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  1. Thanks.....have only had the 1 PM from you?
  2. Yes I did thank you. So do I need to ask 1st Credit for an SAR or Citi?
  3. I have no idea about charges etc, I have not had a statement since 2007 when I stopped using my Associate card as I moved abroad and just continued to make the monthly payment for a couple of months and then it wasn't accepted (apparently thats when they changed it over to Citi)
  4. The last payment was made in 2007.
  5. Sorry missed your second response. They have said: We would further point out that as the above debt relates to a credit card, on issue of a new card a copy of the terms and conditions are supplied to you, by using the card you are agreeing to the prescribed terms and conditions of the original creditor. This is an industry standard document and conforms to the Regulations. In light of the above we have fulfilled our obligations in response to your request and deem the outstanding balance of £1,919.19 for your CitiFinancial Card account due and payable in full. Please contact
  6. Thank you. Is it worth persuing the fact that it has taken them since 2008 to provide any form of paperwork be it only T&C's?
  7. Thank you Brigadier2jcs. Where do I stand with 1st credits reply? Do they have to provide a copy of the signed copy of agreement?
  8. I have been in battle with Citi and 1st credit for 3 years now. I asked for a copy of my credit agreement and they sent me pages and pages of T&C. I have told them 'You have not provided a true copy of the executed agreement signed and dated by both the company and myself ' and that 'I requested this in November 2008 and again in September 2010, having not recieved anything within the time limits specified I find this unacceptable' Their response to this is: Please be advised that section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 does not require 1st Credit Limited to provide you with
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