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  1. ok

    settlement figure for loan 2 was 6511.15 on 25/2/2005

    Mortgage indemnity fee £1100.00

    acceptance fee £235

    settlement penalty interest £119.43

    Loan 3 statement starts on 25/11/2005 with opening balance of £10676.40 NO FURTHER ADVANCE WAS TAKEN!

  2. OK

    repayments on loan 1 were £193.79 so each payment for PPI was £34.30 is that correct?


    Can I just ask if I follow this procedure for other insurances added to loan which Ombudsman said we can reclaim?


    Going to loan 2


    Welcome wanted £3972.89 to clear loan 1

    There was a further cash advance of £2000

    There is a figure for fee disbursement of £892.02

    and Lifecare £175

    Loan 2 was rewritten for £7039.91

  3. Hi pdb

    that was going to be my next question.

    All the four loans are secured on her property and they have charged a mortgage indemnity fee on each one which the Ombudsman says is ok - any views please.


    ims, so I am better just sticking with your spreadsheet?


    Only the very first loan had PPI

    When I fill in the spreadsheet the charges (without interest)only add up to £1135.99 although PPI charged was £1374.37.

    Loan four has not had any payments made on it since 24/10/2009 so the balance outstanding still has PPi in there what do I do about this? Am I making myself clear. There is still £239.00 PPI which my daughter has not made any payments against but welcome have it in the balance she owes.

  4. Hi I have read through your very good thread on rollover PPI.

    I am not sure I have done this correctly.

    I worked out percentage of monthly payment which was for PPI

    I have entered these amounts on spread sheet

    I have worked out amount of PPI rolled over to loan 2

    I worked out percentage of payment paid on loan 2 which was for PPI

    I entered this on spread sheet

    I then worked out amount of PPI rolled onto Loan 3

    I did the same and worked out percentage of monthly payment which went to ppi

    I entered this on spread sheet

    Then I worked out amount of PPi ROLLED OVER ONTO LOAN 4


    Have I done this correctly and do I charge 8% on top of the above calculations?

    Sorry for so many questions


    The difficulty is there has been 4 loans one rolled into the other the last 2 being rewrites with no extra money being advance. I don't trust Welcomes figures they are only reducing the loan by £1716.84. PPi added to the loan back in 2004 was £1374!!

  5. I'm back again with more questions.

    I have started with the initial loan of £3000 (taken out 10/3/2004)

    £ 235 acceptance fee

    £ 330 mortgage indemnity fee

    TOTAL £ 3565

    plus interest @ 38.93% to 10/12/2004 £1045 (when 2nd loan for £2000 was taken out)

    TOTAL £4610

    LESS PAYMENTS £1259.73

    BALANCE £3350.27

    Am I right in thinking that the second loan should have been written for £3350.27 plus £2000 cash advance plus acceptance fee plus MIF

  6. Thanks for yor very very helpful replies.


    As this was the 1st agreement (and the only one with PPI) this is the one the Ombudsman said welcome must remove PPI and put my daughter back where she would have been had it not been added.

    The complication is loan two was for an extra £2000- 6 months into loan one - so loan one was was re written to give my daughter a further advance.

    Loan three was a rewrite because my daughter could not affored repayments on loan two and loan four was a rewrite because she was again in difficulty with payments.

    My daughter only ever received £5000 cash.


    Our agument is that the PPI has had an effect on all 4 loans do you agree and how do we calculate backwards to a position we would be in if the PPI had not been added to loan one?

  7. Hi Everyone

    Hope someone can assist.

    I have now got my daughters statements and CCA agreements(she had already sent SAR and CCA request.


    Stating with first agreement

    amount of credit £3000

    homecare £175

    lifecare £ 125

    medicare £300

    PPI £774

    acceptance fee £235

    MIF £330




    repayments £193.78 over 36 months


    1ST question they have not added acceptance fee and Mif in total amount of credit is this correct.

    2ND question are any of the above insurances (not PPI ) and fees reclaimable

    3rd O mbudsman says loan has to be recalculated without any charges or PPI which would put my daughter in position she would be in if PPI had not been added how do we do this to check welcomes figures?

  8. Hi



    My daughter took out a secured loan with welcome finance for £3000 they added PPI £1374 and a mortgage indemnity fee, the loan was for 36 months. After a while she asked for a furher advance of £2000 they gave her this and added another Mortgage Indemnity fee.


    My daughter got into difficulty paying the loan which was now around £7800

    although she has only ever received £5000 cash into her bank account.


    This went to the Ombudsman in 2009 she has just received his decision re PPI

    he said Welcome should recalculate the loan to put her in a position she would be in if PPI had never been added to the loan.


    Welcome have said they will do this and have stated the balance of the loan is £14,000 they will take off PPI plus 8% and rewrite the loan for £10,000.

    The Ombudsman seems to think this is fine although we have had no explanation of how the balance is now £14,000 and considering my daughter has already paid £8500 it does not seem fair.


