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  1. It's worrying that everyone thinks that because they shouldnt do something, they wouldnt. All he needs to do is be able to get in and then make out that a door or window was left open etc. The guy was BG as the guy who tried to break in was the same guy that came back to disconnect us. Ultimately I ended up paying some of the bill (and received a receipt). Hopefully this will make people very careful of their own properties because this guy WAS definitely BG, they have confirmed that he made a 'call' on that date - and I have confirmed with the courts and BG that there was no warrant
  2. Hi, No we have never had a payment plan before, and they have never really tried to agree one with us - they gave us one offer which was ridiculously high, and we went back to try and compromise and they would not budge at all. Unfortunately I am not on benefits. My partner doesnt work, but apparently the amount I earn, and because I work full time. means I cannot claim anything. (Ridiculous as my expenditure (which is all necessities - bills, rent etc) is more than my earnings - unfortunately that isnt what they look at.) The offer we made was to set a DD for what we could affo
  3. You obviously havent had some of my bad experiences with them and many other Companies then. They have been an absolute nightmare. I have found since I have been in financial difficulty less than half of the Companies involved have done things by the book. I can guarantee it is. My neighbour confronted him and he was wearing a British Gas top - as I said it has been recorded with the police so can be proven, and my neighbour confirmed it was the same man who came to disconnect us yesterday, so definitely him 100%. Obviously this isnt something they should be doing from your respons
  4. Hi Just wanted to check with people here that British Gas are obliged to apply for a warrant before they start trying to knock your door down? Sounds silly but I have just found out from my neighbour that on a certain date they attempted firstly to knock down the communal front door! and then attempted to knock down our side door which leads directly into our flat. Luckily the neighbour confronted him and called the police so this has been logged. The guy wouldnt produce any identification and didnt have a warrant. He ended up giving up and going away, but I am so grateful to my nei
  5. I have British Gas coming round tomorrow to disconnect our electric (they have already disconnected our gas a year or so ago, and they were absolutely disgusting with te way they treated us and it seems to be going the same way again.) We called them up today offering approx a third of the debt up front and the rest as a DD over x number of months, and instead they are saying they want to disconnect and fit a prepay meter. The first person we spoke to said they would only take £4 a week (which would mean it would take them longer to get the money back than the offer we gave where they als
  6. I just wondered if anyone knows if it is unlawful or goes against any codes of practice etc (anything I could use against British Gas basically) to disconnect a customer when there is a payment plan in place? Also need to check, does an e-mail from one of their employees count? When my partner and I were going through difficulty we advised British gas we were struggling and we had an e-mail reply to say we could pay x amount as and when we were able. We did this. We then received further threats and tried to contact them regarding this but they advised the e-mail doesnt count for
  7. Thanks for the post I shall have a look into this later. Was thinking of phoning them but it seems like most people who call them get spoken to (or should that be shouted at) very aggressively.
  8. I also have a problem with Bryan Carter, they put a claim in against me and I had to return the forms to them rather than the courts. Conveniently they claimed never to have received them (Shame i couldnt afford to do a recorded delivery). So unbeknown to me I now have a default CCJ as the courts say I didnt send the forms back even though I did, and that they have looked into the matter and Bryan Carter have followed procedures etc - I was annoyed because I asked for a few days to seek legal action which they did not give me. They ignored all my letters and now I have a ccj because they have
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