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  1. Ah thank you. I thought i'd clear up a few things. The hbos credit card application form (pics below) was sent to me by Iquor. The T's & C's were sent by Hbos as a neat laser printed 7 page letter seperatley weeks apart from each other. So as the new owners of my now 'alleged' debt, should i start all over again with a CCA request and a £1 postal order or send the letter that Bazooka boo suggested? sorry for being a pain im just trying to get things straight. http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t...img020-1-1.jpg http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t...pbackcover.jpg thanks
  2. "and have on a number of occasions folloed them through to BR." - im sorry im not upto speed with the lingo just yet, could you explain BR, thanks.
  3. Thanks for that. So this letter applys even though hbos say they have sold the debt to lowell?
  4. Many thanks for taking the time to look through my thread. i suspect that hbos know/knew that they couldnt lay their hands on my original CCA and all they had was photocopy records. thats why they have not bothered me for so long and have decided to cut their losses and let the sharks at lowell have a try.
  5. Hello Caggers, After 3 years since my last post on this thread and 3 years of silence from HBOS i have recieved a letter from hbos stating that they have now sold my debt to Lowell portfolio ltd and they are now demanding full payment of the debt. just as a quick catchup, from my records i have not sent a payment for this debt since sep/oct 2008. Im hoping that somebody here could have a quick glance through my thread (especially the last few post that include my credit card application) and give me any advice/guidence. Its been so long since ive had to deal with this matter i need to re-introduce myself to all the jargon again. Any help anybody can provide will be greatly appreciated - thanks.
  6. Thanks vint1954 for the reply, i think i'll send them a 'go away its not a real cca' letter anyway but can you tell me from what they have sent, does it fulfill all the legal requirements that a PROPER cca is supposed to have? or is there anything missing perhaps? Thanks in advance as ever.
  7. Hi people, I have been fighting HBOS for over a year now and we all know what they are like with regards to supplying cca's. Recently, after nearly 4 months of silence, i recieved pay up demands from IQOR who attached the following photocopy pages as proof of a CCA. Page 1: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t...img020-1-1.jpg Page 2: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t...pbackcover.jpg Now i have had page 1 from HBOS many times but this is the first time i recieved page 2......and from IQOR of all people? Page 2 makes me suspisious for a number of reasons....its in too good condition as a photocopy when compared to page 1 that bears my signature and the intrest rates/aprs etc are no match to this: http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t67/acegeordie/truecopycca-1.jpg Which HBOS swear blind is a true copy of my CCA. So my questions is mainly, is this a legally enforcable CCA or is it a load of bull? And why would a dca be sending me the alleged back of my application form where HBOS have failed after a year of repeated requests via S.A.R, cpr, etc? Your expert advice has never been needed more my friends, i hope you can help if possible. Forever in your debt caggers
  8. i dont have the expertise to say what would be an enforceable CCA, thats why i want the brilliant minds here on this site to check mine out! Im sure we will both get great advice on our situations soon.
  9. Im subbing to this thread because im in a similar situation with regards to a Halifax CCA. Beetlebug, im a bit further down the line than you having fought HBOS with regarsd to CCA's for over a year now so you may find some useful info and letter templates for future use on my thread. I've also had a new CCA page sent to me. If some one could look at my thread and give me advice i'd greatly appreciate it, its post 39: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/181052-urgent-help-needed-hbos-2.html Good luck beetlebug, your fight has just begun but if we all help each other we can beat these ........... (insert your own word here!)
  10. Hello CAG'ers, Sorry for the long delay in posts on this thread but since my last post in june everything went very quiet from HBOS.........that was untill early december. I received a standard "pay up" letter from IQOR so i sent via email an "account in dispute/get lost" reply. Since then i recieved 4 letters on the same day - 1 from HBOS saying they have upheld everything i have asked for and should talk to IQOR regards repayment 3 letters from IQOR - 2 of them saying sorry to bother you case referred back to HBOS and a third saying that they have This (see links below) and i need to arrange repayments asap. http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t67/acegeordie/img020-1-1.jpg http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t67/acegeordie/hboscreditcardappbackcover.jpg This is the application form i filled in and signed, is it a legaly enforceble CCA or just an application form? I have 8 pages of A4 from HBOS that claims it is a copy of my Consumer Credit Agreement with another 7 seperate pages of A4 being the terms and conditions. There is a damn sight more info in the A4 CCA report than they could ever fit on that "leaflet". So im confused! your good advice is eagerly awaited. EDIT: if anyone could also tell me how to put this thread into the one for the Halifax it would be appreciated.
  11. UPDATE COMMING!!!! SAR Information received - i will edit this post soon with all the latest details and information
  12. AN UPDATE! since sending the SAR letter on march 19th by 1st class recorded delivery the following has happend. I went away for a little holiday and when i returned 1 week later, there waiting for me on my doormat was my Recorded Delivery letter! the silly damn post office just sent it straight to my home address and never bothered to deliver it to HBOS! i checked the "track and Trace" number on the royal mail web site and all it said was "received at XXX Post office", the place where i sent it!!! SO...... i have re-sent the damn letter and i await a response. 5th of April i have received a lovely red letter demanding money from Wescot credit services! They have now been sent a go forth and multiply letter like IQOR before them. I will update in the future when i have more to report. Keep your chin up folks and don't let the bastards grind you down!
  13. Decided to SAR them 1st. S.A.R letter sent 19 march.....will wait 40 days to see what happens.
  14. I have ****ed off BOS and IQOR many times! im gonna hit them with the cpr letter and if i can raise some funds im gonna S.A.R. them too.
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