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  1. Hi everybody- I've posted on here previously regarding advice about getting my deposit back from my landlord, which I managed successfully due to great advice, so hopefully somebody can help me in my current predicament! You may well have seen recent news reports about a crane collapsing on an apartment block in Liverpool city centre- well unfortunately that was my building! At this point we don't know which flats are affected (looks as though mine was just missed but it could be flooded or collapsed etc we just don't know). I know for sure that we can't get back in the building
  2. Ok, I have since sent a response to the landlords previous letter basically disputing the points which he last made. I informed the LL that the tenants would not be returning the original cheques but expect the difference in 4 new cheques to match the full deposit, otherwise we would have no option to take him to court. I also told the LL that even if he does this we would still not be admitting any liability if he was to issue us for an invoice of £220.00 for the cleaning. The LL has now replied and surprisingly posted out individual cheques to each tenant covering the full deposit.
  3. Thanks for the information. I have since sent a letter to the landlord requesting that he returns the full deposit as he has: 1. Not met the initial requirements of an authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme and, 2. The tenants did not receive the prescribed information within 14 days. I have told the landlord that if we do not receive the full deposit that we will take court action. The landlord himself has sinced sent us a response with a number of points which I feel are totally irrelevant, and think he is using this letter as a scare tactic. Here are the points tha
  4. Hi all, I was hoping that somebody on here would be able to advise me on my current position with regards to obtaining my full deposit back from my landlord. Myself and 3 other housemates all signed the same Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement which started on 1st June 2007 and paid a deposit of £900 between us. (It should be noted that we had a previous tenancy agreement with the landlord, however as one of the tenants changed we began a new agreement as stated above). The landlord highlighted next to the deposit section of the contract: *to be advised later- new legislation.
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