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  1. Calm down, worriedparent, you are not liable for any offspring who is over the age of 18 years debt. By the same token you should not be harassed by any DCA in this regard. Threaten them with legal action if they do not remove any information about you from their databases. They're just a bunch of chancers although I understand very annoying chancers. Finally, if you can't get them sorted seek out your MPs assistance through their local surgeries to deal and assist you with this matter. I am dealing with a matter for one of my clients who has had an ongoing battle with a DCA. As soon as I took the matter onboard, on behalf of my client and wrote to the DCA they disappeared into cyberspace and won't respond to any of my letters. I suspect they don't like dealing with lawyers, I wonder why?
  2. Incredibly easy unfortunately. It has been known that they will 'phone someone or possibly a neighbour, with a number similar to your old number and try to extract from them anything they can about your workplace or any contact numbers they may have for you. They are a sly bunch and use every trick in the book to extract this info even saying that they are a personal friend who has lost touch. Harassment from credit/debit agencies is against the law, although as I mentioned above I can only give advice in Scotland. I'm sure my legal friends in the South will have a similar Act in force which can be used in your defence. If you are getting harassed by a credit/debit agency seek the advice of your local CAB and the duty solicitor will be able to give you pointers in the right direction.
  3. I am a Scottish lawyer and can only advise people in Scotland to refer these annoying people to the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (Clause 8) about telephone harassment. This Act is readily available on the internet although I don't know how to do a link. I'm sure there is a similar Act for the UK (England and Wales) in force, but if in doubt check with the CAB in your area they will be aware of this Act and will be able to assist you in dealing with harassing telephone calls.
  4. Unfortunately, over the past 10 years or so, I have lost all credibility in Halifax Bank of Scotland. They seem to have gone to pot since they linked up with Halifax. Their lies are unbelievable, they cannot organise a **** up in a brewery. They've overstretched themselves as a company and they are now trying to claw in funds from any source, i.e. people like you to shore up their balance sheet. Unfortuntely the people you are dealing with cannot write an intelligible letter and therefore want to deal with everything by 'phone, hence there is no record of the communication. This is not business like and all their dealings should be confirmed by letter. Investors of the Bank of Scotland like me, as a shareholder, have lost approximately £10,000 on their illegal dealing which only came to light and was not apparent in their investment balance sheet. Get yourself a parachute account, your parents might be able to help you and thereafter tell HBOS to get lost. They have cost their investors, the Treasury and the country a hang of a lot of money and don't deserve your cash. The board and directors of HBOS should be banged up in jail for illegal trading and levied huge fines to compensate their inadequacies to their customers and the financial world. Their dishonesty is unbelievable. Get yourself another account and leave your HBOS account dormant and refuse to communicate with them except in writing.
  5. This company are a pain in the jacksy!!...... Their persistence should not be allowed; their systems verge upon total harrassment and their intimidation of individuals is completely out of order. Their methods of dealing with people with their consistent and persistent phone calls should, hitherto be stamped out. I believe they work closely with HBOS who, I may add, are recipients of a large tranche of funds from the public purse, i.e. the tax payer, so they should not be phoning people demanding funds, because these jobs ultimately are funded through the tax payer. I personally do not hold a grievance against this company, but many of my clients do and think HBOS should well think about referring their bad debts to such firms as Albion Collections.
  6. Hiya I am a Scottish solicitor and would firstly have advised you to enlist the help of the CAB to recover the funds from either the sports centre or the bank. Depending on the amount of charges which your bank has hit you for it might be wise to go down that route. Your local CAB, (which is a free service advertised in telephone directories/web), have a pool of duty solicitors who should be able to point you in the right direction. If the solicitor offers to deal with the matter through their place of work remember to ask for a fee quote and their terms and conditions of business. Cheers, Pussycat
  7. Which part of the UK do you live in and which bank are you dealing with?
  8. Oh dearie me. the harrassment people from Banks / Debt Collection Agencies are just about to implode! Their jobs are on the line especially with the tax payer having to bail the banks out of inappropriate behaviour... Hold tight, don't give them an inch and certainly don't pay them off.
