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  1. for info - FSA press release FSA/PN/073/2008 21 July 2008 The Financial Services Authority (FSA) today issued a new waiver from its complaints handling rules regarding unauthorised overdraft charges. The waiver replaces an existing one, which expires on 26 July 2008, and has been offered to those firms who signed up to the previous waiver. This represents approximately 98% of the market. Signatories will not be required to handle complaints relating to unauthorised overdraft charges within the time limits set out in the Dispute Resolution manual. The key points of the waiver include: * A
  2. The consumer groups main ones consulted will be Which and CAB etc. All stakeholders, which includes CAG and other consumer type forums and groups, have an opportunity to respond in the consultation document.
  3. Hi Northstar Do your parents have the original paperwork from the court claim which led to the charging order ? You should be able to apply for a set aside if you believe there are charges on the account which are unfair, and if you believe the correct procedures werent followed....did you parents receive the N1 etc etc. The interim charging order will be changed into a final charging order at a hearing, so you will be able to make representations at that hearing. Do you know the terms of the original judgement - was it a forthwith or installment order with permission to seek charging orde
  4. I agree smasher, when there are not many regualr active users on a site it can be difficult to get the advice and help you need especially for more complex claims and problems...and thats where you would refer them to elsewhere to obtain the right level of assistance. I dont think a think tank is a great idea either although some communication between admins might be sensible in however casual a form. I have seen many people asking advice across different forums, and most likely and hopefully, they are reading up elsewhere for further information and ideas. They either take a general view fro
  5. I agree with you, and i do feel that good and ready is finally getting closer. It is sad that it has taken the possible demise of one very good smaller site to bring this subject up and enable it to be discussed properly, hopefully we can all learn from it.
  6. Most of the other sites are working together quite happily, it is indeed only CAG that refuses to work with a couple of the smaller sites.There may be issues behind this we ae unaware of. The issue, IMO, is not the smaller sites missing out on CAG, although it holds a wealth of information that has been built up and developed over the past couple of years by thousands of members many past many present, in my opinion it is CAG denying its members something by refusing to work with the smaller sites. I think communication is more the key than think tanks tbh. I think it is the members that ma
  7. I don;t think unification is particulary necessary, maybe an area for admins / teams of site to discuss ideas and strategy, and share important case developments etc which need to be wider than the individual sites may be beneficial.
  8. Well as the other sites do already - post on one anothers sites with new info and ideas and help each other out, recommend users to each others sites for specific specialities etc. It doesnt need a great deal of organisation just an agreement between the sites to work together but retain their individual identities entirely.
  9. Indeed most of the smaller sites, along with PC and MSE have pretty good working relationships and share information regularly. CAG would be a good addition and enable information to be shared a lot more widely.
  10. Okay honey I really think we need to go through this carefully from the beginning and look at the other debts and exactly what you have going on. We need to work out an amount to offer NATWEST that you can keep up with. Also need details on the other secured loan you have. And whats available on your mortgage etc. Two mins.
  11. Not really - well you could but wouldnt you rather be in control of the situation from the start rather than waiting to see what happens ? I'll help u with a letter if you have a go first. The CO won't affect your current mortgage payment no, but as with any CCJ/second charge moving to fixed rates etc in the future may be difficult. Do you have other debts need sorting out too or is this the only thing ? What was the redetermination amount you offered ?
  12. Charging order is nothing to be scared off - they just use it as securing the debt incase you stop paying again in future. I don't know your personal situation either, but courts don't like ordering sale orders for secondary debts....so keeping in touch with Natwest is your best bet. IMO.
  13. Hi Honey Well done for going through the redetermination and attending the hearing and sorry it didn't work out the way you wanted. How much is the forthwith judgement for? When you received the first judgement with the installment order of £550 did you make any payments or go straight for redetermination ? I don't think you need to do a N245 at all - indeed you have already done that,so what you need to do is negotiate with NatWest. Accept the charging order and offer them monthly installments at the amount you were trying for redetermination on. Write to Natwest stating your
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