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  1. My son was promised a job by the company he worked for last X-mas but as I could have warned him had he let me know last X-mas what they said he would have realised he was just another cheap X-mas temp. I will give him his dues he is out every day asking at shops and supermarkets but we are a small place and work is very hard to come by. I know it's not a nice thing to do but I have told him to apply for full time jobs not letting them know he will be leaving in 8 weeks or so, I hate deciept but we have to live. His G/friend has to constantly travel too and fro from here to Dorset as
  2. My son is at Uni and his Girl friend is at college they are both now on their summer breaks so both their monthly grant payments stop until next term. My wife is on I.B and I care for her we are having to keep both my son and his G/F are there any temporary benifit options for them. My sons G/F was on I.S but has just reached her 18th birthday and as been told that will now have to stop. His G/F can't claim as a lodger because anything she gets for that will be deducted off our benift. Is there a solution the landlord could arrange I.E subletting a single room etc. We can't afford to
  3. Even though my issue is under control I want to bring this matter to peoples attention who have not already noticed. Today I recieved a final letter the letter was dated 27/june/2008 todays date as we all know is 04/july/2008 the letter states I have 7 days from the letter date not the recieval date to comply. Which means If my case had not been sorted by the CAB on the 1st of july they could have come today and claimed it had indeed been 7 days. This is pure B*llSh*t it does not take a full 7 days for a letter to travel from point A to point B. I just want people to check letter
  4. Thanx for that I certainly feel they used trickery and deception to bluff my wife and I would imagine a legal bailiff would surely know to list the items properly using make and model and serial numbers etc so that he had solid proof he had actualy entered the premises. At the momment thanxs to the intervention of the CAB I have a new agreement with Rossendales and a barcoded paper with which I can make payments so now there will be no reason for any dely in payment. I will however as you suggest indeed take this back to the courts as you guys rightly point out you never know unless you tr
  5. Just found out selling goods that are under a WPO can have serious consiquences. As for lying and saying the bailiff never entered I could not do it I was brought up strictly never to steal or lie so I would simply crack under pressure. Besides as long as I never miss a payment I am covered and with the CAB making personaly sure my offer was accepted I have a good source of proof should they try anymore delay tactics on me. I keep all my reciepts and all corrispondances ,I learnt that a long time ago. LOL I still have old reciepts for stuff I had 20 yrs ago OMG ! 20 yrs thats
  6. Thru a benifit change due to illness my attachment of earnings got messed up (JSA to I.S ) I tried to sort this with Walsall council who said they would sort it bah! don't trust Walsall council next thing I know I ended up with a court order for not 1 but 2 CTax bills saying I had defaulted on agreement and instead of amagamating the joint debt they took out 2 court orders which naturaly got defered them to the bailiffs. The bailiff company have stacked the debts but none of this as yet has appeared in written form this worries me as the debt is not put on one account as such it just means w
  7. yup your right 27/sept 2002. Does this mean so of it is no longer valid as regards bailiff rules and law:-?
  8. There oes seem to be a disclaimer saying the site is no longer updated and run elsewhere the link is on that page. I did find this date in the souce code "content="2006-08-01">"
  9. Thank you! thats just what I was thinking my drive is open so a bailiff could easily peer thru my window. I did seek legal advise about this unsigned WPA and have been told legally it's my word against his. But it would appear this does not solve the issue of legal forced entry. But unless the bailiffs company have reasonable cause to believe you will sell the levied goods from under them they have to give notice when they are comming to remove your goods . Thanks to advice given above I will also use these facts to apply my debt back to the council. On that note if the council agree
  10. List of Certificates 13. [(1) Each issuing county court shall compile a list of bailiffs carrying on business within that court’s issuing area and holding certificates as at 1st February every year, and the list shall be exhibited in the public area of the court office of each county court in the issuing area.] Interesting does this mean there is a public list for anyone to view ?
  11. Surely this is a breach of human and civil rights and would legalize certain forms of assault; this would be insane and it's 100% certain extreem violence would ensue. This would promote and endorse thug mentality. Another point why is it stating they may sit on a womans legs is that specific or does that apply to male gender also; if not then again is that not just another form of discrimination !. This law would create some very serious grey area's which would swiftly be exploited. There are enough thin lines in British law without adding this stupidity to them. My God! when did th
  12. thanx for that . I was hoping the WP/agrrement was invalid. I have found out that if a WP/agrrement is not enforced within 6 months it has to be renewed can anyone confirm this fact because if so mine does not have long left which if true means if I refuse entry after this another one cannot be automaticly issued ?. fingers crossed.
  13. I have searched high and low and this issue seems very clouded. Let me tell you what it's about. Back in 2008 a Rossendales guy called at my house I was not at home he told my wife he was not a baliff but some other kind of guy etc unfortunatly she let him in. I got home to find 2 WP/agreements with goods listed on them no detailed descriptions or model makes or registration numbers etc just things like " brown bookcase ", Dvd " etc I think you get the picture. This incurred a £35 levy fee and a £12 W/possession fee. I nor my wife have signed it so my question is can anyone tell m
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