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  1. Well, we got a letter back from loans.co.uk saying basically that they've done everything right etc etc and take us to the FOS if you want to. I have to say that if they're refunding back to firstplus and reducing payments as someone else has mentioned on this board, then I'm tempted to hold on until next year and claim the premium back! Decisions decisions. :?
  2. Got a letter yesterday from loans.co.uk saying that they're investigating and will be in touch within 4 weeks. Watch this space.
  3. Nope, heard nothing from loans.co.uk so wrote to them on Thursday last week, reiterating my views that the PPI had been mis-sold based on the information I'd received from Firstplus and my recollections of events. I asked whether they were prepared to review this based on current information, or whether I would have to submit an SAR to them. I suspect it costs a lot more to respond to an SAR than the tenner they receive, so we shall see what their response is. I don't expect them to roll over without a fight, but for the sake of a stamp I thought I'd give them a nudge. I'll k
  4. I think it would be prudent to wait for the SAR response, it makes it look at least as if you're considering the situation. They responded to my SAR pretty quickly, in a coupel of weeks. They must be making a fortune in SAR tenners! Maybe not enough to pay Carol Voldemort, but plenty.
  5. Thanks for that HHNF. I was aware of the loans.co.uk fine, and I suspect that they're hurting a bit and we all know what cornered dogs are like. Loans.co.uk were the broker, and the loan is with firstplus, at least that's who gets the dosh from me every month. Of course that explains why I didn't get audio tapes from firstplus. I figure I will wait until loans.co.uk respond to me with a bullsh*t letter and then hit them with a tenner and a full SAR letter. Heck it's my money, I'm prepared to fight for it.
  6. Just PM'd you my letters, based on others on this site, good luck Kim, let's see how we get on.
  7. PM Me if you want copies of my letters... I'll post them for wider use if I am successful. At the moment it's the involvement of loans.co.uk that have put a spanner in the works, but they've been fined by the FSA so should (in theory) roll over.
  8. FirstPlus have replied stating that the loan and insurance were sold to me by loans.co.uk and they've passed my 'enquiry' on to them. I'll keep you informed.
  9. That actually sounds like a sensible approach. I think I'd be happy with a resolution like that.
  10. Well done, you give hope to all of us who are battling with FirstPlus.
  11. Okay, time for an update, the SAR reply came the other day, lots of paperwork, but no transcripts or tapes. The PPI premium (on a £60k loan) was nearly £16k. I squirted it through the interest calculator and have today sent them (recorded) my 'mis-sold' letter, based on several other letters on this site. I will keep you all informed how things progress and will post my letters as further samples. Frankly a refund of about £20k would come in VERY handy about now. Cheers
  12. Sorry to appear to be a bear of little brain, but I'm trying to get my head round the PCCI Calculator. £65000 borrowed October 2005 to which £15918.50 was added, for a 15 year loan. At 9.09% variable. Monthly repayments about £660 for the loan and £165 for the insruance. How much should I be hitting them for? And... if the insurance is cancelled, will my repayments drop, or do I continue to pay the same amount ongoing. Thanks... in advance
  13. Well done Feebs... I'm just starting against FirstPlus, and might call on you if I run into problems. But you give me hope!
  14. We took the loan directly with firstplus about 4 years ago. I was expecting the cashback next year and for the monthly payments to drop, I did not realise that the PPI was up front and the interest on the PPI for the life of the loan. I thought the PPI premiums were monthly like on a credit card balance. DOH! So now I'm angry and gunning for them.
  15. I've been lurking here for a while, learning my way around so that I don't ask too many dumb newbie questions. I've finally decided to take the plunge and tackle Firstplus regarding PPI, I've just sent off my SAR letter with a cheque for £10 and await their responses. I've seen that Firstplus are among the more tenacious to beat, but while I haven't done the sums yet, I suspect that it will be worth the battle. I will keep this site informed. Cheers Bobthequiz
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