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  1. I don't know if this is in the correct plaxce but I hope someone can answer.

    My nephew has been permanantly excluded from school for allegations of bullying, he is 13.

    My niece is fighting the exclusion and we have had fantastic help from ACE. We were told that we have a legal right to see all statements made against my nephew with the names of the alledged victims obliterated, the statements should be signed and dated again with the signatures blocked out.

    We requested these statements from the school but only received vague details of all alligations none were dated. We again asked the school for statements and were told that they were with the police at the request of the school police officer. My neice spoke to the school officer who said this was not the case as no formal complaint had been made. We went back to the school who then said they wasn't quite sure where statements were. We got advice from the Local education authority who said ask the school for a police log number. We asked the school for this but were told that the head had taken legal advice and she could not give us these statements because she had to consider the welfare of the pupils who had made them, and that they were with the police in case a formal complaint was to be made at a later date.

    Our question is this, do the police hold statements just in case a complaint is made?

    Does my neice have a right to see any statements about her son even if they are with the police?

    We feel like we are being lied to.

    Hope somebody can help thanks in advance.

  2. Well would you believe it, after telling Acenden I was taking my complaint to FOS (Fri 14/1/11) they rang today with a very different attitude. They wanted to make an arrangement to pay off arrears!! They were very nice but pointed out to me that the FOS take about 8 weeks to investigate by which time Acenden would have commenced litigation proceedings. I asked whether that was a threat and informed them I would continue to pay £40 extra a month until everything was sorted. I asked them to put everything in writing.

  3. It's a worry that this company seems to be able to do just as they please. There are plenty of people on this site who have succeeded in reclaiming there charges back so that gives me hope. I have been reading the capstone action group forum there is plenty of advice there. When I contacted the FOS I felt quite positive, I think it all depends who you speak to.

    I have just sent my first letter asking for a refund so we will see what happens, I will keep you informed.

  4. Hi everyone and happy New Year.


    Now dealing with Acenden who have taken over from Capstone.

    People beware!!!

    Acenden cancelled my arrangement to pay off arrears because payment was late and are now charging £105 per month arrears fees. They will not reinstate arrangement until I lower arrears ammount, on December the 8th the arrears (according to their records) stood at £559 today they insist they are at £1126. They won't make arrangement until arrears are under £500 (which I can't do) and if no arrangement is in place they are allowed to charge arrears fees and add them to arrears balance. This is now on course to spiral out of control.

    I have phoned FOS who said they will do letter to Acenden so heres hoping this mess will be sorted, this company are a disgrace I don't know how they get away with it!

  5. Jacobs are chasing us for council tax arrears, there are 2 bills outstanding. I have read a number of your threads and understand that we must not let them gain entry into the house. After they left the first letter I phoned the bailiff to make an arrangement which he agreed to but said he needed to come to the house for me to sign papers. I made it clear to him that I would not sign anything and he would not be entering my house, he then refused to make the arrangement.

    I wrote a letter to his firm of bailiffs who replied they could not deal with me as I had to speak to the bailiff who attended my home. The council do not want to know although I have continued to pay the amount offered to the council by online payments.

    This morning when leaving for work there was another notice left in the porch, the bailiff had levied on my husbands van the notice says he attended at 7.30am.He did not knock on the door or try to speak to us.

    I understand that he cannot levy on the van because it is used for my husbands work, I phoned Jacobs who agreed that he cannot levy on the van, I asked if they wouyld tell their bailiff this but was told he already knows?? My worry is that he has given us 5 days to pay,which we cannot do, the debt or he will take van. As bailiffs have history of doing all the things they are not supposed to I am really worried.

    Any advice please?

  6. Thank you so much this is a long story.In October 2003 we took out a secured loan for £15000 with london mortgage company.

    First 12 months all went well, Ist statement was showing all payments made and balance was reduced.

    Second year no missed payments but statements showed balance had increased by £3450!

    Obvious enquiries were made and we were told it was PPI, said I didn't want PPI but was told I had signed for it and as we hadn't cancelled within 30 days there was nothing we could do. On checking agreement PPI box was already ticked and by signing agreement we had literally agreed to PPI. Stupid I know!!!

    I have tried to fight this for 3 years because we are both self-employed the PPI was useless, in fact it only covered 5 years of a 15 year loan. I have a recording of the sale and all the signs of mis-selling are there.

    Because loan was taken out before regulations I have been hitting a brick wall. LMC/Capstone passed it on to Central Trust (BROKER WHO SOLD LOAN) Central Trust would not Budge FOS said they couldn't help because Regulations did not start until 2005. Anyway Fos has now advised me to go after underwriter and once they refuse to help FOS will look at case again, so hopefully that is PPI part sorted for now.

    Regarding arrears - as I have said we are both self employed and money is very tight, in fact at the present time my husband is not working. The small amount of arrears (about £120) in the beginning is escalateing out of control. I have kept in contact with Company but things have gone worse since Capstone took over. They will not change payment date even thogh I have written 3 times explaining that I seem to manage better paying all bills at the end of every month.

    Even though I pay an extra £40 per month they insist on charging £85 arrears fee.

    I have paid this loan for 7 years and the balance outstanding is still £16385.92

    I am sure the agreement is all wrong, I have had one of those no win no fee firms looking at it for over 2 years but they have come back saying there is nothing they can do.

    I feel Capstone can do as they please!

    I am know going to work out arrears charges plus interest -can anyone direct me to an interest calculator please and advise the interest rate I should use.

    Thank you all so much - hope this all makes sense and I am not rambling too much.

  7. Hi again'

    this company is driving me mad. I am still fighting to get them to change payment date but in the meantime they are adding £85 arrears fee every month even thogh we have an arrangement to pay £40 per month off our arrears + the normal month payment, consequently our arrears figure has risen from £188 to £759.00 even though we have not missed a payment since setting up the arrangement. We will never pay the arrears at this rate.

    Are they allowed to add fees to the arrears amount?

  8. Hi sorry to bring this up again but it is something that is really bugging me.

    A reply I received from Central Trust gave a firm no on refund of PPI

    they stated

    1. The product was not regulated by FSA at time of sale

    2.Central Capital did not come under the voluntary jurisdiction of FOS at time of sale

    3. Central Capital Trust was not members of the GISC at the time of sale.

    I have discovered that Central Capital is a trading style of Central Loans ltd which is wholly owned subsidiary of Central Trust PLC.

    Can anybody advise if there is anywhere I can go with this complaint of mis-selling.

    Any info would be much appreciated.

  9. Can anybody advise whether the FOS will now look at a PPI claim on a loan which was taken out in 2003. I know I was definitely mis-old the PPI but I have not got any where with my claim for a refund.

    London Mortgage Co say it is a matter for Central Capital who arranged the loan, but Central Capital will not budge. I did send this to the ombusman back in 2007 but at the time they said they could not deal with it because loan was taken out before regulations came in 2005.

    I have heard they now look at older loans is this correct?

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