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  1. With regards to my account my arrears are now £1872. I have just paid £220 (my normal payment is £198 .00) but they now want a lump sum payment or they will send this to solicitors which will incur another £800 solicitors costs. They are not prepared to wait for DWP to make pension credit interest payments I AM AT MY WITS END HELP!!!

  2. Hi Ellen

    Yes I am still making payments to the account. They want my payment on the 13th of the month and I have been paying at the end of the month.

    My worry is if it is passed to solicitors they will add hundreds in charges which I won't be able to claim back.

    I have been paying this loan since 2003 original loan was £15000 now the balance is £17,600!!

  3. I am really worried about these muppets now. They are continuing to harrass us with charges management fees etc. etc.

    I have refused to speak to them on the phone - done everything in writing.

    We completed income and expenditure form and they agreed to a temporary arrangement starting on 28th May.

    We have been informed that we will still be charged £65 per month arrears fees, but if DWP (we receive pension credits) agree to pay the interest on this home loan they will look at these fees.

    In the meantime I have today received a letter informing me the arrears now stand at £1738.88 and unless we make a suitable offer to clear them they will commence proceedings to repossess.

    I am sick to death of telling them the account is with the ombudsman re charges - where do we go from here?

    I know the arrears are mostly charges but if the FOS takes a while to sort this out we could be in real trouble

  4. Hi everyone

    I took out secured loan in 2003 with London Mortgage/Capstone/Acenden

    I have tried for a number of years to reclaim PPI (we are both self-employed) which was added to loan totalling £3400.

    London Mortgage passed me to Central Trust who were brokers. Central Trust said because loan was before Jan 2005 they were not regulated so would not take on complaint. At the time the FOS said they could not take on complaint because Central Trust was not regulated.

    Down the years i have not given up and read that people were now going after the underwriters of PPI.

    I contacted FOS again and they said they would now take on my complaint and persue Stering insurance who are the underwriters in my case.

    What I want to know is will the new ruling have a bearing on loans which were taken out before regulation in 2005? Will this give my complaint more weight?


  5. Hi,

    I need some help with this. My case is with FOS but Acenden are back to sending letters and are continuing to add charges which is really worrying me. They say I don't respond to their letters but when I phone they will not let me enter into an arrangement until I pay a Large sum off arrears. Arrears now stand at £1212 (all charges) I cannot pay a large amount off these. They are now threatening to send a field agent which will add another £92 to arrears. Is there any letter I can send?

  6. Hi tla105 I am fighting these people for my charges they are horrendous to deal with. Send the SAR as advised they will refuse your request for a refund but as soon as you get their final response you can contact the Ombudsman. They seemed to treat me with a bit more respect once the Ombudsman was involved.

    I actually phoned the Ombudsman before I got my final response and although they couldn't take the complaint on at that stage they did right to Acenden. Good luck don't let them get you down!

  7. Well well well the school as finally come clean. As you know we have been trying to obtain witness statements from the school since December 2010 regarding allegations made against my nephew. We have it in writing that statements were sent to the police on 17/12/10

    and this could become a police investigation.

    As we have never heard from the police we continued to request statements and a reason why the head had never interviewed my nephew for his version of events. We have been given numerous answers and reasons. In front of the Governors (at the Governors Meeting) the head said she felt my nephew was not in the correct mood when she was going to interview him yet the minutes of the meeting state he was not interviewed on police advice.

    On Monday after speaking to the school police officer, who was really rude and said she didn't want to discuss the matter, we sent a letter recorded delivery asking for definate answers to our questions i.e

    A police log number

    Where are the statements

    On whose advice did the head not interview my nephew.

    We received a phone call at 3.00pm today from the school who feel there has been a misunderstanding,

    They stated that the statements have never been passed to the police, they have always been with the head (yet we have it in writing that they were passed to the police)

    The head took advice from the school police officer who made her own investigations. We asked for them to put this in writing, we have the Independant appeal on Monday, but they said we would not get the letter for Monday.



    I am so angry they have messed us about for three months and had us believe that the police could call at any time to arrest my nephew. I feel they used the threat of the police as a bullying tactic.

  8. Well I manage to do the appeal letter and the appeal is set for Monday 21st March.

    Today we received minutes of Governers meeting OMG they even put pen to paper and lie.

    When I asked the head why she had not questioned my nephew about the allegations she replied that he was in a mood and she thought it best to walk away.

    The minutes state that she advised us that she had taken police adice and was told to stop her investigations so she could not question him. We now realise this is not and never was a police matter.

    The minutes also state that my neice said she thought she could not have a managed move because her son was on a Pastoral Support Plan this was not said.

    There are many lies in the minutes, I am now beginning to loose faith in the whole system.

