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  1. Thanks fkofilee, He's still waiting a reply from his employer. We have gone through his payslips and have found the error ourselves, for the past few months instead of tax being deducted he has been having that amount as tax refunded - his employer has admitted that there was a problem with the PAYE software he uses to calculate staff pay. Lesson for our son to always check the full payslip and not just the NETT pay - thing we all fell in to that trap in our younger days
  2. Hi everyone, My son works for a sole trader and yesterday informed my son that due to a PAYE error (which he admits was his mistake) my son had underpaid tax for the past three months and an amendment would be made to this months wages. This morning he checked his pay with the bank and found that his employer had deducted almost £1,000 as the unpaid tax (incidently, he only pays about £1200 for the whole year. He is now left with insufficient funds to pay his rent and other essential bills. His boss freely admits that the error is fully his error. The HMRC haven't notified my son or the employer.
  3. I've just come across this thread - Lowell have recently searched my CR for an 'Administration Review' on an old credit card debt (default no longer shows & debt now SB). This search has effected my credit score which is now lower since Lowell carried out the search - there has been no other changes which would cause a lower score.
  4. as they have 'damaged' my credit score for two years with their 'Administration Review' search, am I correct in thinking that as C1 issued a DF notice & then sent a formal letter trrminating the alledged agreement then a DCA would need my permission to search my file ?
  5. Well no letters from lowlife for a month, last one offered a discount of 75% . However, my credit score has recently dropped, the only thing that has changed is that lowlife made an 'Administration Review' search. According to Noddle, this search can be seen by third parties & can effect applications for credit. BC
  6. Thanks DD, I've ignored all their letters & threats up to now What I cant fathom out is how they claim I'm still working? If they have carried out checks like they have stated, then they know I'm well passed retirement age Beachy
  7. Thanks DD & Sunflower, That's reassuring I'm still tempted to fire off a 'go away' letter, can afford a few stamps for letter tennis as SB date is looming - just concerned that ignoring them full stop could bring BC into play. Beachy
  8. Hi DD, If only things were quiet Getting a letter every two weeks without fail. Latest one was from their 'pre litigation department' informing me that their 'assessment' of my financial status is now complete, and as I'm working (I'm not - State Pension only) and have other credit products (No I haven't) County Court is a realistic option. But then it goes on to say 'We are happy to agree with you any amount you can afford to pay by instalment's. Best regards, Beachy
  9. Me to, although their 'investigations' are incorrect
  10. Thanks for all the advice, see what their next letter contains. Sunflower, great to hear from you, its been a long time I seemed to have been forgotten by C1 when most of the fan club got 'sold off', its been very quiet - not a single contact from C1 until end of last year when lowlife appeared. Not quite SB yet I'm afraid, over 6 years since DN but silly me sent a few payments before I realised the issues. How did you get on with yours?
  11. Hi DD, Hope you are well, any other original Cap1 fan club members around Not quite six years from last payment, but its so close to SB (weeks not months). Beachy
  12. Its been so long and peaceful Was 'sold off' to Lowells mid 2014, I've had no contact with them despite constant emails and letters from them. Two recent letters offered a 20% discount then a couple of weeks later 40% discount. Things seem to have gone up a notch, just received a letter headed 'Pre-Legal Assessment' advising me it has escalated for legal assessment. I can stop it by phoning them and speaking to an account manager(fat chance). Also warns me of the consequences of County Courts (I'm now retired and only income is state pension & in rented accommodation). Feel I may now need to play letter tennis as a delaying tactic (they cannot provide anything different to what C1 have supplied).
  13. Any news "Hacked off" we seem to be on the same path, and been following this closely. I've ignored all letters from Lowells, including one that offered a 20% discount on the 'debt' and a second offering a 40% discount. However just received a stronger 'threat' letter headed Pre-Legal Assessment, in short I've been escalated for legal assessment & if I don't contact them they warn of the consequences of the County Courts. Inclined to contact them for a copy of the CCA (I know they cant provide anything different to what C1 have done) and start playing letter tennis as so close to SB date.
  14. I've been following this thread with great interest, as I'm in exactly the same position. Any updates? I've ignored all their letters & now on letter two from Red offering me to pay 70% of the outstanding balance (£6500), if I don't contact them then the next letter will be from Hamptons Legal as they have searched my credit file (no they haven't). Six months from SB, CP1 have confirmed in writing many years ago they can't provide anything other then a copy of a signed signature strip & their DN is defective.