    The ombudsman says his decision is final but doesn't seem to get that he is allowing Welcome to present any figures they want. I am happy with the Ombudsman decision but not happy because Welcome are not making it clear how she stills owes so much.


    We have asked Welcome for a full breakdown of everthing but they say we will have to send £10 for a SAR. we did this in the beginning and the statements were so messed up it was untrue


    There is so much wrong with this account I fear I am going to need lots of help. There have been 4 agreements in all Welcome do not have the 4th one they have lost it, they sent a reconstructed one in my daughters married name although the loan was taken out when she was single!


    They have only entered one charge at the Land Registry and that was for the first loan, which is effectively settled, the Land registry say they should have entered each new loan any views on this please.


    Is there an interest calculator where I could check welcome are paying the correct amount back for PPI.

    Thanks in advance

  9. The FSA fined GMAC for excessive charges yet Paratus are still charging £50per month arrears fee. How do they get away with it? Has anybody had any luck claiming back from Paratus?

  10. Hi everyone thanks for your most helpful replies.


    hallowitch this is Salford City Council (home of Hazel Blears)


    Well the bailiff failed to call today so I am hoping that is the end of this sorry tale.

    What makes my blood boil is the fact that these bailiffs will do this again and again and unsuspecting people will pay - usually those who can ill afford it.


    As I said I have sent a formal complaint to Salford Council and sent a copy of this to Jacobs, Is there anybody else I should be complaining to, these people should be stopped?

  11. This saga goes on and on.

    I contacted bailiffadviceonline who advise me to complain to Chief Executive Officer at the council and copy Jacobs in. She also advise me to pay for bailiffs initial and only visit fee £24.50. pay to cpouncil if Jacobs won't accept this. I did as she said. This morning the bailiff rang to ask exactly what amounts I had paid, I told him full liability £614 plus one visit fee £24.50 he said OK i WILL BE AT THE SHOP WIYHIN 1 HOUR TO REMOVE GOODS THEN SLAMMED THE PHONE DOWN.

    i CONTACTED lOCAL aUTHORITY WHO SAID IT WAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM i HAD TO TAKE IT UP WITH BAILIFF. i EXPLAINED THAT BAILIFF would not listen and was told 'well you should have paid your debt on time' I asked LO if they agreed bailiff could charge anything he felt like they more or less said it was not there problem. Phoned Jacobs who will not call off bailiff until LO confirm payment has been made. I had to phone Council back and insist they inform Jacobs they informed me that whoever was telling me they are responsible for the bailiff they hire are giving me incorrect information. I feel really stressed by all this.

  12. Hi

    Well I managed to pay £614 direct to the council. I then e-mailed them to ask about their policy regarding bailiff fees. I e-mailed Jacobs to say their bailiff was charging me £318.68 fees and asked if they would give me a breakdown. I won't get a reply until next week.

    The enforcement bailiff called my mobile about 20 minutes ago to see if I had money to pay him tomorrow, I explained that I had paid council direct, He went mad and said if I don't pay fees tomorrow he will remove goods! I asked him how fees amount to £318.68 he said levy fee and van fee. I asked him when had he had levied, he answered the day 'I called.' I asked exactly what he had levied on he answered ' a Bmw and other things' the BMW PARKED OUTSIDE THE SHOP WAS MY DAUGHTERS. He said he is allowed to call with a van on the very first visit because he is an enforcement bailiff. He said cost of van is £200 plus levy fee. When I again pointed out he was charging £318.68 he said he had probably made a mistake and if I phone him tomorrow he will see if he can get fees lowereed!

    Can any body advise if he is allowed to call with a van on first visit and what the fees should be on a debt of £614. I now feel he is bullying


  13. Hi

    I hope somebody can advise me.

    Yesterday a bailiff called a my business premises and handed me a notice which read 'REMOVAL 24 HOURS.'

    This is for upaid business rates of £614 (i have confirmed this figure with local authoritry) for year 2010/2011 I do not dispute this debt but was shocked that the bailliff demanded £932.68!!

    His notice states I have ignored all previous correspondence -not true, I have not had any contact with bailiff no visits no cards or letters left at business. He said he will give me until Monday to pay then he will return and close business or take goods from my home. (i am a sole trader)

    Can somebody tell me why his fees are so much. He has not levied but is threatening removal?

    I have told the local authorit that bailiff has added £318.50 to my debt but there response was take it up with bailiff I asked if they knew what bailiff was allowed to charge and was told they could not comment I had to take this up with bailiff.

    I phoned Jacobs who were unhelpful and said I had to ask visiting bailiff, I said surely you know what the fees should be on this debt- apparently they don't it is up to bailiff.

    I spoke to bailiff who said it was because of court fees for liability order, I pointed out they were already in £614 debt he said he had a right to charge various fees.

    My problem is I cannot pay whole debt at once, bailiff would not make arrangement, council are saying I cannot pay them and must pay bailiff but I know he will take fees first. Any help please I am desperate.

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