  9. Thanks priority, there is no proof he was offered a place somewhere else. To be truthful in one conversation with a member of staff my neice was asked if he was happy at the school, my neice replied that he had asked to move but she felt it was simply because one of his friends was at another school, it was simply a conversation that my neice did not place any importance on. If she had been offered a managed move would schools have been mentioned etc? Do you think we should appeal, and any idea how we word the appeal letter?


  10. Hi everyone,

    As expected the Governors upheld my nephews exclusion. I attended the hearing with my niece and I can only say I am totally disappointed with proffessionals who resort to lying. The head said we were offered a managed move to another school which is totally untrue. I personally asked the head why she had never interviewed my nephew and asked for his version of eventsand pointed out 'Government Guidelines state a head MUST before exclusion ask, and indeed encourage the accused pupil to give their version of events' her answer to this was 'when I saw him he was in a mood and I did not feel it appropriate to question him at that time.'

    I need help in preparing our appeal for the Independant Appeal Panel. I have to set out in writing why we wish to appeal. W e are using the fact that

    1) We didn't get witness statements (governors stated this was lawful)

    2)Head never asked nephew regarding allegations

    3)Governors referred to incidents from 2008 when we were assured the problems taken into consideration for the exclusion started in 2009

    4)Head did not give regard to Government Guidelines on exclusions

    Can anybody help me compose a letter thanks a lot.

    Any advice would be more than welcome.

  11. Priorityone as you work in a school can you advise whether the head is right to withold witness statements. I believe she is using this paragraph from the government guidelines to justify her actions


    'there are some things which the school is not required to disclose, for example anything which is likely to cause serious harm to the physical or mental health of the child or of anyone else and information which also related to another person who can be identified'.


    It does not explain why she lied about the statements first saying they would upset my neice then they were with the police then they may be sent to the police?

  12. Thank you for your comments and I fully understand that teachers do a very difficult job. We have looked at why my nephew has behaviour problems and know it is because he has been around a very abusive relationship between his mother and father. They have now split up and the school have been kept informed every step of the way. As I said my neice has supported the school 100% and worked with the school to get outside support ie anger management, counselling and meetings with the brief intervention team. The school had assured my neice that although they considered my nephews behaviour to be an issue he was not aggressive and not a danger to himself or others. The main concern was his bad language which we all agree is totally unacceptable. I am not trying to apportion blame but teachers are proffessionals and to safe guard them selves things should and must be documented properly.

    Yes it is right to protect children from unfairness and when up against teachers pupils rarely have a voice. There are many marvellous teachers who deserve every penny they earn but like in all walks of life there are teachers who simply turn up for the pay at the end of the month.

  13. Hi, my neice is getting all her evidence together to take her case to the Governers, we have highlighted many incidents where the school has not followed the government guidelines on exclusions. When we asked for a date when the bullying occured my neice was told it had been ongoing. We have been through the school records and can find no incident report of bullying. My nephew is no angel and my neice has been called into school on numerous occasions, she has always backed the school 100%. My nephew had just been placed on SEN school action plus with lots of strategies put in place to help him but unfortunately none of these have been given time to work.

    Jasper, my nephew is being deprived of his education which is most upsetting because although he has behaviour issues he is a very bright boy. The LEA has dictated that he must now attend a Pupil Refferal Unit for 7 weeks while they assess his behaviour, he is not getting any education and is mixing with really badly behaved children I can only see this making him worse.

    We have been advised by ACE that unless this was his second exclusion he should not be in a PRU and he has every right to a place in another school. The Lea said they don't operate like that and he has to attend the PRU.

  14. Thanks Jasper you have confirmed what we are already finding out, we are sick of different people ie welfare officer educational psychologist saying 'yes we agree this or that is wrong but we can only say so much.'

    Priorityone, it is hard to know how many pupils he has bullied because as I said the school have not actually provided statements.

    We have a sheet of paper which saysthings like

    Pupil A

    Your child sent offensive text messages and verbally abused pupil A. On 14th Dec this turned into a physical assault when your child touched her in the breast area. My nephews answer to this was pupil a kicked him between the legs he pushed her away if it was the breast area it was by accident.(he has two witnesses to this incident). School has not seen text because they have been deleted

    Pupil B

    Your child would hug pupil b when they met on the corridor. The hugs were univited. and so on they said he repeatedly punched a pupil during a lesson leaving severe bruisin, my neice was never informed of this and it is not in his school record.

    They have not given dates of incidents but said it is ongoing, yet in June when he was put on a Pastoral support Program the school told my neice she is worrying unnecessary, they assured her he was no where near exclusion as he was not a danger to himself or others,he had never been aggressive.

    We have discovered that the school has not followed government guidelines to carry out the exclusion.

    We really want to know can the school withold statements they have on my nephew or can the police ?

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