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  1. Many Thanks Reallymadwoman, Thats what i figured, but wanted to double check on here just in case. The three defaults for such high amounts are affecting my rating hugely, but rather that than stirring up a beehive. Thanks again - scales tipped!
  2. Hi, I have 3 defaulted accounts with Amex that defaulted Aug 2008. Since then I have sent CCA requests and Amex did not produce the CCA's or respond to any of the requests. My question is: Since it is affecting my credit rating, should/can I pursue Amex to have the Defaults removed as they have not produced the CCA's or am I just inviting trouble from them? 1 Year has passed and waiting 5 more for it to lapse, seems a very long time. Thanks
  3. Any comments about the above letter and any other actions I should take? Thanks
  4. Thanks. I complained to the OFT on the 18 Dec last year about them. Now they send me this "Pending Litigation" letter. I am going to send them the following.. Re: American Express I wrote to you on the 18th November 2008 stating that the above account is in Dispute with American Express/RMA and has been since the 23rd of August 2008. The Recorded Delivery letter further stated the following: “If S.R.J. Debt Recoveries chooses to ignore my dispute and attempt enforcement, I will initiate legal action and file reports with the appropriate authorities, including, but not limited
  5. Hi Guys, Received yet another letter today from SRJ Debt Recoveries despite them going quiet for a while. Here is the history: Sent them CCA to them aswell as Amex probably 6/7 months ago. Heard nothing. Then recieved "despite previous attempts" letter from SRJ so sent back accound in dispute. Now have recieved "Pending Litigation Proceedings" letter from SRJ. What should I send them now given that I never got my CCA and I have already sent them the account in dispute letter followed by an OFT complaint letter? Many thanks in advance
  6. My scanner doesnt work, but Im typing the letter out word for word: Total Outstanding £122.88 Notice of Seizure Road Traffic Contravention Details: Ashley Park RRoad Contravention Date: 22 Aug 2008 Penalty Charge £110 Registration: XXXXXXXX Fees £12.88 TOTAL OUTSTANDING £122.88 We have been instructed by the Elmbridge Borough Council to recover the above penalty by way of distraint action. Should you fail to contact us immediately with your propo
  7. Yesterday I recieved a letter from Newlyn stating Notice of Seizure on a PCN apparently issued in Elmbridge on Aug 22nd 2008? I always pay my PCN's, sometimes late and sometimes after some warning letters. But to my knowledge I have never recieved ANYTHING to do with this PCN at all. And surely they would have chased it sooner and I should have had other notifications? Please, please I need help with what I should do. Who should I write to and what should it say or should I just pay it? Many thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I have a letter from, Newlyn certificated bailiffs that was hand delivered quietly through the door on the 6th of April for £122.78 on one PCN and 92.00 on the other PCN. I went to pay them today and the one PCN that was £122.78 is now £246??? I have had no further letters or correspondence about this. It just shot up. So, I have paid the council online directly for the two PCN's @ £80 each today. But what do I do now in terms of communication and making sure the council registers that I've paid them and Newlyn to cease chasing me? Appreciate your help as soon as
  9. Hi, So I sent them the "bemused" letter (signed for) for each account to this second DCA. Didnt hear from them for a while. But on Saturday recieved another letter for each of the Amex accounts, saying "despite previous attempts to get in touch with you, we have heard nothing" and our client is looking to begin legal action against you. Just below that is "you can still avoid this action by calling me to arrange a payment plan" So what do I do? do I write to Amex and this DCA? Please help.. thanks in advance W
  10. Many thanks folks and especially Spamheed... will get this off to them today. recorded delivery as usual
  11. Hi, I have two credit cards with Amex that RMA were dealing with. I sent them a CCA request for each (recorded and signed for) a few months ago and then sent them the "unenforceable" letter after the 30 days. I did not hear from them again until now. I recieved letters in the post from JBL DCA (I think thats their name) for each saying that I must pay the debt in full. My question is: What do I send them? A letter asking them why they have been assigned the debt without Amex notifying me? Another CCA to them for each? Or a letter telling them that I CCA'd RMA/Amex a few month
  12. No default notice on this one. The direct debit on this account has been faultless. Have had a Notice of termination of all three of my Amex cards (1 charge and 2 credit cards) due to non payment on the charge card. How should I respond to the Westminsters Solicitors letter and should I cancel the direct debits and send out a letter stating that no CCA recieved and debt unforceable? Many thanks in advance
  13. I have now recieved a "Notice brefore legal Proceedings Letter" from Westminsters Solicitors concerning one of the cards that I CCA'd over a month ago... and never recieved anything. I have not had one letter from RMA... its been dead quiet and I have been keeping up the Direct Debit payment. What should I do now?? Please help.
  14. Well, tomorrow it would have been 15 days since the CCA requests and I have not recieved anything. So what do i do next? Stop paying the 2 credit cards in question? Send them another letter? Thanks in advance
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