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  1. Yeah but that will take months, still waiting on capital one from February
  2. I have an on going issue that is driving me mad. I got a some PPI back on a BOS loan and credit card (2 separate claims) got two cheques cashed them both in and one got returned saying there was no account! I had many phone calls and letters sent (with evidence that this happened) over a period of 4 months with them refusing to accept it was not cashed and finally they sent another cheque......4 days later this cheque returned saying the payment was stopped!!!! I phoned them losing my temper a bit and it was all apologies and that they will investigate...one week later chasing it up they are back to saying the original was cashed 5 months ago. I'm at the end of my tether what shall I do next letters don't get answered no matter who i send them too. Shall I take them to court...how do I do that if that is necessary?...HELP
  3. Yes I sent it recorded, unfortunately I cant find the receipt to track it. Think I just need to play hard ball now
  4. Right I have waited over 4 weeks and no reply to either letter! (It was an AA card so needed to send to BOS who I can't find out who the MD is!) What shall I do now? CCJ? How do I go about taking them to court? Thanks
  5. I have to admit it is a bit ironic Sent letter to PPI department and wasn't official so I will do that first and see what happens. Thanks They had different account numbers on the cheques the smaller one arrived a few weeks earlier too.
  6. Basically I got a PPI offer for my loan and CC from Halifax they sent 2 cheques one for ~£150 one for ~£3700 but the smaller cheque got returned (bounced) saying there was no account. I have made various phone calls and they said it was cashed on a particular date. So then I sent a letter with photocopies of all documentation from Natwest (my bank) proving it bounced along with a screen print of my online banking seeing the amount go in and 3 days later leave! I can't seem to get an answer to this please can someone offer advice this is more a matter of principal than money. I am thinking about sending a CCJ to them.
  7. Thank for all the advice, I have all the correspondence and will fire off the SB follow up letter and complain to the OFT. Hopefully it will get them off my back but probably will take a bit longer if they are true to form!
  8. That pretty much is what I sent them first time though and they came back with "we tried to contact you with 8 letters and 24 phone calls"
  9. Thanks for that, shall I mention the last payment date at all?
  10. Hi could I have a bit of assistance in setting out this "bugger off it's statute barred" letter. If I mention the date of last payment is that an confirmation the debt is mine? Was going to state that I have lived at the same address since they bought the debt with the same phone number...so what did they call and do they have Royal mail proof of postage?
  11. Right....Phoned Barclaycard and the debt was sold to Roxbuuuuuugh (or something) on 08/03/2007 and the last payment made on the account was 27/07/2004. So I take it it is SB! Do I write back with the SB rules now? I am a bit concerned about changing my address to get the SAR, will it DEFINITELY not start any clocks? Can I quote the address on ths SAR letter it's registered under instead of phoning? Thanks in Advance again
  12. Right I have heard back from HFO and it goes thus: "To date we not that since 26/03/2007 when we purchased your account we have maintained contact with you, but we cannot be held liable with your continued evasion towards this matter" Then they go saying that the court will see that have made 24 phone call and sent 8 letters which show they have clearly made contact. Ask me to seek professional advice etc. What next???? I will have a while to get a SAR and I will phone barclays to get the dates and last payment etc.What legally can the do? Thanks in advance
  13. Still no word from HFO (Probably trying to find some false evidence!), arrived and signed for last Friday. Got a letter back regarding my SAR and they say they can't do it because the addresses don't match (as I have moved many times since I last heard from them) and are asking to phone customer services and update my details. Will updating my address with then start any "timer" again? Or should I just reference my previous address in another letter? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, I know there has been loads of posts on this but I would like my mind put at ease. Yesterday I got a letter from HFO Services for the first time saying the usual "Attempted to contact you several times" "You have 3 days to pay or it will escalate to our legal desk". They also attached (rather unprofessional) web printouts of experian saying I can afford to make payments!!! Also court appointed baliffs, but I know that is BS unless I go to court etc. The default is set to be removed from my account in May this year, I certainly don't remember paying them a thing but not quite sure as before I was knowledgeable on the subject may have called a previous DCA in regards to this in 2005 but I didn't pay anything as I was out of work. I don't think previous to that I has any contact with Barclaycard since 2002. Today I sent a SB letter to HFO by special delivery (because as I understand it it is up to them to prove I have made a payment) and sent a SAR to Barclaycard (recorded with £10 postal order). I did put I did not acknowledge the debt too. What I ask is should I have sent a CCA instead? and what if they come back with some lies that I did make a payment? is there anything else I should do? Thanks in advance, UAKA
  15. Right. 2 letters since last post. 1) Saying they sent off for CCA, may take longer...blah blah. 2) Asked me while waiting for the CCA they will accept around £1000 (3rd of the debt) and they will go away. Or I will have to pay it all in full once they get the CCA. Sounds to me like they are desperate and trying to bluff me. Should I send another letter (i.e. Stat Barred) or just wait?
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