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  1. I have read through other threads which are similar to our problem and it only seems to be Admiral Insurance who take this stand. I can't seem to find the outcome of any case so don't know if Admiral take these cases all the way or if they have won any
  2. Well the police were at the scene within seconds and spoke to people who saw the accident, and I suppose the fact that she went into rear of my son helped to make their decision on who was at fault
  3. Thanks unclebulgaria67 Is it likely he can be found liable when police have stated accident was other drivers fault
  4. Thanks Bankfodder will definitely take your advice. It is so worrying does anybody know if anybody has been sued before in cases like this.
  5. Hi thanks for quick response. Proceedings to recoup costs of other drivers car and loses
  6. Please can anybody advise. Exactly 12 months ago my son was involved in a car accident. He was driving with his girlfriend when two girls in a car behind him threw something at his car (he didn't realise at the time just heard an almighty bang). He braked and the girls went into the back of him. Apparently it was a can of coke they threw. Very little damaged to his car but apparently their car was a write off. The police came and both drivers were drink/drug tested unfortunately my son failed drug test (cannabis) although he had not smoked that day. Rightly he was arrested and subsequently taken to court where he was heavily fined and lost his licence. Can I make it clear this was the best thing to happen I am anti drugs and since that day my son is also anti drugs, he has not touched cannabis since that day. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the accident. A few weeks after the crash my son received a letter from the police stating that the other party was responsible for the crash and unless she agreed to go on a driving awareness course she would be prosecuted. no action regarding the crash would be taken against my son. He did speak to the police who explained that even though he had tested positive it did not give her the right to drive dangerously. My sons insurance will not accept liability (rightly so because of drugs) but now exactly 12 months after accident Admiral (other persons insurance) has sent a letter to my son saying because his insurance wont pay they are starting proceedings against him. Please can anybody advise what we should do.
  7. Can anybody advise regarding Paratus paying redress to customers who fell in arrears with their mortgage. I understand many mortgage providers were guilty of 'automatic capitalisation' and customers past and present were entitled to compensation. We had arrears with Paratus (mortgage finished last year) but I have not had any contact from them regarding this issue. Any info would be great.
  8. Thanks very much for your reply
  9. My daughters BMW 1 Series car was stolen from outside her house back in March 2015. When it was recovered insurance company sent it for repair, so far so good. When insurance company returned car it was driving dreadful. (Car was fine before theft ) My daughter went back to insurers who were insistent problem was nothing to do with theft. After lots of arguing insurer decided to employ independent engineer who came to conclusion that insurer could not be certain damage was not caused by theft. Car was taken back and sent to a BMW dealer in Stoke to correct damage. When car was once again returned to my daughter she was told repairs had been done but car needed a de-sulpherisation to clear carbon build up which was due to wear and tear. My daughter accepted this and booked car into local BMW dealer (Manchester), when she took car BMW refused to do work because they said there was a fault on the engine and de-sulpherisation process could cause more problems. My daughter once again went back to insurer who again sent car to a BMW dealer in Stoke. It has taken all this time for insurer to come back to us and report that ' there is swarf in the engine caused by POSSIBLE oil starvation' and they are not prepared to pay for repair. We now know Stoke BMW performed de-sulpherisation process back in June. We have been told by various mechanics that swarf in engine could well have been caused by way car was driven when stolen can anybody confirm this. Insurance company have asked us to send evidence to support our argument. Where do we go from here my daughter has been without her car for 7 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. At long last - received a cheque from Sterling Insurance for £5436.00 full refund of PPI which was £3450 plus interest @8% from November 2003 totalling £1986.31. They have also asked me to provide a copy of credit agreement showing the interest rate applied to the loan to see if any further redress is payable. Very very pleased!!
  11. I would be grateful if anybody could give advice on this problem. On Tuesday I opened my business and a woman followed me in handed me a red card and said I have to disconnect your water because of non payment of bill. I asked her to wait whilst I checked if the bill of £139 was outstanding, due to an oversight the bill was outstanding. I offered to pay but she said I would have to phone united utilities and pay by debit card. I asked her to wait whilst I did this but she said she couldn't and went ahead and disconnected the water. I phoned united utilities paid the bill but was then told I had to pay a reconnection fee of £98 for engineers visit. I pointed out that I asked if I could pay before she disconnected water but they still insisted I paid fee before they would phone engineer to reconnect me. I can reclaim this? £98 pound for an £139 bill seems excessive!
  12. Watching this with interest. Having same problems with this company.
  13. Also curious to now how you went on mustard I am also having a fight with these people.
  14. I have started reclaiming - What I want to know is do I request they remove charges from arrears or is it different for a secured loan, are they just playing on words? By adding the charges to arrears they make the situation look much worse than it is. Thanks again
  15. After Acenden sending me a letter to say they would not make an arrangement on this account they have now backtracked. I received a phone call today to say they have reviewed the case with senior collection agents and they will now accept payment of £40 per month to clear arrears. I pointed out that arrears stand at £2600 even though though we have only missed 5 payments (approx £1000) I was told charges were added to arrears and that company is allowed to do this because this is a secured loan and not a mortgage. I have found paper work which is as follows Mortgage Deed This mortgage is made between the lender MATLOCK BANK Ltd Trading as London Mortgage Company and the borrowers Mr & Mrs xxxxxxxx Any suggestions?
