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  1. This may have been asked and answered before but I can't find it. My wife and I are no longer together but we still have a joint mortgage and current account. She lives elsewhere. This is all fine. She has applied for a tesco credit card and there is a credit search showing on my record. That's going to impact my ability to get credit. Tesco claim that they are allowed to do this because we have joint finances but I don't think that's right.. Is this a legitimate search on my record? Thanks. Andy
  2. Thanks all for the responses. Going down the CCA route would introduce delay. It might well turn up a debt or two that I don't have to pay but it would be a long fight and it's not my money... Brigadier has given me the pointers I was after.thanks. I didn't imagine that a debt company would accept a payment and then sell the rest on. Sneaky!
  3. I have £25k of outstanding debt. to... Lloyds (o/d) Egg (x2) MBNA (credit card) HFC (Beneficial Bank rolling account) I've been on a self administered DMP since about 2008. January this year, my wife left me and I had to cease all payments to all creditors. I have also ignored all of their threats via letter (they don't have my phone numbers). The boyfriend wants her to sort out the finances and is willing and more than able to pay the lot off. My hope is that he might hand over 25k and I could then go for Full and Final settlement offers and pocket the difference
  4. Need to resurrect this one. After the above, it all went quiet. - not a word until july/august 2011. Cap Quest started phoning but I refused to deal with them unless they wrote to me. I finally got a letter from them. I responded with a letter saying that the account was in dispute and got a reply saying they had passed the account back to HFC and deleted my details from thier records. Then HFC wrote demanding money so I replied telling them that the account was in dispute and that they must already know this since capquest would have told them why they passed it back. They
  5. Never mind 14 days. They gave me -3 days on one of them
  6. I won (the fight with the scanner). 3 pages in the attached pdf threedefaults.pdf
  7. What? With the scanner or HFC? Neither is easy.
  8. That figures. Dumb and Dumber I guess. The other possibility here is that they are trying to cause us embarrassment. It's either malice or incompetence. Yes will do that. I reckon the first is not real. The last one really amuses me. Writing to me today telling me I have until last week to do something! ok, off to fight with the scanner again.
  9. Now, here's a curiosity..... A bunch of other facts which may or may not be relevant. 1. Names... The account is in joint names. Me and Mrs twonames. Sometime around October, they started to write only to me. Statements and letters. I ignored that. When a letter came from Restons to me, my first written response was that I did not recognise this account from the info given since I did not have any accounts with HFC in my sole name. I referred Restons back to their client. In a subsequent telephone conversation with Restons, the woman said she had been given a different
  10. Thanks all. I'm going on a little trip to the post office at lunch time with my recorded delivery letter
  11. That's great. Thanks to you both. It all makes sense to me. I think the innocent approach is a good idea to start with. Time for bed said Zebbedee
  12. I think I'm going to enjoy this. I can act the fool for a while. Just reading your thread about sticking it to cap 1....
  13. So now I guess I put the account into dispute with the 2nd letter. I did have a conversation with the woman at Restons the day before the HC reply arrived. She is insisting that all future payments on the account go to them. I told her that HFC had failed the 12+2 days and asked "This puts the account into disput, right?" and she said yes (wish I'd recorded the conversation). I then said "so, you are not allowed to ask for payment until the request is complied with" and she agreed.
  14. That's the thing. They sent 6 copy statements(which I didn't request), a covering letter and nothing else. There is a pdf of the letter at post 2
  15. Hi Davey. Account started in 1996. It was called a Command account. It had a cheque book and a credit limit. The debt remains with HFC but it is administered by Restons. No payments made to Restons so far. I sent the CCA request to HFC immediately after Restons wrote to me. Who do I deal with now I wonder? Andy.
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