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  1. Sorry for the confusion. After finally pinning my son down. As the 3rd party insurers are refusing to pay the car rental, the car rental solicitors have brought a claim against them. Apparently following a decision in the house of lords anyone hiring a vehicle following an accident is required to disclose all bank info, income etc for a period of 3 months prior to incident date. My sons self employed so the solicitors have just asked for his income. He's been told by the solicitors if the court find that he could have afforded to pay the vehicle hire himself then he will be liable. After googling the car rental solicitors it looks like this happens all the time! My son and DIL had the rental car for at least 4 months while all this was going on. The bill will be for thousands of pounds.
  2. The solicitors are working on behalf of the car rental company. It went to court as the third party have refused to pay the car rental fee. Now my son has to provide all his incoming/outgoings. I really feel he is being harassed. When this case goes back to court and if he looses who will pay for this court time?
  3. Now it looks like he earns just over the limit to enable the Insurers to claim the court fee back, does this mean my son will have to pay for that too? What a farce!!
  4. Yes I saw that - - - Updated - - - Unfortunately yes it was a car hire vehicle.
  5. Solicitor rang today, its been to court and got thrown out. My son now has to declare his income for Oct and Nov 18 (bank statements). Apparently there is a new law out which states if he could have afforded to pay for the courtesy car then the insurance will not pay it, they will only pay for the damage to the car, in this case the car was written off. This seem very unfair. So it looks like my son is now facing a few thousand pounds to pay for the courtesy car.
  6. Thanks Andy. I will see my son this week end and get all the details. My main concern is they will issue my son with a legal bill after the court case.
  7. I cant see a form number the form is called: apply for help with fees
  8. That's what I thought. Something doesn't seem right. He definitely will not be entitled to his court fees paid as he earns too much.
  9. Over a year ago, a taxi driver ran into my daughter in law car. She is fully insured through my sons business insurance. The driver admitted full liability and wanted to pay for the damage without going through the insurance. But after him becoming a nuisance with phone calls etc to my DIL, my son told him they were going through the insurers. The car was written off and my DIL had to hire a car for a couple of months to enable her to get to work. The insurers sent them a cheque but it was for an amount a lot less than the car was worth so my son refused to cash it. They returned the hire car even though the claim hasn’t been settled as they were going away on holiday and it stated in the T&C that if they were going away the car had to be returned. My son has received an email from his insurers stating that because the third party has failed to make a payment they have now issued court proceedings and in order to take this action further they have paid the court fee on my sons behalf., but he may be able to obtain a refund or help with the fees and so they want him to complete a form based on his financial circumstances from 6 Oct to 6 Nov 2018 and complete and sign a declaration and statement of truth. If he doesn’t meet the criteria (which I doubt he will) then they will seek to recover the court fee from the third party at the end of the claim. Does this seem legit? I am concerned my son may end up with a massive legal bill.
  10. I recently won a ccj against my brother. Once the ccj was given, with a debt of £40k my brother declared himself bankrupt. Prior to declaring himself bankrupt he transferred £30k to a third party bank account (he did not declare this when we were in court regarding the debt he owed me). The Official Receivers found this transaction. We are yet waiting to hear who this money was transferred to, my guess is another sibling. Also he transferred for nil value land and a house in Canada to his now ex wife, who he divorced just prior to going bankrupt. I am hoping these property transactions can be reversed as the total sum for both is around £45k. I am the only creditor so if any monies are received will the receivers reimburse themselves before paying me?
  11. Someone who owed me money (£40k) unsecured declared himself bankrupt. A trustee in bankruptcy is involved. This has been going on over a year and I got my annual report from them today. The investigation is still going on but he has been discharged. How does that work? The Trustee is still waiting o/s information from him despite requesting this 3 times. They are querying transactions totalling £30k and as yet have still not received the requested bank statements showing what this was for. I am pretty sure he has been 'getting rid' of money to one of his siblings. Also there is property in Canada which conveniently he transferred to his now ex wife (convenient) as a nil value. She is saying the reason being is she paid for flights to Canada, refurbishment, furnishings etc. They requested some info from the ex wife and she told them when the property was transferred to her it was worth 45k Canadian Dollars, when in fact I have proof from the Canadian Land Reg it was worth 75k Canadian Dollars which I shall be giving this info to the Trustee. What happens if he is found to be lying to the bankruptcy people and if indeed he has 'given money away'. He also was married for 10 years and lived together for longer than this. The house was his exes before he met her and is unencumbered. Can the trustee not raise the question that there is a beneficial interest in that property. All this happened in 2015 - divorce, transfer of property, bankruptcy! Not only does he owe me £40k, the trustee in bankruptcy says there bill is £30k for who pays for that if he has no money?
  12. Just following your post Helenm we also sent a letter to Barclays requesting info and got 3 x letters back from barclaycard! No stickers on ours. We have the date of 22 June Good luck
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