  16. OK DX I will start with Ell-ens letter just a few more questions Do I amend bit about Ombudsman? Was the spread sheet you gave me the right one It didn't seem to make sense for mortgage charges? Can they pursue us if we are disputing PPI on this account? Should I continue to try to make arrangement to stop further charges? Sorry for questions - thanks so much for your help
  17. Hi DX Yes I went through all this 2 years ago but Acenden would not budge, I got scared and went down FOS route who came down on Acendens side. For the past 12 months we have been paying an extra £40 per month but missed a payment in March I informed Acenden immediately that Dwp had stopped payments but these had now resumed. Today I have received a letter saying, They confirm that they decline my proposal to continue paying £40 over contractual payment as it is not clear, that because of previous poor conduct, we would stick to arrangement. They ask me to phone immediately to make my payment proposals or if I cannot pay to discuss my circumstances to understand if an alternative solution can be found. They say they may also consider legal action They strongly advise me to pay excess money into the account to reduce the arrears but state they will charge £70 per month while account is in arrears so what is the point of paying extra money in if they will not agree an arrangement and stop adding charges. Thanks for the letter Ell-en. I really appreciate all your help - should I start again with Ell-ens letter ? I feel these people will not budge an inch and fear the court route in case we lose. I also have a PPI case with Ombudsman for this account they are going after underwriters, should Acenden be harassing us if case is in dispute re PPI?
  18. I have all statements Can I do this even though I have been through FOS? I there a letter anywhere I can use?
  19. Hi Ellen I e-mailed them about pension credits on 1st April they acknowledged this in a letter on 10th April. They said they noted I offered to pay £140 per month (£198 monthly payment balance to reduce arrears) they went on to say that while they appreciate my intentions to address arrears they need to up date income and expenditure. They also stated that because of level of arrears they intended to pass account to solicitors to commence legal proceedings. I phoned Acenden and completed income and expenditure it was then they said if I could not pay a lump sum they were not prepared to make another arrangement and would continue to charge £70 per month arrears fee. Dx Thanks for your reply, I have been through FOS with this who came down on Acendens side one of their reasons was that when court papers were issued we did not argue that arrears were made up of charges so FOS could not really go against Judge. Acenden have a suspended possession order against us so I am really frightened to rock the boat. Did you have to go through court to get charges back?
  20. Still struggling with these horrendous people and cannot see any end to it. My arrears have now escalated to £2600 even though I upped our payments to £250 per month. Contractual payment is £198.00. Acenden agreed the arrangement but in January I only managed to pay £100. I contacted them to explain DWP had stopped our pension credit but this would be resumed in February. Acenden needed another Income and expenditure form which I duly completed and asked them if I could continue making payments of £250 per month they said they wouldn't make another arrangement unless I paid a lump sum - which I can't do. They stated they will continue with collection and pass papers to their solicitors for legal action. I am worried sick because we have a suspended repossession order. Today I received a letter saying as they have not heard from me (lies) they are going to instruct a field agent to call. I took this to the Ombudsman back in 2011 but they decided in Acendens favour??? Any advice on where to go from here would be most helpful - most of the arrears are charges!!
  21. I have now heard from FOS. Underwriters are prepared to accept responsibility for PPI. I now have to wait for FOS to deal with cases in the order they were received by them. At least it is going in right direction.
  22. I have been chasing London Mortgage Co / Acenden for mis-sold PPI for about 4 year I was given same old reasons ie not regulated in 2003. Eventually I passed this to FOS. I have this morning received a letter from FOS informing me that underwriters have now agreed to accept responsibility for mis- selling. FOS will now look at cases again in order they were recieved.
  23. Hi I don't know whether this is of help to anybody. I too got fed up trying to re-claim PPi on a 2003 loan i have with London Mortgage/Acenden I was given same old reasons - not regulated etc. in 2003. I eventuallyturned to FOS (it has been with them about 2 years) I today received a letter saying underwriters have now accepted responsibility and Fos will now look at each case in order they received them .So heres hoping!
  24. I think all advice on CAG is given with the very best intentions, I think we the people in trouble sometimes only look for the bits we want to hear. My daughter did not pay on her loans for two years, I thought this was a very stupid move but she had read 'the account is in dispute they cannot collect or enforce payments' Now I am reading Welcome do not subscribe to the banking code so in effect they can collect etc. All very confusing I know.
  25. Napoleon is quite right, they can carry the charge over to each re-write .Your case is identical to my daughters. We are having a total nightmare with this company. We have been fighting over two years, it has been with FOS and we are no further on. My daughter cannot sell her house because of the charge on her property, she borrowed £3000 rewrote loan again and again until she had 3 rewrites, after only ever receiving £5000 cash paying back £7800 they now say she owes £14000 plus. I wish you all the luck in the worls with this.
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