  15. And so after over 3 years of peace and quiet, DCA letters begin again. Every two weeks letter asking to call them to discuss the account, latest one states that they are disappointed OH hasn't phoned them & that it must be done within ten days of the letter or it will result in account being passed for pre-litigation assessment (had that one before). We will consider legal enforcement of the debt against you or your property (think this is a new type of threat). I'm no longer working & do not receive any form of income or benefit, OH only works two days a week & is currently off work recovering from surgery & we no longer have our own property - so cant see how they can enforce & if so why now after 3 years of silence .
  16. Well really don't know what to make of this - should I be concerned that they may want a refund? After all this time & out of the blue Barclays have sent me a letter stating that they have reopened my ppi claim :- 'Since we first started investigating PPI claims we have refined our current policies and processes. As part of or on-going commitment to serve our customers we have reviewed claims that we originally defended and as part of this review we have re-opened your claim. We have re-opened your claim as we feel that a full review of all the evidence could result potentially result in a different outcome'. Letter goes on to state what documents they now require (most of which have been shredded after winning & receiving the settlement), together with an in depth questionnaire. I received a very acceptable settlement from them via the FOS, cant see any point of reopening the claim (unless they feel they paid out too much )
  17. Not been around for a long time, happily getting on with life. Been in a long term repayment plan with a DCA regarding an old Egg Loan. Out of the blue, I've received a very polite letter offering me a 50% Settlement offer, they taken into consideration my payment history, my age, monthly payment & length of time to clear the debt. Can't understand why they have done this - they know something I don't? There is no way I can accept their proposal - I simply don't have that sort of money. Maybe 10-20% or even write the balance off as I'm no longer working
  18. Well update on this, two letters from Marlin, the first one was the same as Spamhead received yesterday - " please phone us to discuss payments to clear this debt, or if you don't want to telephone please use the I&E sheet. Second letter was " We confirm that we do not hold the information that you have requested. We have requested this information from the original creditor - Barclays Bank T/A Barclaycard. Beachy
  19. That's what I expected to happen but Experian says both must remain on the file until 6 years is up
  20. Checking the CRA since they changed their format I noticed that the original creditor filed a default, debt then sold on to a DCA who then filed the same default, looks like two defaults for the same debt (surely the original DN should be removed after the DCA took over the debt and filed a duplicate DN. Challenged Experian & this is the reply I received :- Thank you for your email, which we received on **/0*/2013. *Egg Banking (Account started **/**/04) *Apex Credit Management Ltd (Account started **/**/09) The entry recorded by Egg Banking shows the name of the company that the debt was originally owed to. The second entry recorded by Apex Credit Management Ltd shows they were assigned the debt. Although the debt is now being recorded twice, only the entry recorded by the debt collection agency will have an effect on your credit rating. Both entries will be retained on your credit report for six years from the default date. Kind regards Still looks like two defaults recorded for the same debt , even though the Egg entry is marked settled when it was assigned to Apex.
  21. A few years ago Debenhams 'upgraded' some customers store cards to credit cards without agreement with the customers (new account numbers but no new agreements or signatures), Messers. Cohen's issued a court claim against OH, but he had major issues as there was no 'paper trial' between the original agreement & the new account number. They decided to discontinue
  22. Welcome to the club Spamhead OH received exactly the same last week (along with several others I notice) from Marlins, yesterday the phone calls started ( we were out ), dont know how they got our number, we're exdirectory - all the time Egg were chasing they couldn't phone us because they didnt have our number. Think this may go the same way as Debenhams Store Cards converting to Credit Cards (re: change of account numbers) Hello DonkeyB - I'm back Beachy
  23. Have almost all statements, balance approx £5K, penalty charges approx £200, not sure how much ppi could be £1,000 to £1,500 Have the Egg DN No agreement
  24. Have just checked the letter OH received yesterday, it is an assignment letter from Barclaycard to Marlin, also states that the default on the CRA will change from BC to Marlins name. OH seems to think theres PPI on this card (original account number with Egg) & knows for sure there are late/overlimit charges - Does OH chase EGG for these? Have never acknowledged any letter from BC as they always refer to a different account number. Also been reading about defaults being removed due to late payments & PPI making DN inaccurate - is this now possible? Got lots of catching up to do, fallen way behind
  25. Thanks Yes probably a good idea to merge. Thought we had everything under control until the postman came yesterday - looks like Truecall needs dusting off
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