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  1. It has been known (anecdotally) for CRAs to lift signatures off letters and apply them to application forms.
  2. Hi, My OH has credit card debts. Most (all?) of them are for pre 2007 cards. She now has an arrangement with Payplan to pay these over a number of years. Interest is, I believe, frozen. I have suggested that she sends a CCA letter to the CC companies but I am sure I recall reading that challenging a debt can lead to Payplan ripping up the agreement. Can anyone advise? Cheers
  3. It wasn't a consolidation loan, they just lumped them all together under the current account number. Looking at the First Direct forum on here it seems to be something that they do quite frequently. In dispute letter winging its way to CL Finance tomorrow and will start FD's complaint procedure. Cheers
  4. Hi sarah, welcome to CAG. As a first step I would CCA the DCAs that are chasing you for the credit card debt. If they are that old they may not be enforceable which leaves you in a much stronger negotiating position. Even though your ex had a secondary card it is you that is liable - I assume the card was in your name but he had a card. I hope you have not gone to one of the fee paying companies. Check out Payplan or CCCS, both of whom will do the same work for nothing. Cheers
  5. Well done letsdothis. It's success stories like this that give hope to other caggers! "just be polite, persistent and professional" - good advice.
  6. It is definitely a combination. They were amalgamated by First Direct and then I went through Metropolitan etc before the debt was flogged to CL Finance about 3 years ago. Should I be complaining to First Direct or CL Finance? I think it might be worth a tenner to send a SAR to First Direct as I assume the result would show the amalgamation of the debt. Cheers
  7. I don't mind them coming up on Equifax etc as I know that they are there, and will be for a few more months. I'm really questioning the validity of the report I'm now getting through CPP - it's not much use to me if it's not accurate. Cheers
  8. Letter sent BB. Should I stop payment? I'm a bit concerned that this is now off my credit file and I don't want to trash it again. Mind you, that's probably what they rely on !
  9. Hi, the reason I was wondering about the SAR was to establish how the amount was made up. I know that most of it was a personal loan, some of it was overdraft and possibly some of it was credit card too. I honestly can't remember; it was during "head in sand" times. It was defintely First Direct that lumped the whole lot together. Cheers
  10. Time up and no CCA - or anything else - from CL Finance. What next? Should I SAR First Direct?
  11. Morning caggers! I have some old defaults that are due to fall off my credit report this year. Specifically, two defaults and a satisfied CCJ. I have a copy of my credit report from Experian and Equifax from a couple of months back and know that this is the case. I have now subscribed to a CPP thing for identity theft and it allows me unlimited access to my Experian report. None of the reports I have run so far have shown any reds - no defaults and no CCJ. I know that they are there though, so wondered what a potential lender would see or what I should do about it (if anything!). Thanks
  12. They have no right to ask for any personal information at all. Are you sure that Edrupt are entitled to collect the debt? I would just start sending them £1 a month anyway and let them make the next move.
  13. McSkint, your user name suggests that you might be North of the border. If so, the trespass bit (in red) does not apply.
  14. Thank you debt4get and cerberusalert. Scales tipped - much appreciated. Including the bank holiday it will be Monday when the time limit is up. Letter will be ready to go. Cheers.
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