sold when all that was required was a simple repair - in your case i assume the service engineer found nothing wrong with the actual boiler when it was only the ventilation sticker that was applied . please get a second opinion re boiler from local corgi registered plumber if in doubt -might cost you £50 + but worth it no doubt. i assume you also have statutory right to cancel i.e 14 days cooling off but trading standards office of fair trading or citizenz advice will keep you right - also look elsewhere for boiler cover - there are plenty about other than british gas - who seem to be only interested in sales and not fussy how they get them. tell your mam not to worry i am certain you can cancel and perhaps even sue the perpetrator for distress and mis-selling!! - by the way the engineer who came in to me to check my leaky hot water pipe was more interested in the age of my boiler !!! please let me know how you get on!!! Also to everyone else out there did you know some utility companies are training up thier meter readers to sell boiler care ,telephone ,broadband etc & once they are in your home under pretense of reading the meter you are going to get the hard sell!!!- beware who you let in to your home even if they do have i.d. !!!!
  8. hi bigmac - no they never carried out an inspection at all -just upgraded my cover over the phone about 6 years ago. trying to get anywhere with them is an impossibility so i am washing my hands of them apparently like thousands more . i am considering hydro electrics ch & boiler care and will attend to the plumbing myself. cheers
  9. hi - thanks for replying- yes i have -the diagram shows the pipes in question are covered by the agreement but scottish gas are apparently using the general exclusion rule--- 4.1 Design or existing faults We will not include the cost of repairs needed because of design faults (unless we are responsible), or faults which existed before you entered into the agreement and which we could not identify on our first inspection of that particular system or appliance using reasonable care and skill.---- -considering they have never ever done a inspection of any sort on my plumbing(contract was done over the phone)then all my pipework will fall under this exclusion rendering my contract useless-- i have complained to them today to no avail and have now cancelled my complete contract .. trading standards say i should write and complain but my leaky pipes need fixed urgently so its off to wickes in the morning.- if you want something done - do it yourself!!
  10. hi - i have a scottish gas homecare 300 insurance which includes plumbing and drains cover. today i called out an engineer to check out a leak to my hot water tap in the kitchen. - he found the section of copper pipe was porous and little pinhole leaks were causing the problem he then told me(after a lenthy discussion with his office in his van)to my amazement that this problem was not covered but could give me a quote.!!! could anyone out there check there homecare 300 agreement and tell me if scottish gas are at it- and if so what can i do . i have phoned them to complain and got nowhere so am going to cancel my contract but still feel i should take them to task for breach of contract but dont know what road to take. cheers davie
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