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  1. Indeed, although they say that "we are not debt buyers" - yeah, right.
  2. 91 different languages, that must include languages from other solar systems.
  3. I have never heard of them before.
  4. I most certainly will, thanks dx100uk. The paper is always useful for tinder on the log burner
  5. Quite out of the blue, a letter arrives today from CCSCollect, saying that they are trying to contact the person who, after investigation, lives at X address. If you are not the named person and have information regarding their whereabouts then to contact them. No debt mention, just reference no Bearing in mind that I have had no debts since the late 1998, a credit score of 999 and no loans, agreements or the like for nigh on 20 years. I assume this is a letter for file 13, other comments about CCSCollect seem to sum them up quite nicely
  6. Thanks SabreSheep, I have shredded the last two letters, oops, but, I guess they will try it on in a few weeks time, we will see. Certainly no N1 Claim forms have been sent, I guess that would be nigh on impossible on a debt that has gone into the mists of time by over 15 years.
  7. I have recently received two letters, with some made up reference number, saying "we know you are living at this address, contact us, or we may have to call you (good luck, we are ex dir). No reference to any debt, company or anything. I didn't realise this company were so horrendous until I read so many threads on this and other consumer forums. Any debts are now so statute barred that cobwebs are all over them. There was a small amount owing to black horse, but no payments or agreements have been made for over 15 years. Now, I suddenly get a couple of letters from Rut
  8. no payments or written acknowledgments for about 20 years. This is so statute barred it has cobwebs on it. Had another letter today from Muck Hall. Client Cabot, sub client Apex International. Talk about going to the far side of the field. This time they want to offer a substantial reduction to my supposed debt. Stating that it will show as partially settled on my credit ref file. Well, they, nor any other debt company has placed or searched or made any reference on my credit file, which remains at 999 and companies are trying their best to offer me this loan, that card - er no thanks,
  9. ooops, the letters are now on the local tip, but if any more come, then i will keep them for reference. Thanks for replies.
  10. Two Years on, having heard nothing from anywhere, a letter arrives, redirected from an ancient address, from Cabot and Mk Hall, stating the same figures of over £6000 is owing, no mention of to whom (they won't remember, this dates back to the mid 1990's) I assume this is yet another computer pick up that is on a phishing trip as I have had no direct contact with any debt company for well over 14 years and no payments have been made in this time. MY credit rating is still 999 and no one has made any searches. I assume these companies cannot just
  11. I won't, but it does worry me, which I suppose is their aim in life, to scare people. I hate seeing their letters, these debts are so old they are covered in dust, let alone statute barred. With serious heart problems, the last thing I need is to get worked up about stupid companies like this, scraping out old debts in the hope of getting some money. Thanks bigshoes
  12. well, they did write again and again, same thing, you owe £££ to Associates Capitol, contact us immediately, next one, we have from Asoociates, we have bought the debt from Cabot........ ...next one, from Cabot, you still owe £££ and you may be entitled to a 70% reduction, please contact our trained advisers. Bearing in mind these alleged debts, are from the mid 1990's, when I had two heart attacks and was off sick with only SSP, hence things went pear shaped. The last contact I had with one of the companies said they had had no payments since 2001. Since then,
  13. I thought as much, having heard nothing from a debt company for years, to suddenly have this land on your mat, makes your heart sink and being disabled, that is the last thing I need. Thanks alfwithhair, I will ignore it, bet they write again soon...........
  14. Hi, Just had a letter from APEX, on behalf of Cabot, for a sum of over £6000, that is now due?? Err, right, they go on to say that Cabot Europe has searching databases and has resulted in the fact that you live at XXX address and the amount is now due in full No mention of who is asking for this £6000 that I apparently owe, nothing, just that it is due for payment in full. I have taken out no loans in the last 15 years, so where this figure comes from I don't know. Previous small debt problems are now statute barred, due to the length of time that has passed. I
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