  9. Sorry, I'm not qualified to pratice in England/Wales/Ireland although I should imagine the CAB should be able to advise you regarding this type of small claim. In Scotland individuals can raise a court action in their own right in the Sheriff Courts. Usually the CAB have a duty solicitor available for referrals but you should give your local CAB a ring to see if this facility is available to you. You should not be charged a fee for seeking the advice of the duty solicitor through the CAB. If though the CAB duty solicitor offers to pursue your claim through his place of work remember to ask for a fee quotation prior to any work being carried out on your behalf. There's plenty of solicitors in England offering a no win/no fee option but read their terms and conditions of business prior to agreeing to any action being carried out on your behalf. Sorry my advice I'm afraid is meagre! Goodluck.
  10. Yes, you too are absolutely right in your assessment of the situation but it is difficult to reverse the threads of greed which has dominated our society over the past years. I basically have lost all credibility in the banking sector over the past few years and the banks need to recover some degree of honesty and transparency in their dealings before they can be trusted again. As you say, they need to get back to basics whereby you can trust your bank to look after you. From recollection I remember the Bank of Scotland slogan used to be "A Friend for Life". Not a chance they've let a hang of a lot of people down.
  11. Which part of the UK do you live in? I am a Scottish Solicitor and could only advise you regarding a claim against them in Scotland. If you are living in Scotland raise an action in the Small Claims Court. Visit the CAB to guide you in the right direction.
  12. Yes, your absolutely right! The Government and the Civil Service, including the Scottish Executive, should be trimmed down substantially so we, the tax payer, get value for money. At the moment it's blank cheque syndrome, we certainly don't get what we pay for, nor for that matter do we get value for money. If that lot were in the private sector, actually fee earning to sustain their businesses they'd be a lot of Government departments going bust. Over commitment by an individual is another area whereby banks should have monitored an individuals capacity and ability to repay agreed loans/overdrafts. Irresponsible lending by banks, (so lending targets were met), were totally out of order. How can you teach people to budget when money (credit) is thrown at individuals without teaching them how to budget within their means. Banks certainly do have a lot to answer for they should bring back the well trained, prudent Bank Manager to give us peace of mind about our savings.
  13. I am a Scottish Solicitor. Firstly, although it took three months to complete the matter originally this may not necessarily have been your solicitor’s fault e.g.it may have been sometime before the actual loan instruction were issued to them after initial approval. However, there has definitely been something wrong with the fact that you have been asked to sign the original standard security so many months later. It sound as if they made a mistake when completing the original security 16 months ago or perhaps it was not in fact completed at all. I suggest that you write to the solicitors asking for a full explanation and if you are not happy with their explanation I suggest you see another solicitor for some brief advice or take it up with the Law Society of Scotland. Strangely enough, it is perhaps your new mortgage lender rather than you who have been put at risk if their security for their loan has not been registered for over a year.
  14. It should be made a condition of the tax payers involvement, (and our funding from private individuals and the private sector), that we as tax payers have representation on the board of each bank. Bonuses for the greedy bankers should be scrapped immediately and each bank closely monitored to ensure that they do not misuse the tranche of funding now allocated to these UK banks. They should be accountable to us, as British tax payers, for how the funds are used. We are, in effect bailing them out for gross misconduct - they should be in jail. It was basic greed that led to their downfall.
  15. Hiya Just came across this fantastic website and have been reading and reading and reading about all the problems encountered by people involved with their useless banks and their useless banking systems. Business and banking relationships are built on trust, honesty and loyalty and I must say my experience with the Royal Bank confirms to me that the Royal Bank falls well short of all these three ingredients. I just don't believe a word they say or write to me. I have lost all credibility in them and have decided to transfer my account elsewhere. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an alternative which offers peace of mind but I'll have to change banks before I explode.
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